Shoutout to Your Formally Cute Belly Button | What Week 27 of Pregnancy is Really Like | Parents

(upbeat music) – Isn’t it weird how terrariums are having a moment right now? They’re like a thing. And you know what? That thing is the size
of your baby at week 27. All 14 1/2 inches and two pounds of it. And if you decorate your
nursery with a terrarium, I’m sure your baby would totally approve. Because babies have excellent taste buds. In fact, they have more taste buds now than they’ll have the rest of their lives. And can actually tell the difference between their mother’s
milk and someone else’s. Milk. Does a body good. (upbeat music) One test still on the table
for your third trimester is the group B strep test which is usually given
during weeks 35 to 37. It screens for a potentially dangerous group B streptococcus infection which can live in the reproductive and genital urinary systems. It’s a cause for concern during pregnancy because it can cause urinary
tract and uterine infections. And if transmitted to
the baby during birth, it can be very harmful. But if you have it, don’t stress. You’ll be treated with
intravenous antibiotics during labor and delivery
and all should be fine. You’re good to go. The more you know. (upbeat music) Why and how do you get enough
calcium during pregnancy? Here are some ways to
sneak it into your diet now that you’re not dumping
milk into your coffee six times a day. Cook rice, noodles, and
hot cereals in nonfat milk. Add nonfat dry milk powder
to recipes for creamy soups, stews, and sauces. Substitute nonfat yogurt
for sour cream or butter. Sprinkle lowfat grated cheese
on salads, soups, or veggies. Drink a glass of lowfat
milk instead of soda. Instead of straight up
coffee, try a latte. Snack on some string cheese. And, if you’re craving something sweet, have a glass of chocolate
milk instead of candy. Or have both. My secret candy stash back here. Mm. Cheers. (upbeat music) People love to give pregnant women advice, even when they don’t ask for it. Here’s your daily dose
of unsolicited advice. You don’t need to buy baby detergent. It’s expensive and smells
like someone drowned in baby powder. Instead, buy a scent-free
non-toxic alternative that you can wash everyone’s
laundry in together. Saves money and time. (clock ticking) Smart. (upbeat music) There’s a lot of stuff
you’re expected to give up when you’re expecting. Join me now in a moment of silence as this pregnancy pause is
dedicated to your belly button. Shout out to your
formerly cute belly button which probably looks
more like a nose by now. Boop. Got your not nose. (slow, sad music) It’ll go back. (upbeat music) If you want to see what’s coming up in your pregnancy next week, then like, subscribe, and share. I’ll be here every week. It’s recorded. I’m not live, but you get it.

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