Should Pregnant Women Avoid This in the Bedroom?

The following program contains mature subject matter viewer discretion is advised How many of you have ever received one of those long forwarded email chains claiming to cure all your problems? We like to set the record straight and stuff my mom forwards me This is one making the round are you pregnant stay clear of oral sex because it could harm your baby dr. Nina. What save I? Say, I mean oral sex is sex so you can get sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea chlamydia syphilis HIV Human papilloma virus or whether you’re pregnant or not, but pregnant women have a compromised immune system And so they have a higher probability of getting infections like herpes like let’s talk about herpes for example So we know that herpes is a virus and sometimes you have an active outbreak sometimes that outbreak goes away But the virus neck never technically disappears So what does that mean for a pregnancy? Well during pregnancy the goal is for a woman to not be having an active herpetic outbreak during her delivery so Basically if a woman gets herpes before she becomes pregnant Or if she gets her pees really early in her pregnancy Then the probability of her child having a problem is very very low like less than 1% However, if a woman is exposed to herpes for the very first time later in pregnancy like the third trimester Then the probability of passing something along to her child goes way up my issue with this email being forward is this is true of any kind of sex so if Theoretically if you were gonna give this advice to someone It would really be to just avoid all sex if you think you’re gonna be at risk for picking up a sexually transmitted infection but if you trust your partner and you’ve been to monogamous with with them for long enough to have a child and it’s halfway through the pregnancy that test would have turned positive by that point in time after a Unless someone’s cheating on someone with you at that point you price I’m thinkin you’re like going down a path, so here’s the thing I don’t personally tell my patients They can’t have sex in the third trimester But that’s the logic behind it so people are saying better safe than sorry, but with that being said in the grand scheme of things 25 to 30 percent of pregnant women will have herpes a lot of people don’t know they have it but less than 0.1% of babies will get neonatal herpes, so it’s not like this It’s this big grand Problem that we have in the United States and also if you have herpes there are things we do we can put you on suppressive Medicine we make sure you’re not having an active outbreak when you come in we the second take yeah antivirals if you have a history of herpes And you should tell your doctor because at 36 fever we will put it’s important we will put you on suppressive medication to prevent an outbreak and then if you are having an outbreak or If you’re having burning tingling like symptoms of an outbreak then we’ll do a c-section instead of vaginal delivery But you are right Travis if you are in a monogamous relationship And you are certain that you’re not going to get herpes or another sexually transmitted infection go for it They are just saying don’t get herpes for the first time in the third trimester of pregnancy But the reason I wanted to bring this up is because this is my problem with forded emails This this is fear mongering in many ways this email to me misses the point I think the biggest part of this email should be that hey if you’re pregnant or your partner You know you’re with a partner you all you should be tested for pee simplex because what most people don’t know is that a traditional Sexually transmitted infection profile when they test you a lot of them do not test for herpes simplex So partners and you’ll see it all the time men will say oh. I I’m fine. I don’t have it, but the truth is You’re probably not being tested for You

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  1. Who believes this mess. Why you being promiscuous while carrying your child. That's what marriage is for. Much safer. Lemme tell ya

  2. Damn can't (couldn't) do anything while being pregnant! It's like you have to sit in a feather padded bubble with filtered air and water! Lol

  3. dear the doctors show im 10 years old. I've had hand foot and mouth disease and now my hands a burning can you please help me ?

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