Should a Fetus Be Considered As A Human Life? – TYTBN EP. 009 Part 1

whether legalizing it or forbidding abortion people are gonna find a way to get an abortion I don't like that argument because they can close the door if you close the door you're gonna jump out the window people are gonna find a way so so what so what us making a law is gonna push people to go do something bad hello and welcome to the yet-to-be-named podcast I'm Anthony I am dray Santos and I'm Leo de Souza and we have a seriously wider range everywhere that you go everywhere that you walk in America in the United States of America it is talked about the abortion laws that have been just passed recently in the past couple in the past year we're going to talk about it we're gonna be answering the question is abortion the next genocide why but I don't understand we always started these serious subjects were saying this is serious and then we crack some joke and then we're just laughing jokes Jesus do you not have a heart Anthony we're talking about dead babies today we lost half of our audience so this is obviously a very sensitive topic yeah you're gonna try to be as respectful and responsible with the things that we say we know that for a lot of people out there watching this is personal so even though we are men talking about things that go on with women but I feel like even still even though like that the the trend going on no uterus no opinion but you must keep in mind it takes two to make a baby not just a woman to make a baby but imagine a baby as well I'm sure so I feel like it's just as important for men to understand the responsibilities of of sex and raising a child let me throw a curveball here it was not planned do you agree with with that I want us to kind of just because it is another very important thing because you know if the right people watched is we're gonna get some backlash for being men having a penis between our legs and talking about abortion so Leo do you think that men should not have an opinion about abortion I think that they should because as it just said a woman can't make a child by herself and she needs you know a man or at least sperm if she's gonna do it in a in a lab it takes more than one person to make a child so I think the man is just as responsible for the pregnancy as the woman is okay what about you Nathan do you think that men should have an opinion on abortion so my thing is like do you own a gun no should you have the right to have an opinion about how a gun laws work yes that's my thing we live in a society and it's society is built off of men and women and you know each and every transgender or however you want to go on with the pronouns we're built off with multiple different types of people and if everybody believe if everybody believes that in their in their corner that they can only make the rules for themselves because it only are holding quote only affects them because that's not true because when a woman and a man are together and the woman is carrying the baby she normally they don't work I mean there are a lot of women that do work and like perhaps to you and perhaps to women in general like carrying babies and actually taking care of them but when they don't work who's working when they can't walk around and because their feet and their ankles are swollen as heck who's walking around for and taking care of them you know it literally we live in a society I'm sorry but every time you say we live in a society remember we live in a society you can't say goddamn memes ruin stuff all the time but you know what I mean like we can't just go on in life and expect that because we are like it's as if like because we're because we're men that we get to we can say whether or not we can use a condom because it's it only affects us right even though there are there are female condoms but that's another story yeah no I'm saying we as in as a men like we get to decide that because it's our body and we get that decision do you know what I mean and it's not right to the other person so that's the way I see it and what about you address yeah what about you i man I think I think we should have I should have an opinion I don't think that just the fact that we do not have uterus that we should not be part of the conversation I think that we do need to listen to women and we do need to take women's opinions into consideration and we need to be well lawmakers need to be always be talking to them and discussing with them to see what women in their own what they're called in their own states have to say about these these laws but I think at the end of the day I do agree with both Anthony and and Bo not only because as Leo said it does take a man and a woman no matter how you like to slice it takes a man and a woman to make a baby and we all are a part of an interconnected society so I think that everyone's opinion is valid yeah yeah all right so let's jump right in to our first question so in your opinion what determines a life is that up to pregnant women to decide whether she's carrying a life or a fetus or are there some objective standards to to determining a life this is such a tough yeah it's a man where's the star we're starting there we're like the heaviest question that you that you can start yeah by the way you might not even come to a conclusion but this is we know we didn't start this podcast so that we can come to conclusions every single time like we I honestly love to be left with them questioning things because it's a thought process it's just learning Anthony what do you like to start answering a question I think I think when you say there's two questions there right so you say is it up to women to decide or are their objective standards yeah so on this side if a fetus is a life or not right exactly or when a fetus is a life I think it's a very sensitive subject because you can't you can't tell somebody that when they have sex and the fetus is growing in them but that's not a child when they believe that it's their child you can't say oh that's not a child that's just a mixture of sperm and egg and that's about it because then you're also throwing out the understanding that that what that is is a growing child and so what I think is like even from the get-go when it starts growing in in the womb it's it's automatically a child because objectively when you look at a fetus what what are you looking at why do why do we look at fetuses why do we why is there an ultrasound in there to see everything is running okay but why to see if the pregnancy is going okay but why because we didn't know if the baby it's okay or not exactly if the development is is a going according to plan right and then and that's what's interesting to me is I it's like such a hard thing for people to understand some some people I don't know I don't know I understand the rationale when you say because it's it hasn't even had a heartbeat yet it's not alive I don't understand that because when you first get and like it's that weird feeling of when you first sit in that that and I don't understand it I don't know any I've never if you don't want to don't have an opinion about goddamnit but I don't understand that but imagine my mom going through that and then saying you know yeah it's not the child and then bought me like how like that to me when you even win when it was like when they say that there's an egg and there's a sperm and it's actually connected and it's and it's slowly growing in the belly that's that's what I'm what I'm say so what I'm saying is that there should be some type of objective standard because the way that I have seen it is that sometimes the government has to be somewhat of the the moral standard to to our colleges the point I was gonna make yeah because because the way the way that I see it is that there there are some there laws that are here so that there is a moral standard but but that's the way I see that like for example like our lost day they treat the the pregnancy or the fetus as a life because if you if you run over a pregnant lady and you kill both of them that's called double homicide it's not my side and in our declaration is written that we have the rights to life liberty and pursuit of happiness so life is a right provided by the government yeah so that so like I know that like science they like to they they there's like a debate about this whether it have at what point in the pregnancy is considered life is it turn to for his heartbeat is it like the second trimester like you know it's it's all it's all up in the air I think I think that to very to to answer the question exactly as it is because I think Anthony's answer was great but you started touching other topics but I think that our scientists are the ones who should define what the term is alive for not right I do not think that running the mill whether men and women should decide whether what something is a life what I don't know like you I think when you're talking about these things these things are factual and we think we need to leave some of these things to experts and 13 actor not a teenage girl but no no I'm talking about people that's not deciding whether or not they should have an abortion but deciding why constitutes kids the question is should decide what constitutes a life or not yeah we regulars regular people should not decide that scientists need to decide that scientists need to tell us this is a life of up after we cut to after week for the fetus becomes a human life because this is this right and that is it and now it is within our personal choice whether we want to terminate what weakens what scientists have considered yeah but that's life or not yeah that's not the that's not the question no because the question is who should our constitute is alive when you question when you're saying abortion I think that's that's another question the question is you know should women decide whether it's a life or their objective standards that would be objective standards without a shadow of a doubt we can't with some things and this does it gets really tough but most things in life cannot be subjective because once things become subjective they open up the door for a lot of conflict you know like Anthony said there's a lot of areas of life where the government needs to step in and decide what is and what is not good or bad yeah so yeah I think that scientists need to objectively decide what is a life yeah I think it's a whole like working together with between each scientists that have like different understandings of it to like some scientists like have opinions of like oh it's not until this not until that they each come up with a different stages where it is a life like especially doctors you know how they talk about oh well it's okay because it's at this point that the baby has heartbeat or at this point that the baby starts thinking or so on and so forth so the way the way that I see it is I think that there needs to be a work together between those people and there needs to be some type of conversation right now what is let's say what what do people usually say that is a life I actually have not looked it's the heartbeat what is it and then one is usually a baby have six weeks okay so the consensus is so it so it was that something Nick was that something that let's say the majority of Sciences have agreed upon in order to to determine that is a state-by-state decision that it's a constitute into a wife as six weeks specifically about what constitutes a life in it six weeks is that a consensus the scientists have okay when we get back from like to read about Roe versus Wade which is a Supreme Court law when they decided on the abortion yeah so they decided that to legalize abortion but also to give States their individual rights into when is abortion legal or illegal yeah so as Nick said you know it's a state-by-state situation as far as you know scientists have a consensus that life begins once there's a heartbeat which is after six weeks yeah yeah well he said that a it was opinion based okay so that's what I'm saying like they need to come together and have some type of conversation where it's like so that like everybody's not like going at each other's necks because of what what we believe or what our opinion is and it's just like they're this is factual like you're saying it like this is factual this is it and then I mean okay so what we're not it's not a subjective matter the fact that the heart beat starts at six weeks that's objectives that's true it's a fact six weeks in a normally development the developing fetus the heartbeat starts at six weeks so then the question is if we have that information the question is to us as individuals what constitutes of life what is a human life is they just the appearance of the heartbeat does that and it in of itself constitute of a heartbeat or is there more to our humanity to human life well that that's why I was saying to you that for me when I was explaining that the my opinion on it was assuming like when you see that the fetus is actually growing and you're going to the doctors for it and there's bloating and there's all these these symptoms of what you're like–you're I think it was you get nauseous boobs hurt or whatever it is not my boobs but they're there all these all these symptoms to it that I gather onto when there is a baby starting to form in your in your womb and and that's what I'm saying like there are signs to say that there there's something going on like they and to go to the doctors and then normally when you go to the doctors they do an ultrasound so then check on it and like there's a reason why they're that they're doing that and and that's why I personally think that that's when life starts because that's when I had no I guess you can quote unquote say shit goes down when you're like holy crap this is real like like what's going on is that I'm starting to form a baby and stuff like that like holy crap this is and and and that's why I say like that that in my opinion and that's that and that's not a bit based off of science or anything like that but I saw out of my own opinion as a 23-yard Nick Nick wants to chime in what what statistic is this based off of yeah yes for sure yeah so I think is a good way to transition to our second question should abortion laws be changed or are they fine the way they are what are the last nine you right now after Roe versus Wade in 1973 they legalized abortion in America however they also gave the states their own innocence their own rights into what they cause us to women when abortion is legal or near legal for example in Massachusetts it's easier to get an abortion just lesser restrictions on it but it's more conservative state like Georgia they're more they're more restrictions on it which is interesting tour recently alibi I think was Alabama that passed a heartbeat yeah yeah so Alabama has two heartbeat law you know you know if there's a heart if the harpy's detected then you can't get an abortion hmm yeah and it's pretty interesting that when when that's because we're saying state by state right that's so strange to me because like when to make it easier so do you think there should be an overall federal law yeah this is what I'm getting on is like the United States is very kind of I guess close together because the internet just allows you to do that right allows you to communicate with other people really fast and know where they are or whatever it is but and it seems like it's a smaller place then then you know it would have been in 19 or was it 19 it was in the 1990s that they passed it Roe versus Wade yeah 73 1973 so yeah it's been almost it's been what 50 years almost or some 40 40 years bit over 40 years ago yeah so like 46 years right yeah you would say and and that's that's what's interesting because world has changed because of the internet and that's weird to say but but it's true it's like there it's completely different but what those lanes would have to do with the arguments that are wrong because there's arguments on the internet there's arguments is they won since Roe vs. Wade yeah but Roe vs. Wade was during a time that wasn't like as close as it is now yeah but they were shown in TV shows and in newspapers and everything else yeah but how many the question is how many actually what this so many more the nation is more widespread what does that have to do with the question that in fact so what I'm saying is that since we should have a federal law we should have like I'm saying like there should be something that is we're able to point to it like all right but it's been incited you know I mean like there has to be a moral standard where it's like why is it so different that in in Alabama you can't get one after six weeks but in when you go to New York you can abort a baby up to the time that you have nine months yeah you know what I mean why is there such a wide difference that we can't come to some type of conclusion to what's going on I think the most interesting thing about Roe versus Wade is that the the plaintiff Jane Roe as she went by Jane Roe but her real name there doesn't matter whenever so Jane Roe so Norma Norma McCorvey so Norman Oetker V who was the plaintiff of Joe for Roe vs. Wade she later regretted fighting for the abortion cause and she ended up converting to Catholicism and became a pro-life activist and she reported to say that it was one of the greatest regrets of her life doing the giving fighting forward for this vlog so I don't know it like I said it's very it's very tricky it is very sensitive to people that's for some people they look at it it's like you know she was championing women's rights or feminism but to her it was the biggest regret of her life mm-hmm well I think it's I think it's worth mentioning now that third trimester abortions only constituent 2% of all abortions and 93 percent of abortions are first her master which means that it's before that the heartbeat the whole that see that's very very good I'm happy about that but my point still is that there's a huge to differ because I I think I kind of because then we have to ask a question why why do we have a difference between the federal law and the state by States why does the federal government allow the states to have to have these these choices and I think it's because so that the people of that state can decide and what they think is best for for them and leave it up to them instead of the government having their hands on all aspects of our lives and controlling every see everything that happens but right now it's I think over because look and there's always going to be a huge fight over it because let's say if the government the federal government decides that hey we're also going to constitute a heartbeat law where no one can get an abortion after after six weeks people are going to go apeshit regardless whether it's Alabama or whether it's the United States okay what's your point my point is that I don't think it's going to do any good for the federal government to make a federal law for abortion so ons in my opinion even between the protesting that has been only rising in the past years of what's going on you think that it's okay like we should just leave it I think we should so leave each state on its own the second and I would agree with Dre and the reason being that if there is a federal law whether legalizing it or forbidding abortion people are going to find a way to get an abortion C and I don't I don't like that argument because they can do that close the door if you close the door you're gonna jump out the window people are gonna find a way so so what so what us making a law is gonna push people to go do something bad actually that that there there are statistics where they have looked at countries that have criminalized abortion they have banned abortion and the fact that they have banned abortion has not lowered the the number of abortions and by the way actually what's their statistic on that what do you mean the what do you mean by lowered like it has the number of abortions have not lowered they are not lower compared to countries that abortion is legal so making abortion illegal does not lower the number of abortions as a member and if someone are yes the percentage of the percentage of number it yeah that's what the number the number that's on a map abortions per year you know do not know it's not because it could be a different amount of people in one area and I'm different in a country in a country the number of portrait abortions not go down in countries that have criminalize abortion and that abortion is not legal okay by the way like just to me now what does happen is that the number of risky abortion actually goes up in those countries because like like Leo's saying if someone wants an abortion they're going to get it whether the the state or the country says they can or cannot the same thing when people say if someone wants guns they're going to somebody wanna cocaine they're gonna get it somebody wants this or that they're gonna get it but we should just so then the question oh so then the question becomes should we have the parameters for women that want to have an abortion to have safe abortions where they can still be they can can have a safe abortion or are we going to let women make or are we going to make abortions even harder for them to access and make the likelihood of them getting riskier great why there is that question of it being how are we able to compromise or understand our what's going on Anthony like that's just to make myself clear you know I I am pro-life like I do not support abortion whatsoever but if it means I'd rather if people are gonna go get abortions anyway I'd much rather it be safer than have risky abortions then so what I'm saying is then and also like if that's what we're gonna do if that's we can treat and prevent we can prevent people from doing everything we don't face it then why make lots I don't think it's at all okay for you to just say just end of life because of their suffering and the opening what I was saying is that the family that goes and makes a conscious decision of hold on of making that conscious decision that heartbreaking constant decision it means that they have looked into the future they know the reality and they have understood that they cannot bring up the baby

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