Shopping for Reborn Baby Stroller for My New Reborns

there goes on I'm no longer warm I'm freezing I'm cold I got hit with the water because we're gonna go look for a baby carrier for her Maja's a little bummed because we don't have room in our rental car to get a full on stroller car seat set yeah because we travel we rented a car yeah I mean maybe you'll want to rent one last minute but we're gonna look for a carrier Oh some ads can carriers more that's good I got soaked yeah I think I just went right into it yeah she just told everybody what we're doing so okay so we're in Layton Utah at Target and what are we doing that a carrier so Madison can carry her at the show tomorrow okay she's in good light I don't want to carry her guys yeah it's hard to carry because it's so hard you wouldn't look at me yeah yeah so we're gonna get her carrier let's go come with us Wow because she just saw a hundred people do you want a cart yeah we need it cuz we're gonna get water right oh yeah yeah side um I hope get a cleaner hold on guys this is not like the rose doll show like smile yeah okay guys so Madison is cruising up ahead I have I have a baby DeeDee confronted or holding her okay you go look at strollers but we need to go to care a carrier here's what we came for we imagine no nobody this is like the perfect carrier for buying three horns at the at the Rose show see that's a dumb relish allure though Matt go around you'll stooge yeah don't $2.99 hold on she wants to put Dede in there oh that's 10% off oh that's a jogger hey good job have ya have it that like that so nobody could see her get out here know why you want her to be like a little bit a few Cheers she's so smiley can you go walk walk there and come back see the love that's go there and then come back go to 25% smaller fold okay now turn around come back we're gonna have to get you one in or I'm at yeah well that one's also a hundred dollars you sleep a lot better well they're all ten no yeah the Graco is ten percent off so that's 20 yep that one is cute man that he's about this is the one that we saw this one's even cuter this one's cuter still Matt's because this one faces forward go down that Island come back okay come back come back ha Matt this is super cute and I love it I absolutely love it okay let's look at the carriers real quick to see what other options are guys we need options for I'm carrying this baby around where did you find the cheap ones mommy oh that one right there it's a flip convertible one for 30 bucks that's probably all we need yeah that one right there oh and is it cute doesn't it look look at the design that's cute and then you could hold it you can carry it like that and then does this see here's the thing look at the neck on this I think this is to me Oh like I don't think she'd be able to like face forward oh there's a Ford fazer front facing back here what do you got in there $400 hey Bert tax can you send us this oh there we go protects can you send us this thing we would love to do an unboxing of it thanks crazy packs of strollers yeah yeah we feel smooth he's so nice I get a little close up of the scooty look at her okay follow me guys I want to show you something I want to show you something like you guys can you spot dee dee where's didi because she's in the stuffed animals she's in the crib with all this got a radio wait okay no don't put I don't want her hair to get frizzy okay yeah no hair getting frizzy look how many babies you could fit in here push it could you imagine walking around the Rhode show with that Matt's okay guys let's see what we can find it 10 o'clock at night and Layton Utah have anything cute we don't have right totally different we don't have overalls for dee dee oh she does look a little fox pants you guys DD's are little cute and everything Oh No the funniest reborn outfit ever [Laughter] those are cute how much are they is this it small aside to have new to the crew Oh she'd be cute in this Mads you see that that hat oh they're not soft we're gonna wrap this video up okay guys you'll see more DD this is your sneak peak of DD they don't have you guys don't like the oh that's cute bless you honey and that is similar oh this is q1 that that summary she would look cute in that oh my gosh here yeah so we can say we got it Layton too so that way we have one Sweetman hair yep or they can get the sweet one no that one's cuter holder in the middle of the aisle it's so funny pull it down a little bit okay so we close the store and we got a carrier we'll show you that tomorrow as part of this video oh I know I'm so tired everybody's tired okay we're gonna go home and sleep good bye hey everybody so um it's the next day we have the carrier theme so I'm going to try that out yeah I'm gonna adjust that once we get VD in there okay oh my goodness something guider legs in Dini in Maddy sorry bud okay oh now that she's everything so these strips Matt we can adjust that we can pull it a little tighter that way that way how's that feel let me see it's so cute look how happy didi is to say hi to everybody today hello that's stay right there oh uh a short little video of my bus shopping was the first time yeah we're exhausted I want to do this video for you guys so that way you guys have something no I'm too late you talked to the target Elaine oh and it's my subscribe click yep yeah you see in the next video

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