Shoutout to Your Boobs! | Week 18 of Pregnancy

– Who wants some guacamole? I bet you do. An increase in appetite and specific food cravings are totally common at this stage in pregnancy. And guac isn’t just rich in nutrients. A bowl of it is the same
size as your baby in week 18. And while you scoop away, your little one is doing
somersaults in your belly thanks to some new and growing muscles. Her retinas are also
now able to detect light even though her eyelids are sealed. Whoa! Amazing. Isn’t it weird how all restaurants have the same guacamole bowls? Like these weird stone things. What are these? Right, I mean they’re heavy. Guacamole’s so good. (upbeat music) By now your baby should really be starting to move around in there. Here’s what you should know
about your little one’s little kicks. They shouldn’t hurt. If you’re experiencing any pain, see your doctor as it could indicate an ovarian cyst, a defect in the uterine wall or a bladder infection. The best time to feel the baby move is when you’re at rest, or a half hour or so after meals. Especially if you had something
with caffeine or sugar. Lastly, if you notice a distinct decrease in your baby’s normal movement patterns, let your doctor know ASAP. A.S.A.P. (upbeat music) Why should you definitely embrace your peanut butter cup cravings? Because studies found
evidence that eating nuts and peanut butter during your pregnancy may actually promote immune tolerance and protect your baby from nut allergies. So as long as you’re not allergic, eat up. That’s a lot of peanut butter. Nutty goodness. Eat up, buttercup. (upbeat music) People love to give pregnant women advice. Even when they don’t ask for it. Here’s your daily dose
of unsolicited advice. There’s literally never
a bad time to take a nap. Like right now. It’s nap o clock. See you guys in a cool four hours. (upbeat music) There’s a lot of stuff
you’re expected to give up when you’re expecting. Join me now in a moment of silence as this pregnancy pause is dedicated to your boobs. Shout out to your boobs. They’re never ever going to look the same. And honestly, don’t even get me started on your nipples. (sighs) (upbeat music) if you wanna see what’s
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