1. So nice to hear some proper insight of your own experiences! Thank you for sharing… Also you look amazing!

  2. I’m 13 weeks because my dr was out of town I haven’t seen him since my first month. this is my 6th pregnancy I lost the last baby but I can tell you this is not the first video I watched liked this and I have all these symptoms it’s so crazy how different this pregnancy is for me I’m going to the dr Monday my hubby and I both have twins in our families I really have thought I might be prego with twins and my stomach is huge lol

  3. I’ve just had my baby, Iam soooo glad I’m not pregnant anymore. It’s hard work!! You’re doing great though Lucy and looking beautiful.

  4. You look great Lucy. I hope you start to feel better soon. I remember the sickness and being so tired also the terrible heartburn and my youngest is fifteen xx

  5. Your glowing, and you look amazing! So glad to hear your doing better then in your first trimester, I didnt carry twin but in my first pregnancy I had terrible sickness the whole way through even through labour hope yours doesn't last as long! Definitely think your having a boy and a girl 💙💗

  6. Hello congratulations on your twin pregnancy i wish you well in it. 😊 You look great girl. 😊 Oh i think ye will have one of each. Oh i watched your video of your hubby coming up with names.😉 What do ye think of Jaxon & Jasmine? 😂❤️

  7. Would love for you to do a maternity clothing haul 🙂 I really struggle with nice maternity clothes for the hot weather xx

  8. Omg!! You’ll be able to find out their genders soon❤️ I’m so excited for you! I’m having a little girl in November! I hope you get your little girl as well 😘😘

  9. Hope your ok! You look amazing 😍 I really think your having girls. I was sick the whole of my pregnancy with my daughter! But with my son I had minor sickness. Also had so many other symptoms with my little girl but not half as much with my little boy. Apparently you have extra hormones with girls than boys. It could be because your carrying twins like you said but I have a feeling girls. Xx

  10. I had twins( Orla and Arlo )3 days ago 😅😅 I agree with everything u are saying !!! I found out I was having twins at my 12 week scan . And i have two older kids ( 2 and 5 )

  11. I also had that wierd bubble feeling when I was about 5 weeks with my second son! Especially when I’d sit on the sofa and pull my legs up. Never had it with my first, it’s what made me take a test!

  12. Hi Lucy I’m on to baby number 6 ( I think there is only one so far havnt been for my scan) but I’m feeling so dreadful too !! I understand that you don’t mean to sound ungrateful and neither do I but it’s truely a living nightmare !!! Sending love and praying our all day sickness goes away ! ❤️❤️

  13. I’ve just had one baby and had to go to bed at 6pm every night the whole way through 😂 I had super low iron and was anaemic the whole time so I reckon your symptoms are because you have two babies using up all your nutrients instead of just one? Not sure what it is but the metallic taste and the craving for ice are to do with different nutrient deficiencies I think but I can’t remember which ones. So your body craves what it needs basically 😆 clever stuff but I hope you feel better soon x

  14. The female baby is amazing to grow just one single baby but to carry 2 or even some carry more is incredible. Hope your feeling better Lucy. I had the metal taste in both my pregnancy and I had to use a plastic knife and fork to eat haha xx

  15. Hi Lucy , I had twins and I was sick all day everyday . I had a caesarean and I was still being sick in a Hospital tray when they were cutting my stomach open to take the twins out , soon as they the second twin out my sickness went immediately it was crazy . Hope you don't suffer like I did 😘x

  16. I’m a twin and my mum had the majority of these symptoms, she’s just watched this video with me! Twins were her first pregnancy so she had nothing to compare her symptoms too so she was completely unaware. She went on to have a boy and another girl, my twin is another girl! I find it so interesting to watch your journey because I put you in my mums shoes and see her journey when carrying me and my sister, it’s so amazing!!
    Love your vids and wish you the very best of luck! Xx
    She was very poorly when carrying us, I’m very reluctant to say this because I don’t want to scare you. But obvs everyone is different xx

  17. I knew I was pregnant with my twins when I brushed my teeth, haha after being a week late and knowing full well I was pregnant but I got negative test then when I was 2 weeks late and I brushed my teeth one morning I ran to do a test and it was a very faint positive so finding out at my 12 week scan I was having twins, was a huge shock indeed. So my hcg levels weren't high as you woudk expect when having twins. I had terrible sickness from getting my positive all the way until 22 weeks. I actually lost a stone, I didn't even look 5 months pregnant or e en pregnant at all, I struggled to get up the stairs too as I was so exhausted and terrible acid reflux I could taste the acid in my throat.

    You look absolutely stunning and glowing, please try to enjoy your twin pregnancy I so miss feeling my twins moving in my belly

  18. Omg you look so gorgeous 😍 just wanted to ask do you know the gender off the twins I feel you have found out with the arrows on the scan pictures??? I'm sure its boy /girl 👌😉xxxx

  19. My daughter had very bad sickness in her single pregnancy from day one of conception right up to giving birth in hospital she was being sick which for her one baby was enough she was so ill couldn't even keep water down she lost so much weight and that was even with the anti sickness tablets xx

  20. Good luck to you little lady your doing a good job incubating these gifts ! Hope you feel more human soon, sending lots of love 💕💕

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