Should An Aborted Fetus Be Buried?

welcome to real teeth real quick my name is Rick Smith I'm here with Todd Wagner how you doing Todd lower dick lo friends well listen we're here in Texas December 2016 and there is a new law that is gonna be passed here on December the 19th the law basically says that a medical provider has to either bury or cremate an aborted fetus and so that's brought up all sorts of conversation so the question today is should an aborted fetus be buried yeah wow that's a great question and I think one of these I want to just tell folks to do one of the early real truth real quick we did on topic is one a number of years ago which was give me a compelling way to talk to others about the difficult issue of abortion and some what I'm going to say today really is answer to that one but they're too good resources for you so let me just start by simply asking you a question what what is an aborted fetus all right another way to ask that is what is a fetus and the answer is a fetus is a stage of human development okay and because it's a human there are ways that we have always treated corpses of humans we've always treated them with a certain amount of dignity and honor for a myriad of reasons but we have laws actually Rick when we were talking about this a little bit ago I said well why don't you just look up for me the law that said how do you how do you what get rid of a human body yeah human body and you you were quick to tell people okay I'm googling this so in case I've ever investigated they go why did you google that you'll know it was for this purpose you know you want to just simply ask the people when somebody comes up and says something to you like hey I want to kill this thing okay you know you might want to go well gosh there's a question I need to ask you before I tell you whether or not you should and that is what is the thing you're going to kill and if that thing is a bug right if a thing is an idea go for it okay if that thing is a human then you're gonna say let's not kill it likewise if that thing is a human then there's a way to honor it and to make sure we don't just treat it like human waste if a fetus is just a clump of cells as it's commonly been represented and ScienceNOW says no it is an actual human being if it's just tissue then we don't have to discuss about how to get rid of it we should get rid of it as medical waste I've had biopsies done we've all had moles removed probably if we've been given if we have moles or lipoma there's even laws about how to deal with with human waste and medical waste we don't just throw those away but we don't just throw bodies away we don't throw human bodies away again because of the dignity do them all right now some people might say well the fetus doesn't look much like a human to me I would say well it looks exactly like a human looks at that stage of development okay a four-year-old doesn't look like a 40 year old but they are both fully human and in fact you know I don't think we've ever done a real truth real quick on common arguments against why it's okay to abort a human being in utero but that's something that we could maybe do and there's just a simple acronym that I use and many of yous well before me that is a helpful way to know about why we treat that as a precious unborn human person I think what this law is doing instead of Texas is it's forcing a logical construct and consistency to a topic that some people just don't want to deal with the reality that what we're doing when we are bored this thing in a woman is we are taking an innocent defenseless human life under our care for whatever reason okay maybe it's in the way maybe it's because of my privacy I get to do this and by the way I think in this law there's provisions that you don't have to have a death certificate so that privacy is maintained which gosh you know even that I understand why the compassion they want to do that but we there's there's a way to talk about all this to simply say this if it is a human being we have laws and reasons that we treat that body with dignity there is no question that a fetus is a human being it has a different size it's a different level development it's in a different environment okay and it has a certain amount of depending see but all of those things are also true of two-year-olds and four-year-olds in relation to a 14 year old or 40 year old and we treat them like humans although some like dr. Peter Singer and others at Princeton have argued that maybe we shouldn't treat people out of the womb like people maybe we should wait till they're 2 and that's the craziness of some of the people that are out there who don't want to value human life but I will tell you the people that says they want to treat a two-year-old the way they want to do a two-month-old in the womb at least are more logically consistent and all this laws doing in Texas is saying we're going to acknowledge which science is clearly established that that is a precious unborn human person that should be treated with dignity in the same way that the eight year old or the 80 year old should be treated with dignity when it dies out of the womb sadly we haven't dealt completely yet with whether or not we could murder the eight year old eight month old in utero or a two year old and that's the consistency we still need to fight for a man thanks Todd hey listen if you're watching this you know I don't know what brought you across this video but there's an email address down there if abortions part of your story or maybe that's something that you're considering we would love to talk with you pray for you point you to resources and so feel free to send us an email it'd be our honor our privilege to talk with you and we'll see you next week on another episode of recruitable quick you

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  1. To answer your question in the most helpful way that I know how to, I'll simply say that just because it is an aborted foetus, should not in any way disqualify it from having a respectful burial. Just as us humans have that right, I feel that it is only fair that we extend that right to aborted foetuses.

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