Shopping Trip To Super Target Baby Department! What Did We Find???

hey everybody it's us it's me ma and Mariah and mr. Mario we are at the Super Target we are they have a huge huge huge section of clearance but it looks like the racks are pretty bare so I have a feeling that we're kind of a little late to the party so to speak for sure but what's this this has seems to have more baby baby things on it honey that is very cute that is very cute wait this Super Target Wow their groceries are over there I guess I'm just used to our little target oh that's cute but doesn't have the sale I bet you somebody picked it up and just dropped it their way they have a lot of strollers but nothing's like jumping out at me no no no no no maybe we need to look in the regular section better if there's nothing in the in the baby section so to speak Oh what is this round thing oh I thought isn't it like the the baby section over there by the aisles you know where we get the binky's and the bottles and all that oh oh the outfits are here okay I'm an idiot you're right oh that's adorable look at this with the little the little thingy here oh that's cute honey no no I know here we go you and I such a different case I love oh I love those oh honey and you know what we've got little sneakers the little orange sneakers that is orange isn't it no no red and blue because I know we have little sneakers I think that Mario wore I know we have white ones yeah that would look adorable that's very cute yes and that's the right size newborn yeah look at that the little sail or Oh Chinese gonna look so cute in this oh that's cute too honey that is cute too what's under behind here that's that's yeah that's the little suspenders are adorable the little suspenders are no they're not really a little whale mighty cool dude not thrilled with a coloring on that though how much are these this one is $13 all right that's not bad for an outfit yeah it's kind of like different styles of I guess the fourth of July ish but between you and I boys clothes aren't very exciting yeah the girls stuff is just adorable they do honey I was just whispering between you and I the boys stuff just isn't as cuted girl stuff don't we have that I think yeah we do have that that we're that's precious that is precious and we came to the Super Target because we thought there would be a bigger selection oh that's precious yeah definitely a much bigger selection for girls that is cute very girly I love it I love the little ruffles and little things going the strawberries that store oh honey look at the little hats I guess we can go like on the other side yeah just so kind of disappointed in this to tell you the truth hmm cat and Jack interesting okay it would look adorable in this to t4g here we go here we go here we go nothing that's Cupid they are very dark though weren't you always a little worried about him wearing too many dark clothes but that little what is this a bear that's so cute oh that's adorable so cute I know I know I'm just looking at the lighter color stuff oh this is girls okay well that's why I guess they're lighter colors graves a lot of graves hmm I love this great crib how cute is that that's adorable love these cribs this is not a bad price either $178 for a crib that's really not bad no right these prices on these cribs really are not bad this crib for 178 dollars and it came in gray why didn't they have these when we were looking at them I know I'm I'm very a little on the disappointed side do they have any new bottles we haven't bought a new bottle and event baby bottles okay natural glass bottle tell me that's really the price $28.99 $30 for a bottle Wow Wow what is your spices what is wrong with these prices I think it's because its target babe I don't know targets are always so expensive like not even all-time it's like really not $20 yeah Wow anti colic bottles ma'am $17 hmmm I don't even really have a big selection of bottles like if we wondered to buy a latex nurse or do they even have these anymore oh yeah here we go nurse er Mamluks no sweetheart they don't even have a big selection of baby bottles really if you think about it who sees it guess we're used to babies r us to where they have like aisles and aisles of baby bottles you know what we didn't get any mail Carter's is having a big sale fYI they are they are having a big sale and I think you're off dancing I don't think you have dancing tomorrow okay well yeah I think we're kind of done here as far as the baby department but I feel I feel pretty good about this honey what do you what about you or do you not I I do like this I think so it won't be a obviously we not going to get a haul video out of this because there's one thing but but maybe we'll head over to Sawgrass mall and go to Carter's okay well you got out for a little bit Mario got out right subscribe personification down below bye

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