Should I Take A Childbirth Class?

I am Carolyn and I wanted to do a testimonial to classes to give any parents out there validation if they're having doubts on to whether they should or should not take some classes come late and in the first tape she said it was because I didn't have a choice I had to go no i'm i was so great to actually like take a class rather than a book and to have just that support and more comfort and knowledge around while giving birth i know i would want that oppose the fact that you definitely feel community in the classroom studying it's not just you and your husband there's lots of other parents out there and so you really feel that connectedness in a potluck at the end I am a registered nurse in the neuro surgical trauma care unit at Scripps Memorial and the patients that we deal with on a day to day basis our patients who have had strokes major brain injuries lots of traumas that kind of render their minds and their bodies totally built so I deal with a lot of death and a lot of really fat and traumatic situations but when it comes to birth which is a totally different sector am I'm dealing with death on a daily basis or is this life into the world I just felt like hypnobirthing was something that I always wanted to do when I was going to give birth and the classes were definitely something that I felt was going to really educate me on what hypnobirthing was all about before starting I had a little idea of what hypnobirthing won but now that I've taken classes I fully understand why I have never I mean entails and you want me to get you into state of mind that you need to be in right before birth and you feel like the hypno breathing skills really allow the mom should turn off her brain and to just fall out of her body to do it was built to do and just coming from a work field that's so constantly going constantly the next thing that could happen this was a total 180 and just allowing my mind to turn off and for my body to take over and I think the skills that I got from not just from reading the book but definitely from care has allowed me to achieve this and I have no doubt that I'm gonna be able to do it journey the bar become a therapist psychotherapist and I think the classes really helped me to just get a better sense and I got just a healthier and more skillful like perspective of what my where it's going to be going through and I guess as a therapist I think I'm often a big believer and healthy adaptive effective communication it was fun in the class to be like that was not gonna happen the burthen it's like feeling yeah that's right that's not gonna happen so but that was that was a good reminder like yeah she can he's bossing she was learning the kind of questions that we want dreaming that I was drinking first yeah the touches her not touches so yeah and it was a fun environment to do all that I think it was just a good reminder yeah I'm just checking in with her and seeing what what she might need from me and how I can be there for her and seeing the other the other partners there in the class and some of their doubts and stuff those were also yeah do believe it reading a book is important but I think being able to apply what you're reading in that book in the classroom setting and actually putting it into practice it's so important because you can't just read a book or read a blog online or watch you YouTube video and then think okay I have I got this you need to actually practice and it seemed facility to practice birth but I'm so glad that like and I had that chance to practice because now he knows exactly how to touch me where to touch me I know the position that I want my body and how I don't want my body and I her I don't want him to touch me and I just can't imagine giving birth without having that classroom opportunity besides being in the classroom things that care has taught me it's just and if you ever take care of spots you'll know the forty blinks that I got help me kind of transport me into a whole different realm where you completely take half of your senses are gone right away and it's just you're in this new place where you can truly focus on what your body was meant to do and so I'm grateful for care and introducing me to the forty flames and also the birth ball and those are things that a lot of people already know but I think a lot of doctors and nurses out there might not understand the benefits to using things like the birth ball in the porgy flings and to practicing with your partner before birth so I'm very grateful that I was able to take a hypno birthing class before I actually gave birth I have lots of doulas in my life one of them being a very close friend money so before ever getting pregnant I already knew Abdullah's and what they do and why they're so important and that I think I that put me at it advantage than a lot of other moms because they come into class and they're hearing the word doula for the very first time and they don't quite get that concept or understand what a doula does and who they are and I bet you've been heard of people saying but doulas are more of a bougie thing but only rich people can do and I just don't agree with that at all because I've never given birth my husband has never been at a birth we don't know where I mean but now we have this person in our life who's become almost like a third member to this party that we have going on and she's going to be by our side the entire time a moment I start feeling those contractions and know that it is true labor she's coming over to our house and she's staying with us the whole time she's making sure that I'm as comfortable as I can be then in the positions of a help me and but not just focusing on me she's also supporting my husband which i think is very very important because I can't be there for my husband anymore I have gone into my own journey and I'm on my own I can't cater to him and I can't listen to anything else what's going on in the world so I have this doula who knows what she needs to do she knows how to take care of like she knows how to take care of me she knows when it's time to go to the hospital and because we've already met several times before I actually go into labor she knows my birth plan and she knows what I want and what I don't want and she can relay that to the doctors and the nurses and they think that's really important because that frees Blake up to be by my side be my supportive person and then therefore she's like supportive person because now she's coaching for both of us and I think it's important to just have that third person to really make sure that you have the birth that you want to have about having blood and awesome they're really good she's weighing less likely to yell at me with the to live there so well I think it's awesome at that that's support we really like her and she's for fun and yeah and I think I remember when I first heard that Gulas I felt that was something like kind of bougie or rich or something it's not at all it's very affordable I think it's like having a support like a real support system there for that day it would almost feel silly not to have an advocate or someone that you know it's gonna be there and know is familiar with your back birth plan and all that stuff so I think it's just important to have that out of a kit that is seeing your situation from the outside because like it's gonna get overwhelmed that I'm gonna get overwhelmed we will no longer be in our right minds but I do love OB and I think just having that advocate is so important because I had a close friend who's a doula I already knew a lot of how I wanted my pregnancy of birth to go so when I found out that I was pregnant I knew right away that I wanted to take classes with care that there was no doubt in my mind about that and I didn't I think I was maybe six weeks when I called care and that's super early but I went on her website and I just kept reading sign up as soon as possible so I called her and and I got in right away which was great because I was I think once the head of the game there what I really liked about care is she asked me right off the bat do you have a doula are you gonna get one and I already knew what a doula was I didn't have to talk to her about that but I think that's a great conversation starter so if you don't know what a dual is you never heard of one it's a great time to ask her with what is that exactly and what I really appreciate it was that there are different tiers different price ranges for doulas so if you feel like you can only spend a certain amount of money on a doula she can help you find doulas that are in your budget because they do range from not that much to more and I'm sure a lot of people think that it's not worth it but it's so worth it and if you just think about a nice pair of shoes or a nice dinner or weekend getaway how much you spend on that and think of a doula is a truly an investment to you and your baby it's so worth the money you have any doubts I definitely recommend to take classes it doesn't happen to be hypnobirthing but I truly think that some sort of in classroom setting class is very important like I said earlier you've got a practice and you can't just read something and think okay I got it you really need to practice with each other what you're learning in classroom and I think being in that group studying is very important it can makes it fun to really get a lot of fun so and another thing I was gonna say is if you're worried about time commitment are the hidden everything that we did was 5 weeks I'm sure there's classes out there that are longer or shorter it was once a week for five weeks about three hours long or so and and we changed our work schedules just so that we could make this happen because it was so important to us and so what do you think I work that day I can't go see what you can do about changing your work schedule in order to go because that's how important that this is it's a true investment and it's not it's not just a class this is a preparation to you bringing your baby into the world and so it goes way beyond the classroom way beyond any blog or website and you need to treat it as such you're not going out and buying a car you're literally giving birth to life and bringing it back into your home

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