SIGNS & SYMPTOMS OF PREGNANCY WEEK 4 II 4थे हफ्ते में गर्भावस्था के संकेत और लक्षण II

Hello & welcome back to Celebrate life, celebrate pregnancy week 4 This is your friend Parinita Rohrra Before we begun to understand the developments happening in week 4 Let us quickly understand, what has happen in the last 3 weeks You must have ovulated by now thereby releasing an egg which must have sped with the sperm. and together they must have joint to firm to new cell body called biastocyst Biastocyst must have travel to the palopeain tube, uterus and attach itself to the wall of the uterus. Until & unless it has attached it self to the wall of the uterus you can now consider yourself to the pregnant. And now how do you know that you are pregnant, because you have gone through some pregnancy tests Your body releases an HCG hormone which turns which progress the pregnancy test positive And also turns your whole world upside down. So, now by week 4 conception, fertilization & implantation have all occurred. and your baby is growing really fast in this week, it is about .4 mm long the organs are developing, blood is pumping & the heart has stared beating. also the amnion sac & the york sac have develop. The amnion sac filled with amniotic fluid which protects the embryo while the yok sac produced the blood, helps nourish the embryo until the placenta takes over. and now coming to the blastcyst which is the multiple cell body let’s see whats happening to all these cells The outer cells reach out to forms limbs with the mother’s blood supply the inner cells form into 2 & then later into 3 layers Each of these layers will grow to be in the different pasts of the baby’s body. The inner layer called the endodrum becomes the breathing & digestive systems. Including the lungs, stomach, gut & bladder the middle layer called the mizoderm becomes the heart blood vessels, muscles & bones The outer layer called the extoderm becomes the brain & nervous system. the eye lenses , tooth enmamel, skin & nails so, now we just saw though the size of the baby is hardly a cm, that is so much that has happened to it & you. Now this is also the week when you expecting to miss your period. There is something called that implantation bleeding which may happen & you may pass off as the approaching period. In fact all the symptoms of the 4th week which have actually the early signs of pregnancy or early symptoms of early pregnancy. For examples bloating, cramping, mood swings & back ache are also the signs of approaching periods,. the one which will never arrive. We will soon come back with the proceedings of 5th week in celebrate life, celebrate pregnancy. Do send in your queries or feedback on the email id given below. So, good bye for now & breath , Chill & relax.

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