Showing already?? – 6 weeks pregnant and BLOATED

quick funny story well let's see today's Thursday September 17 and I just got home from work it's about 5:45 and I'm gonna go meet my friend my dear friend gem for Indian food and I think she's on her way to come get me but on my way home something funny happened to me and I just had to I don't know moralize it with a video I guess but I take Bart which is San Francisco Bay Area's version of like public transit I guess I take that home from work every day so I take the at the train I take it from sounds like a light rail kind of I don't know I guess it's technically train type things that looks nice whatever and I take it from San Francisco to Oakland for my commute every day and today somebody not somebody some older woman got up and offered me her seat because she thought I was pregnant and as of today I'm only six weeks I think so I'm definitely not showing I guess this pregnancy bloat is no joke I mean I guess I also kind of wearing like oh I can't see it but I'm kind of wearing like a flowy top I don't know I'm just fat whatever I don't care I'm about to go stuff my face with Indian food

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