Shopping with Reborn Baby Doll Olivia for Newborn Baby Supplies Plus Shopping Haul

okay Matt first outing who's the baby what's the baby's name you read all the comments what are the people your comments wrote Olivia and I've been calling her Olivia right now you guys make this picture you might stick to Olivia but you might change it you remember any of the comments what other people said that you might want to change it to coyote go that's a cute name ion so Yankee going cute target and hit her first ally mrs. M stinks I'm gonna climb Livia Olivia's first Audi all right so she might get a name change event you might not okay so she's taking her there it is good idea tell her what you need yeah yeah not away I'm airlift guys please yeah it's recording guy baby look for Olivia baby black kinda he need a baby boy just well I came in I want to get some more on thank you for her okay and I don't want her to just have like one Daisy oh well she's got a pacifier this one this one's rubber silicone so it doesn't scratch your face her yeah that's why I'm winning we had other ones that has plastic yeah like to have the plastic this piece here and then that's that with that kind of rough against her face yeah and then I want to look hot baby vials she needs a new baby follow yeah can i under like ones like a key baby bottle okay guys so it's a she's going out to the wild first time we well did I get high well we said we weren't going to do it but here we are yeah how'd you get that for me what all right hock regular office and that will produce high and carrot baby cupcakes and we're we shopping for all right oh my gosh mad look look look look look so we have a for newborn so let's see what newborn is a color but I'm going to call you okay Mac you guys have your pink okay do you like ah that's care for a little baby I mean um yeah gain boost Raven right good boy oh yeah how you met also baby she's like his name's Trenton yeah Oh what is variable but 100 my good night how many diapers looking for being keys for her sure he has acute bring to you and it's a special one just a little but I just like my earring she's just going to be using that one every well the kind of she got her is what like this kind sure not cut it it doesn't cook fit its thank you very exciting day it was already cut I think oh really yeah it killed congressman what do you want to get those but yeah in the next inning your parka Cornwall okay Maura okay she found the first thing she needs what else do we need you don't need any of the nursing stuff that like you put the everybody knows with video iphone you don't know I'll tell you like like I didn't see attached constructed in orbit turtle mr. Guerin or Lord to have a beating heart realizes on car will it well let's just gonna tell you if it's on sale oh yeah what's thank you know what to do here we're doing our cartwheel up taught me you oh it's 10% of all bottles and breastfeeding supplies are 10% off Diana with the prices he over here some bottles but you guys know if you like the most oh my gosh we'll see how many hearts you have into this oh my gosh we're gonna go where's your look hey where is your local no no no you left it at home grandpa on it would you say yeah yeah huh I've got to have a grandpa one cuz of chicks cracking you might get it we need we 1-8 anymore newborn awesome you have reborn sighs there's our RV 79 I love it yeah hey mommy what mommy's funny money off it I have a photo here take me to where look remember the ballerina said who was the person I left you a comment this morning you were freaking out about it oh yeah yeah yeah look at me remember you're like they have left me a comment I love their channel oh my god girl he you do it and I did not see she was a comment fine idea credit eater was called everyone I absolutely love their channel that's awesome and what did she say if we can I kill summer so cute it's a Pacific for walking thank you for whacking off for me we'll keep assist oh my first Eastern yeah what is that yeah perfect oh geez well Pete I mean I look at anything they have a little buddy camp oh my goodness it's okay you want that consistency you guys like do you want this because I look looking man is only nine dollars and hoping that down is Alan I'm just adding sometimes love is I love you thank you would you would you put her away yeah she could almost probably fit and preemie here she hurt premia survive oh is that what it says no but it's kind of good that'll be cute on her they have preemie probably over there the other clothes right where I got it like it's the other baby clothes regular over there or the futur newborn you are so yeah oh I got you yeah I bet they have a little preemie section Oh Captain Jack newborn look at that love so cute don't judge me Yeah right so cute Madlock don't look that's cute anyone yeah okay okay with that half of her hair oh no I am yes well ample panceliss hat we are letting me use vodka got like okay don't think it is although maybe right I have a can it for you hey wait you guys were being really bad reborn on earth we can't deal your mouth holder and smile oh my gosh look at mommy hurt your cheek oh my goodness something what Rebecca because this little rough you guys are did you see the girl away and I was like she's just a doll and she just looking like like she was processing the information like wait what just like that no but I was here I was here open it up is she not the most precious thing you've ever seen besides mass that was born of course what does that one say I'm I thank you – why be worth the wait I'm new here oh my god so stinking cute – oh there's multiple littler Oh oh I can't like why can't you be a baby again for just for those no no no no neither coming back I'll see ya what can we do with their hair can we do that yeah you can't don't know hey what could be cooler heavy hey pesto it all creamy you know I know you should oh my gosh okay I'm at $10 that's not bad since I made you get four mmmmmm oh my goodness if you love a dollar hey I'm your inner self cart okay then we're gonna play all better but I'm interviewing I like you put them around the clock don't forget to tell it was makeup that's a cute oh my gosh thank you bye oh yeah bye crazy we have your baby forget it due to adorable and it thank you oh my gosh I love the that's look at that thing let's go well lay right here look at this oh oh Jesus of the neck let's go back to football player rabirius like her don't you not even as a Jewish boy your own shoes no making me feel good doesn't eat you I'm afraid of tainted yeah but there's yes off so it won't happen oh my gosh my gosh cross for speed okay any custom in French this is boys this is Boyd's man oh what a girl shoot her down there she's not too proud to wear boy shoes huh Mike very good here before you make a video oh yeah oh oh that you buy the set for your client can you take the portfolio yeah yeah there's another little set with like a bum hole ha ha ha okay you're going to the medical cookies are to the little converse we can choose back again huh what are you get me in trouble nobody saw that nobody saw that their options oh I'm actually want to brush for her baby tiny looks good oh yeah I don't know look on the back it will tell you what's all included blah blah blah Genco bottle medicine dispenser that's what that is we all wanted to dress so please like right above it as a ten dollar kit the brushes I see the only lot let's see if there's another aisle that has its own we did we just miss it it's not that's all that there is honey we have to love online human communication Madson love blanket great gray one let's see if it's on sale here I want to see the scanner and then look on okay okay hidden ok so far we had a couple things let you know what our haul is at the end right baby yep see what we end up with ok little girl let's see dance they don't have newborn over here it starts at like what's the littlest where show me show me where newborn is maintained oh my gosh bad look at this raincoat look at this mad cute where is anyway hi Oh see I thought there was a newborn over here you're doing didn't think there was anything anime oh no if Madison or Olivia house expensive style the you are Olivia okay any idea have expected fans I love you okay very good mmm who knows like dear YouTube my his dad put me in Judy's car oh my gosh when did you see these lungs a little ducky oh I see what so this is right here nobody saw that nobody thought oh my gosh oh honey do this bozo thank you my gosh what are you doing right now chickened out chickened out this is a here's a still – oh she's good just do it Wow that's mine Harlingen get with a volunteer like a smaller like ml that's not an actual five this is just so you can see them those like poor in here from Venus just do it oh it's so low huh my dad's okay get her thank you okay Chloe feel buck can do all the I mean what's the complaint about right my game day this is B so cute for our Phoenix trip look at that so cute look at the oh man look at the backpack and then this black possible under the cockpit look at this would be any Airport when we go to Phoenix oh you are okay you can walk towards me oh okay let's see it this is Madison traveling hello fashionista oh my gosh yo yo show daddy oh this is in the wrong place look let's not stop him he's right Joe went back um so last night you couldn't do the holiday okay um it was late at night and somebody just figured that today I'd be the best a peer so here we are so let's get started right so let me down right there yep first another nut as these cute little headband yes pink light through it and um so I'm going to show you everything another memory type trailer and then we got these four cute little shirts and they're preemies eyes yeah they're creamy I thought understood that they're all like this morning I only came into some met ones I've seen but actually no they're all different like this one yeah let me show you so oh yes all right so this is tell me it looks when our favorite thing that we got and it's good still cute and adorable so it's like a little Maundy with an owl up with pillow out a mommy and a baby okay just like my mommy and I'm here oh my god you're so cute like I got a little Alfie very nope Hey okay wait and then it's the same one dancer 100 kilo out I it with a little bow it's so cute like I'm the scientist is this on her um okay next step she got these cute little pacifiers I got um pink and purple how do the nipples look on those so those are just around so that should fit right in her mouth and nice these are just all right so CB v on speed I just like right so you can look at back on the video guide you're sorry fear of being on the floor and then I'll write and they're so cute okay we're trying so pretty on newborn Karen yep those are unclear so that we gotta get you on those all right put her outfits on oh sure I think you should just put the one outfit on or save the premium yeah save the preemie shirt we can open those out but yeah I'm not that P Alan yeah we know Oh guys we're gonna we're probably not gonna put these chairs on her um oh no these are what it is that yeah they're onesies but she's got that whole outfit over there that we can put on her well I'll put them on her and another time because she's got real rooted here and we don't want to keep you know changing her and risk her hair falling out so we're going to change her and then we'll show you what that outfit looks like and cut we'll be right back okay guys so look at this this is a preemie shirt and look how here doesn't you when you pretty one – yeah look how good that sit there I know so he's on a smaller side of dogs I think she's on like three and a half foot pounds or so my passes so she is that the preemie sits perfectly on her where we got the preemie home at night okay now get the rest of her outfit on yep all right so good I thought this was like a full of it no it's just like capitalism peasant shirt yeah yeah so my dad do that like you did tell me she's like no glad she sleeps through all this go away okay cute thank you Stephie a little bag on her brain yeah okay get cheered on her jacket whatever those okay guys so there she is she's all dressed and ready to go out yeah now fit pant oh hold on in her pants with her little feet to feature the feeder in there but suddenly that's not showing up and it's not it doesn't look like it so feet are there turtle alpha guys and that really wants to try there's pacifiers alright should make that a protect and just like mmm so we noticed her head is a little kind of loose I don't know what we do about that but I had goes back and forth pretty loose Hey so we get there try the pink one it matches your outfit thank you okay okay so let me see this beautiful schedulers happen tell me fix it so let me see that let me see the nipple real quick out of there hey wait me for my being a cabbie Oh cute hey I'm so I'm going to show them on the purple one what those look like okay see I wanted to see so guys that's the kind of nipple it is it like this round one don't like the other one okay okay okay Nick that's thanks God no that moves well I think the gray or the pink would work what a wife no I would give a little bit let me see uh-huh get ready oh my gosh guys here she hi guys okay guys thank you I'm just subscribe and I guess I'm where's your best part what is that favorite part of that Oh mmm comment down below what was your favorite part about um good shopping today and you see a thing like ah okay do it again do it again okay yes towards me he's such a good mama what your dad's her hurry up in there we're trading on this page target light target fight

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