19 Replies to “Should NHS cut some IVF treatments to save money? DEBATE – BBC Newsnight”

  1. IVF should only be paid for through the NHS when the fertility problems stem from something like cancer treatment. Many women/couples leave starting a family too late and that's a lifestyle choice I shouldn't have to pay for. If they prioritised uni/a career over finding a stable relationship or starting a family, then you can use your own money for fertility treatment.

  2. If you can't afford to pay for IVF yourself, you can't afford to have children. I have a condition that is stopping me from using my left hand, and it also gives me pain, however the NHS will not pay for the operation. We have a population of over 67m, and the last thing we should be doing is actively encouraging people who can't afford them to create more. IVF on the NHS is CRAZY

  3. The NHS should not provide free IVF treatments. Infertile people who want to have a child should adopt. There are thousands of children living in care in the UK.

    The majority of fertility issues are caused by genetics – why do you want to pass on faulty genes in the first place?
    We're already overpopulated as a species as it is.

    It's not really a problem if you're willing to pay for fertility treatment yourself, and you can make your own decision if you're going to be responsible about it, but other people should not have to pay for it.

  4. I do think that NHS guidelines on what is covered should be the same throughout the country. However, ivf is a luxury. Many women decide to start looking for a partner at a 'later' stage in life and/or decide to start trying at a later age so they can first study fur many years, make more money, have fun. That's OK but those are lifestyle choices, and I'm not willing to fund those. If you want to make proper money before trying, and you need ivf, then pay for it yourself. Ivf is around £5K per round, you and your partner both working full time should allow you to save up for this in one year or less. If not, you probably don't have the means to raise a child anyways. It's true that some women will never be able to conceive on their own, even if they started trying in their 20's. Then there are lesbians who don't want to fuck a man to get pregnant and instead demand ivf, or lesbians where one of the women wants to provide the egg whilst the other carries the foetus. I don't think this sort of circus should be funded at all. Also, there are other options to become a parent or carer, and it's not a right to procreate with assistance others have to pay for.

  5. This is very important subject to be discussed because clearly, number of infertility couples has risen in last decades. So it’s necessary to implement changes in social requirements as well. But as the same time I can’t understand why taxpayers should sponsor someone’s fertility problem. If you decided to such step it must be yours personal problem and desire to solve it, not mine. And if you don’t have needed amount of money than look for other way. I mean, when my friend faced fertility problem they didn’t asks for money. They made savings and traveled to Ukrainian reproductive medicine center. Yes it was a risk to go so far but they had successful IVF procedure and now have a baby. So I can tell that there is a way out. You simply need to look for it and take a risk. Do research and stuff. And not disturbed government and other because you have difficulty conceiving. We should support such people and treat them right but not pay for their problems. Call me pathetic but I’m not ready give away money for my family to someone’s packet.

  6. But the same cunt wants our tax payers money going on bringing terrorists who joined ISIS back into the UK. Vile vile woman

  7. It's about time BBC Newsnight allowed comments. They are raising contemporary issues and arguments, why not let the public discuss them.

  8. Ivf should not be funded by taxpayers and NHS as there is no health issue. It should be a pay as you go service only. Then it's fair for all.

  9. Unbelievable – we have thousands of kids in foster care or in children's homes waiting for a family and yet the taxpayer is funding multiple courses of IVF… for what reason? If you want IVF you can pay for it yourself otherwise adoption should be the FIRST port of call not the last. Extremely upset.

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