Signs You Are Pregnant Before Your Missed Period

I want to know the signs you are pregnant
before your missed period. Walking through the meat aisle triggers revulsion,
and you aren’t a vegetarian. You know someone put cinnamon in the chili or cayenne in the
ketchup before anyone has tasted it. Why would that be a sign of pregnancy? A lot of women in the first trimester develop
sensitivity to various smells, and that can start about the time the morning sickness
does. So the sensitivity to smell hits before the
vomiting does. There are women who go into the doctor for
a bad stomach bug and get told that they’ll keep it for nine months. I’m looking for signs of pregnancy before
my period is late. They have really early pregnancy tests that
can tell you if the hcg levels are high enough to mean you are pregnant. I did not think the body made that hormone
at any other point. True, it is only made by the body when the
pregnancy first implants and grows. And the more sensitive tests can tell if you have
that even a couple days before your period. More sensitive tests are more expensive. And
they can be wrong. Standard tests can be wrong too, if you use
late in the day pee or don’t get enough on it to get a decent test result. I’ve heard of people getting a question
mark on the digital pregnancy tests because it was too soon to test. The solution in that case is literally wait,
and in another day or two, the hormone levels have doubled, so the test will likely give
you an answer. This is the reason they sell pregnancy tests
in packs. I’m assuming you do not want to pay for
all those tests. Some people see blood on their underwear when the embryo implants,
but it is only a few drops. At that point, it is as likely to be from
a hemorrhoid or so mixed with other bodily fluids that it could be missed. And a lot of women do not get that symptom
in the first place, like the expectation the ovary will cause pain as the follicle ruptures,
as a sign of ovulation. What other symptoms can occur if you’re
really early into pregnancy? Your breasts won’t start to grow at that
point, and the uterus should not hurt. However, food cravings can start along with the food
aversions. The only thing more embarrassing about pigging
out on ice cream when eating for two is finding out it is just you. So talk to the doctor about a blood test to
get more accurate results than a urine test to know for sure. By the time I get into the doctor, any test
will tell me for sure.

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