Having two sets of twins was always a big goal of mine in life Which is kind of a dumb goal because there’s only so much you can do to bring that to fruition But somehow I willed one set into existence I had spontaneous twins in my first pregnancy. before I even knew that I was carrying two I was scouring the internet trying to find Every little symptom that could be an indicator of it being twins With all that knowledge that I gained on twin pregnancy signs and symptoms I thought I would share it with you guys today before we get into it I have to shamelessly plug my channel, please like and subscribe if you have not already and if you are a current subscriber Thank you so much. I really do appreciate you guys All right. Let’s get into the video the first sign which you can detect as early as five weeks is elevated HCG levels HCG is the hormone produced by the placenta after implantation and when you are carrying multiples You will have higher levels of HCG in your body at home pregnancy tests work by detecting this HCG hormone and that little pink or blue line that pops up on your pregnancy test appears when enough HCG is detected on the test different pregnancy tests have different sensitivities and how much? HCG it needs to be detected in order to get that line to show up but a sign that you could be pregnant with multiples Would be if you take the test just a teeny bit early like maybe a day early and You still get that faint little pregnancy line? Or if you take the pregnancy test on time and the line pops up to say that you’re pregnant before the waiting period is over Another sign of elevated hormone levels is tied to the next symptom which is excessive morning sickness Now you can have excessive morning sickness, even when you’re pregnant with one, baby There are things like hyperemesis that are medical conditions beyond morning sickness that can land you in the hospital But overall if you seem to have way worse morning sickness than what you’re seeing your friends or family members that are pregnant Experienced it could be assigned a twin severe fatigue is also a symptom elevated hormone levels in pregnancy can also cause severe fatigue So if you are just beyond tired more tired than what you see other pregnant women Experiencing around you it could also be a sign of multiples Fatigue is very normal in general in pregnancy It’s oftentimes related to just the elevated hormone or progesterone levels in your body but another thing that could potentially Be causing fatigue that actually affected me and my pregnancy and I didn’t Realize that it was causing my issues until later on in my pregnancy But I was actually anemic or iron deficient in my pregnancy my body was creating so much blood to support the two fetuses and I hadn’t been taking in enough iron apparently and that was for me driving a lot of my severe fatigue Learn from my mistakes early on if you’re feeling super super super tired Like you can barely get out of bed Call your OB they may give you a blood test to just make sure that you’re not anemic And if you are they’ll just suggest an iron supplement to help put iron back into your body The next early sign that you could be having twins is just motherly intuition or really Female intuition cuz I kind of feel like all of us women are a little bit psychic I just had this feeling when I was pregnant in my first pregnancy Even though I had never been pregnant before and I didn’t know what was normal for me or not normal for me I just had this gut feeling that it was twins. Yes I did also have a lot of the symptoms that would have pointed me to that direction, too But I mean when you know, you know right I just had this indescribable gut feeling that it was multiples with my first pregnancy and then with my second pregnancy Which did turn out to just be one, baby I can remember people asking me before my first ultrasound appointment like oh my god Are you so nervous that it might be twins again? And I could honestly say no like I just knew it was one, baby I just knew it was one, baby And it turned out to just be one, baby Now if you’re between weeks eight and twelve and still haven’t had an ultrasound yet. Here are some more symptoms That could be a sign of multiples a little bit later in the first trimester First is the Doppler heartbeat count picks up more than one heartbeat now This sounds like it should be a dead giveaway to twins, but it’s actually not what can happen sometimes with the Doppler is it picks up the heartbeat in the umbilical cord or It picks up the heartbeat from a different angle kind of as an echo So while hearing two heartbeats seems like it probably is twins It could actually just be a false alarm The next is measuring large for gestational age or early weight gain Measuring large for gestational age in the first trimester would really be showing it all most women in their first trimester Especially if it’s their first pregnancy Won’t show it all but with the twin pregnancy you may show as early as nine weeks as for weight gain twin pregnancies generally result in more weight gain during the overall pregnancy and that Weight gain early on could be your sign of twins Next is feeling fetal movement early on most women won’t feel fetal movement until week 18 if it’s their first pregnancy and if it’s a subsequent pregnancy they may feel it too three weeks earlier if you start to feel your baby or Baby’s moving any earlier than that It could be a sign of – however note that it’s not uncommon for women to confuse early fetal movement and gas If you’re experiencing many of these symptoms early in pregnancy Another clue that it could help to look into Would be to see if you’re just at a higher likelihood of conceiving twins to begin with I have a video that actually goes into more detail about the odds of conceiving twins that I will link down below but just some high level signs and symptoms would be if twins run in your family If you’re over the age of 35, if you’re taller if you have a BMI of over 30 Some people just have a much higher likelihood of conceiving twins than others So it’s worth looking into if you fall into that bucket or not If you liked this video be sure to check out some of my other videos in the description box below I’ll soon be uploading a story time video on how I knew that I was pregnant with twins And if you are currently pregnant, I also have some prepping for baby videos that are really helpful if you’re a first-time mom See you in the next video. 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  1. My first pregnancy and I have a ultrasound today. I keep having dreams and just thoughts I’m having twins I could be so wrong lol I’ll find out today 😁

  2. Currently have two gestational sacs 😭 found out two weeks ago today they will give me my second scan to see if baby A developed or not. Praying for my twins❤️❤️

  3. Oh God 🙏Please bless me with kids ttc from 6years frustrated really after second miscarriage didn't pregnant again it's been almost more than 7months ..worried alot about life 😥

  4. Currently pregnant I am not far along , 10 weeks to be exact but my pregnancy tests 10 days before my missed period came up so quick and bright ! I also have the worst all day sickness and fatigue. I went to get an US at 8 weeks and there was only 1 baby, I dont know why I still feel like its twins lol

  5. Thank I was pregnant with twins I had hypermesis I was anemic I lost one twin they didn’t know I was pregnant with twins I’m a twin as well ❣️ I was so sick

  6. I found out i was pregnant 3 days before i missed my period the test line was not even faint ….I have multiple twins in my family on my mom's side, I'm 36 years and overweight, and I have a feeling it's 2…that's why I searched this video 😱😱😱

  7. I want twins so bad! Just found out I’m about 5 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and hopefully 4th baby! I got a faint positive 4 days before my missed period

  8. I found out I was having twins at my second doctors appointment. But I guessed it was twins when the vomiting got so bad that I could barely eat and I know this sounds odd but I could feel a "tugging" sensation at 2 different points in my lower abdomen. I told my sister I think it's twins and she said I was crazy! Turns out my embryo had split by the second month of my pregnancy and I now had a set of identical twins by the Grace of God! 😀

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