30 Replies to “Should Women Be Kept Separate During Menstruation – Sadhguru”

  1. Jnani as our guru…🙏🏻 it’s so true we need rest by keeping away for a while…
    Short Nap what we call now…
    No discrimination of mad sense

  2. افهم من هذا الحكيم ما لا يستطيع احد غيره شرحه لنا …. شكرا لكم

  3. Women look after your bodies at this time. So we can look after our men and children better. Sadhguru is Amazing guide for me x x

  4. Menstruation was treated as Disease in Africa , it was uncommon for African tribe to have Menstruation ,

    when women increasing large amount of protein or animal diet , bleeding at the period mensuration cycle become active ,

    wife's of solders in the 1st world war completely stopped mensuration at absents on men , it has been documented

    the reason Vedas have no mention of mensuration is because it was treated Disease in INDIA too ,

    women in vegan diet stop menstruating completely

  5. one will be in a blissful mood when their thoughts on some issues coincide with a Mystic like
    sadhguruji. I underwent such a situation when i heard the above conversation. Tnku Sadhguru ji

  6. But many ppl are practicing this in a very wrong way guruji, dey discriminate and ill treat us a lot during dis phase.i have seen dem practicing to pour water on the path lady walked in the home, left outsd the home without a blanket atleast for such fools I need to show ur speech

  7. A rest of 3-4 days during menses will be a boon for all women especially those who suffer from cramps, pms, headaches and what not

  8. In our country Nepal. Women even during their menstrual cycles were made to do works, they were made to work in the fields and even made to sow the rice . Their blood use to be all over the water. Those were really hard times cause the only thing they got break from was to cook but for rest things, even more harder works were given to her. Men use to cook and feed her but never with happiness but always my cursing their wife for getting mensuration. She use to be made to live in the cows shade and so many use to die due to cold or snake bite. Those times were not as easy as we think.

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