Shots To Stop Labor At 30 Weeks Pregnant

I don't know if you guys can see this heard the one she is moving so much right now in like weird positions I think her body was kind of on this side and maybe her butt up here still but I'm not quite sure we have an ultrasound on Friday to see what position she's in so as you guys can see I am in bed I'm basically right now on modified or light bed rest and not like strict bed rest where I can't get out of bed can't go out can't do anything but mostly just no excess of walking even type of bed rest and it's a long story so let me just try and see if I can simplify this for you really quick to end up going to labor and delivery last night because I was having so much pain up here you guys like I said and then it I thought I was gonna be able to wait till today which is Monday to get through it to go see my doctor call for an appointment or something but it got really bad started to spread to my back and lower abdomen which I've never had happen before I just got nervous I was trying to wait it out but Justin got nervous and he's like let's just go check it out make sure everything's okay she was still moving a ton but just the pain was getting hard to the point where like I had to stand and lean on the counter because I could not sit without being uncomfortable so we go to labor and delivery pick me up to the honorees and find out that the reason I'm in pain is because I'm contracting every three to four minutes which is not good obviously today I am 30 weeks yesterday when I went it's 29 weeks and six days and Emma just wants to come out already so hole hook me up to the monitors they monitored her movement monitor heart rate everything looked good but they did a cervical check luckily my cervix is closed still but I was contracting and they were worried that it was going to start to dilate because of that so they hooked up to the monitor they gave me two shots of I think it's called terbutaline to stop contractions and it works almost instantly it's basically like a muscle relaxer so I have one a charm please still have the band-aids on my arms from last night when we went and then they also had to give me an IV to get me just fluids to see if that would make a difference we were there for probably three hours just getting monitored so I'd have to call my doctor today they want me to see my doctor this week I'm supposed to see Friday for a growth scan but it was with a tech not my doctor so I'm gonna see if I can see my actual doctor this week maybe they just want me to get seen and be monitored and it was a little scary but yeah they just had to basically prevent me from going into preterm labor yesterday luckily my cervix was closed but they were worried and they just wanted to monitor me and make sure nothing changed so I probably monitored a little bit closer now I have to keep an eye on the contractions if they go up to five or more in an hour on a consistent consistent like every sort of a few minutes or whatever it is that I need to go back in especially if after sitting down they don't stop or resting or drinking water whatever it is so it's a little scary but we're home now she seems to be doing okay just wants to come out already and it's not time to come out yet my friend's daughter was born at 28 weeks and it was so hard such a long NICU stay so many health issues and her little girls so healthy now three years old but it was so scary and overwhelming for her and just not something that I had mentally prepared for so I was not only anyone can be mentally prepared for that but I'm just grateful that they were able to stop them that she's able to stay and hopefully a little bit longer at least until 36 weeks would be great so crossing our fingers and now for probably a week of starting the vlogs in bed because I'm gonna be a little bit of bed rest Hey hey Sammy you hear me hey okay come on yet you're not supposed to be supposed to stay in for like at least eight more weeks got that okay come on yet so you better relax hey whoa rest stop doing they be trying to do crazy stuff like you did yesterday okay Bo Greece got that all right hi I'm all done I'm heading home I got Michelle a Slurpee some hot cheetos popcorn cause it was like her favorite snack in the world that she had that's water ripple for me and it out so we go home take Michelle her snacks and hopefully these will make her feel a little bit better inside even though she's not feeling too good on the outside Oh keep going okay Justin's learning his ukulele again he hasn't played it in how many years was before deployment I think actually two years I told him he had to learn will not learn again but practice again for when Emma comes because she's gonna love this thing to hear you playing music oh yeah when Justin brought out his youth members beau lost his crap he started barking and freaking out so now he's okay with it though huh buddy okay don't try to cheer him on purpose that mean look what Justin picked up for me when he went out to get lunch rooms up anyone asked them to either my favorite and I myself to have them like every few months because I have a problem when I start eating those I need all of them in one sitting which is not good for my stomach and not healthy at all so you pick those up for me it's my first time getting up off the bed today so that's exciting Justin is awesome and I know all the tricks this is the metal frame from the mirror that we're gonna put in the nursery and I couldn't get it off that Justin was able to manage it off and it's black so he's gonna spray paint it white now instead of having the paint on the mirror and figure it out that way but sure if you want to do that I didn't think that was a good idea good are you gonna see if we have white spray paint which might be kind of hard with the wind but I'm sure he's gonna be able to figure it out I'm gonna get awake so I don't want to breathe in all right we are all done hopefully we might have to do a second coat because it's kind of light but other than that man looks good it's kind of looking when we go inside yeah you shouldn't be breathing in here should go inside QT all right mister I think it's time we trim your little claws are you ready he hates this quick what daddy to do since he's already down by her please actually hear it hey there we go you get me the heck out of here okay good job nice time now we can play and not least terrified and by us I mean mr. InFocus you scratched by a few times that are too hard I went down steps tears and took the lid on that and look what I carry downstairs – this is never something you've done before like made dinner without really a recipe for anything yes voluntarily to decide tell us about it yeah I'm proud of you okay I'm excited to try it I look so good are you sure you didn't look up a recipe wow I'm excited and I even helped so much by putting the Trader Joe's thank you I did it I was like through to the microwave look he's like thank you and I was like yes it was so difficult since they're over I didn't like right now I'm gonna eat I'm so hungry thank you for dinner of course it was good huh yeah oh did you check on the what's it called the frame yet and see if I look I'm gonna go see it but well it's fine okay I was talking about the earlier looks good to me I mean it probably needs maybe a third coat but it's just a mirror frame it doesn't need to be fancy so I'm happy with it I got the best husband for doing all this stuff for me and I'm so excited you guys the nursery is coming together almost done now I just have to organize with like baskets and I'm gonna wait till show you guys till after our baby shower because in the baby shower I'm sure we'll be getting a little a few things decor or whatever it might be and I wanted to show you guys it completed and if it's not completed yet that I don't know it yet but but the baby showers at the end of this month at the end of June so it's coming up quickly it's already the 10th of June today 10th or 11th of June I feel like this month has gone by long it's already going by so quickly as well going on this month at VidCon and everything our VidCon experience is gonna be a little bit different because I'm probably gonna spend the night in Anaheim only one night is my assumption which is probably Thursday night cuz Wednesday I don't know if we're going yet because it's not really the VidCon day it's just like a registration day or whatever Thursday we'll be there all day probably and then Friday we'll have to leave early because I have a doctor's appointment that they could not reschedule you have to be there and then Saturday it's not really anything going on at VidCon anyways they're doing like a Disneyland day I think so that's a bummer but it is what it is there's nothing we can do to change it and we'll probably spend the night at my sister's house she looks closed and I himself save money on like a hotel and everything but we are excited are you excited to go it's gonna be fun and then we have my baby shower we have there's a few big things going on this month we're just excited for everything but we're gonna end the vlog here for the night because it's been a interesting day being on better I don't know how I'm gonna do this all week I don't know that's Justin I get like cabin fever so bad and want to go outside well yeah it's just the I want to go do stuff even if it's not like anything like it's the cabin fever I guess we could drive around and do something but how to know I mean I can she just said no like excessive well like when I said drive I mean like just drive to get fresh air or whatever like I haven't left the house today but yeah we're gonna end the vlog here tonight thank you guys for watching keep see I'm on your prayers that she stays in for another six to eight weeks at least because she needs to I've heard a lot of people tell me today though that they had the same thing happen in the shops worked for them I'm still having contractions but they're only probably one or two an hour which is a lot less than what they were and the doctor were the nurse whoever it was said that she was fine with that so we'll get checked out Wednesday and Friday so lots of appointments this week but it's about it so we'll talk to you guys then hope you guys have her tomorrow I don't even know what I'm saying hope you guys have a great week

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  1. Emma is so excited to see the world!! She needs to stay cozy in there for a few more weeks <3 Prayers and love to you all!

  2. I’m not sure if you’ll even read this but my last trimester of pregnancy was almost identical to yours so far.. I went into preterm labor at 30 weeks got a shot and also had to take pills as a preventative.. and then my son failed every NST after that and had to get a BPP everyweek of the last trimester 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ BUT I will say he ended up coming 2 days after his due date and was/is healthy as can be!! Keep it up girl your doing great! She’s such a miracle and will be so beautiful

  3. Definitely follow the advice given by the doctors and nurses and embrace bed rest. We need baby girl to cook a little longer and you need to rest anyhow. Prop them feet up, put together a list of your favorite movies and get a couple good books and find a way to enjoy the bed rest. Lol. Once baby gets here you won’t remember what sleep and rest feels like! Lol. Just gotta Stay OFF them feet as much as possible momma. Early labor/contractions can be scary and I know you’re already extremely scared and nervous with this pregnancy, just know I am praying for you and baby along with so many others all over the world!

  4. Light bedrest isn’t as bad as full bedrest ( I have done both) but it’s still scary and difficult

  5. I'm praying for you, all will be well! I've been following you for forever I'm so glad you've gotten this far and you're growing a beautiful healthy baby girl!! I can't wait for her to be here (but stay put for now lil mama!)

  6. So glad u and Emma are doing well! I turned 27weeks on Saturday and that is one thing I’m scared of. I’ve been having Braxton Hicks a lot which I did not have with my first.
    U and Emma are in my prayers, just take it easy momma and enjoy the rest because when she gets here u will wish u could just lay down and sleep lol💖

  7. You are looking fabulous momma totally got that pregnancy glow. Congratulations on making it to the ten week countdown hopefully baby stays in for 8 more weeks.

  8. I had my son at 27wks he is perfect now feeding from me don't panic she will be ok not long now they stopped them and monitoring you lots all will be amazing and emma will be perfect

  9. My daughter was born at 33 weeks. I met many mums and babies born from 29 weeks when I was in NICU. I was on bed rest from 8 weeks pregnant for preeclampsia and liver problems from my blood clotting disorder. My baby girl is now 4. She’s healthy and happy and amazing. I had to have an emergency c section because my blood pressure was 220/120. I had to have needles to strengthen he lungs before hand but because it was an emergency I only got 1 instead of the 2 you’re supposed to have so she was on a ventilator for a while. But she was only in niche for 35 days. Wishing you the best of luck. But emma is old enough now that they would be able to get her super healthy in not time. When I got to 28 weeks I was so happy because I knew my daughter would make it, I hope you are feeling ok now. Good luck

  10. My little sister had my niece at 31 weeks, thankfully only 5 days in the NICU and she is perfect today.

  11. My twins were born at 34 weeks they wieghed 4lbs11oz and 5lbs7oz they had a 9 day NICU stay and now are happy healthy 5 and a half yr olds. My 5th and last baby boy was born at 34 and 6 (wieghed 7lbs 0.5 oz) and only had a 3 day NICU stay i had severe pre eclampsia with him and my blood pressure was near stroke level. He will be 2 in mid August.

    I love yall!

  12. Im glad everything's okay! I know what you're going through though I just turned 31 weeks with my sweet girl and am having the same exact problems but am 4 cm dilated its suoer scary

  13. Finally catching up with your vlogs!!! Oh what a sweet little baby, she's so excited to meet you guys and have cuddles and kisses! Hey is there anyway that you can maybe be given steroid injections to help her lungs just in case you do go into labor. I remember when i had a friend have herf baby at 32 weeks…they gave her the same to help develop her baby's lungs. I will pray for your family and i believe that the Lord will guide you and lead you. Justin needs to learn Capri by Colbie Calliet (sp?) and sing it to you and Emma. It's such a perfect song. 'Oh when she opens her eyes, there will be no surprise, that she grows to be so beautifully just like her mother that's carrying' <3 love you all! Keep grow Emma, not yet sweet baby girl!!!! <3

  14. I highly recommend the steroid shots for lung growth! Its recommended to get them 24 hours apart and honestly doesn't hurt any worst than IVF shots. Also babies have to be at least 35 weeks gestation and 4 lbs to be discharged from the hospital. I pray she stays put for at least 5 more weeks! I would also find out the level of NICU your hospital is, my son was born at a level 3 NICU and had to be transferred. Oh I almost forgot to mention…. Magnesium is HORRIBLE…. JUST AWFUL…. but they have found that it has many benefits for mom and BABY! – A IVF FET 24 weeker Mommy

  15. Omg did Justin sound like Adam Sandler when he was talking to Rachelles belly or was it just me?😂

  16. When justin was talking to your belly i thought it was so cute. I just had my son a week ago at 39&1. My husband would talk to my belly like just like that. He would tell our baby hey your hurting mama so you can come out now!

  17. I never post anything, but I wish the best for you, while I was pregnant I had to stay in bed since 9 weeks to 11 weeks then at 20 weeks till 37 weeks, also I got some shots, so, just try to relax, watch some movies, read a book, just keep your mind distracted. ALL IS GOING TO BE OKAY!

  18. Bed rest can be the pits… I had my hubby go get me a few puzzle books and it might sound strange but I had him get me a coloring book. Something to do to pass time!

  19. My first daughter I was on modified bed rest from 30 to 36 weeks.. Had her at 36 weeks.. Second daughter on complete bed rest 22 weeks to 36 weeks born at 36 weeks I was also on the same meds you are taking every 4 hours around the clock! Both girls born very healthy but small ! 5 lbs 5 oz and second baby was 5lbs 14 oz. Praying all goes well for you too and they were super fast easy labors!

  20. Oh goodness Emma! When my friend was pregnant with her daughter, after four miscarriages, she started having contractions after a minor medical procedure. Her husband was deployed, and I was the on-call person. She was 32-weeks, and her husband was coming back in a week or so. I pulled Justin's move, but more stern. The friend had thrown up a lot during labor with her son, and I am not a vomit person. Thankfully the kiddo stayed in to term, but it was hilarious looking back.

  21. I feel like Beau and Emma are going to be BFFs! If you need to get out you could go somewhere that has wheelchairs. The mall usually has them. At least that way you won't go crazy being cooped up in the house all the time.

  22. I went into pre term labor at 28 weeks with my son, thankfully they were able to stop it (I was contracting every 10 minutes for a minute at a time, 1.5 cm dilated, and 50% effaced when I got to the hospital) and he stayed in until 37 weeks when my water broke!

  23. Stay in there baby girl my twins came at 34 weeks watch isn’t bad for twins but they are 2 months behind so Ms.Emma stay in there baby girl

  24. I had a similar experience when I was 34 weeks and got the same 2 shots. I ended up staying pregnant until 41 weeks and 1 day 😂 I had a failed induction at 40 weeks and ended up going home and then went into labor on my own at 40 weeks and 5 days but still ended up with a c section because my daughter wouldn't drop down even though I dilated to a 10. So my daughter went from trying to come out early to not wanting to come out at all. Lol

  25. Your guys’ couple dynamic is one of the cutest things I’ve seen, and easily my favorite part of your vlogs(at least till baby Emma arrives).

  26. I got my first shot at 26 weeks 2nd at 30 and I was 3cm and then my water broke at 32 + 6 and then had her at 33+3 and now she’s 9 months and 21 pounds

  27. I took tributilin idk how it's spelled..had bad reaction to it n had to take a pill to stop my labor til I got to 34weeks.

  28. watch with that medication if you constantly contract and need to go in every couple of weeks it will drop baby's heart rate. my oldest son (who's 12 now) wanted to keep coming out starting at 27 weeks and I was in and out for labor every week or 2 and his heart rate dropped down in the 40s from having too much of that medication. he was born at full term but now has autism and other medical issues. we can't say that's what caused it but you never know

  29. I went into preterm labor at 28 weeks amd they were able to stop it and my son stayed in till 35 weeks! Stay hydrated and definitly listen to the no extra walking!

  30. I just want to quickly say I'm so freaking proud of you both. I'm so incredibly excited for you and your partner. Like the thought of you giving birth in a few months makes me nearly cry!!!! I'm so happy and excited for you both, you're going to make amazing parents 💜💜💜

  31. Rachelle!! Get yr booty back in that bed!! Justin is so cute for cooking and helping you so much!
    Please,please,please, just REST! Especially if your building up to a hectic month with Vid Con.
    Baby girl is giving you a little reminder that your 30 weeks preggo and that you need to SLOW down.
    Our prayers are with you all xxxxx

  32. keep an eye on it might be irritable uterus thats where you have contractions with out your cervix opening hope she stays in there it will go quick enjoy it much love to u all xx

  33. I'm currently 27 weeks and as soon as Justin started playing his music my little man starting kicking me like crazy. 😂
    Glad everything is ok with you and Emma. Stay in there little girl!

  34. Thanks for your infertility journey! It's make me believe it will be better with me and my hubby! Wish you all the best with your baby girl 😊

  35. Emma, you be a good baby girl now, and stay PUT til you’re s’posed to come out and see your new big, big home, okaaay??! We lovvve yooou!💞🌸🙏❤️

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