Shopping with Reborn Baby Doll Olivia and Sophia for Newborn Baby Supplies at Walmart Shopping Haul

oh you're gonna baby in my experience you haha okay hi beautiful girl tell the folks at home what you're doing oh hey I imagine I know have a middle video and for ever so um today we know you guys been wanting to UM for our stomach videos like stuffing at Walmart so I took um Sophia little fewer holder that's a feed yeah I know you guys been wanting her to vlog lot no yeah and then I really need like a party for some kid yeah Sofia music art do you is that a bad thing a bigger car if we get a car keyboard okay let's go shopping dr. Greger we have a really beautiful warm day today huh and the funny thing is is it's like eight o'clock is it eight o'clock what time is I do you think these look at that banner supposed to be because okay grab your other baby this is so good this mast broke you so good mom she is a good mom I survived eggs a good mom okay that's good hi dear little nervous okay would you mind your bid oh you got a bike Department in America did you talk to Maggie Kim okay we had a bug alerted yeah they're good they're good now huh your little mama okay watch where you're going please Madison it always is faster than me we have she knows where to go Lucy you cannot I know I have to keep up as right like running a marathon with this kid oh I see some babies oh my god you that I make grandmas money smuggle for it silly little fox okay do you need any bids for your babies I feel like yeah okay so come look at them ah there we go the world's first okay so Madison says she needs more pacifiers for the babies so this is always a hard one so just picked I need like I seems like the right one to clean ones for her okay just get the right one that's the first time right yeah so get whatever you need I need – okay all right you see him like this crib is cute but did I perfect this part mr. slate oh they won't fit in her mouth and this is it so guys I'm going to go away he heard yeah why do we like Superman because they sold you and I need nighttime eyes for her okay notice you're thinkin okay check one thing off our list and have one baby okay we're going to look at clothes and diaper bags right yeah but we didn't use those on you really like the that is the brand yeah yeah she's looking for bottles which one are you thinking baby Isis is a mess – mm-hmm well this one's fancier and those are more basic so it depends on if you want more than one or if you want one what you think is good for Sofia because Eve is right put them in the basket let's move on to the next poster is he's in diaper bag oh they do you already know which one you wanted yeah gave me listen um Olivia oh that's cool yeah sure yeah okay a little dry nice and soft okay yeah that's right there oh yeah Walmart shopper she said they have those ever buy that she wanted which one was only wanted that one is cute the most expensive no it's not let's take a look at it take a look mad it looks like what you want yeah okay you want to open up and see color inside look man oh really fancy like stuff like that okay pretty big how hold all your stuff that you need okay when the voice can be cooled in here oh he'll be like such a mama came together hmm yeah I'm a backpack program Hey yeah that one's cuter like look at this one this one I pack the backpack diaper bag well cool off if I was her mommy I would do that the backpack one yep it was just easier on that my back oh man decision how about you save daddy money just use your back second home yeah okay it's not it's not a diaper bag yeah about it here yeah that one she's in love with ow no this is a different backpack like I really like to have the college like if you have a contingency more okay and then what about the one you're wearing turn it around where are the features of this guy diaper Mads diaper bag backpack with changing pad changes no no I must be on the inside fine why to have chain look back because it coop you can put the baby down on the changing pad so if you accidentally bill code doesn't get on the floor an expensive process protect the babies whichever one she liked we're definitely get in what yoga Wow Madison you've never been a diaper bag owner so whatever you get is going to be great this points to the canyon pedals down it turns into this yeah what do you think in math yeah Fullerton goes somewhere else maybe target what are we doing that tonight we don't have to do it tonight why don't you put that one on Mad see how that one feels yeah maybe she doesn't mind it that it's not a backpack I guess first like a big purse mm-hmm they're mostly be like in a cart and stuff anyways our stroller oh man steady why'd you to point that out yeah maybe after we're done here yeah oh yeah baby so we're going to get this and then so when you get this one just in case they don't have anything at Target that's what you're trying to smash what did you just say what's cute harder to rock oh yeah oh they're vegetarians so they would not need this Oh give me a break with those really looks so funny big one of those oh those are teethers that look like pacifiers up there you see that newbies next to that raspberries mouth ha ha ha ha ok miss person there's so much stuff yeah oh did it medicine if you were baby there are so many new things okay he's a Caesar didn't Ellie have something like this I could use a drink I mean your cousin bill yeah okay all right let's go to the clothes some our office does it because it's um for summer up so we're going to look for some around the my absence credits just like they all hammock with them so true whatever rapper hello mommy loves drummer for older kids three to six months see third dollar bad $0 hopefully three to six months they wouldn't fit her huh let me get crew Oh a severe oh-ho-ho-ho-ho hurry up no look like in different they're in now you got a very toxic to them hey those are cute all right so these more baby outfits over here oh look at that's kind of like fourth of July man you who see the romper with 3t where's the baby romper we say Oh music they over the enemy knows you love shoes oh well baby you sound ok got some socks look at these shirts there's this shirt summer outfit shirt polka dot now that would be ok period of three months with those Pinkel with this shell grow into it next year or dad joke oh my gosh ok take a whole entire box what if it's a oliviere Sophia is what it has been a few months yeah maybe you don't sprinkle yeah look how oh she's more pretty hot I thought like this is 9 month I know they're all kind of different and the romper is of 6 to 9 yeah my mom's very very fortunate yeah coming right up oh that's cute the keyboard guys that's it I'm Olivia let's see how it looks right on her I love my work it's cute let's see if they have a preemie section oh my goodness gracious now it actually favors his love aha I know right what would that one work for Sophia they would have their fourth of July outfits all figured out we just have to get your fourth of July outfit so you can match them okay some in the cart all right quick Olivia okay oh that's cute sure oh yeah perfect a whole lot you know we could tie the shirt we could do all kinds of things that's a new boy shirt though why are you crying Olivia okay Olivia why should I oh now she'll stop crying huh Cesar's cuter and smaller than the funny one and they're both accident you this is a dress her thang so teeny-tiny that Olivia Olivia they have these okay because to worry about their own lives okay okay well what's pick one of those moving on just endless well well Madison your baby seemed to up each other up change it which one you want to get that you know these pink shorts might go with it gray the pink ones I think the pink would go because it has a little pink there yeah yeah that's cute memory okay my good man I need a shirt for Matt what size is this right here big chick tonight they don't have two or three on that one okay now so it's one do you know so it's gotta be wedding I think you should get feeling because you've got the pink ones of these one perfect good job you guys sorry boys and a hat look at all the time at I look how little it it yeah not this she looks sad yeah if you look like really good abs like a daddy like really come on let me see the view Sophie's not gonna try oh my god here we go I don't know us oh my I'm missing that we call this uptown with Matt oh we're on our shoulders uptown

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