Simple exercises and tips to prepare body for easy labor

hey friends its glory and this video I'm gonna be sharing things that I'm doing to prepare myself for labor I see and my first labor I did the typical in greeting the books and I hired a private birthing coach which was super beneficial so worth it so I highly recommend I'm settling your first pregnancy definitely look into a birthing classes anything like that my lady came to my house and I was like a three-hour thing and she was so good so I'm highly recommend doing that pretty much everything that I learned in that birthing class and the techniques that I was working on a lot of different breathing ideas and I had a plan of all these like things I want to have happen when I thought label or I had like that my list for Michelle to follow like the futures all that I want like the central I want defusing in the room all this stuff and of course when it came down to it it just all happened so fast for my first pregnancy and I didn't do any of the stuff that I wanted to do or interested I did do a recap of my labor with my first child you can see that here and in a video in a blog post all about it so the second pregnancy here I'm hoping since I generally know what to expect and then do things not differently but I'm just trying a little more prepare this time and one thing is my first pregnancy Alec the only thing that I did to prepare beside just walking and staying active and taking care of myself the nutrition um I did a little bit of the breathing but not as much as I probably should but I also don't really do that many like other exercises and stretching moves actually really help with labor so that's why we show you here today Ramon is squats any form of squat is super beneficial to keep doing into your third trimester especially the deep deep squat I actually sat in like this a lot is the one thing that I did do with my first pregnancy and then I actually sat like this during some of my so it was super beneficial is deep deep squat so you want to get down and you want to make sure your feet are flat especially now that our bellies are big you're going to have to put your legs up a little bit wider and you're sort of sit like this and this really just opens up your hips your pelvic floor and it's just so beneficial and it's actually during labor which is kind of like on think about extending like this actually speeds out that is odd this speeds up your the baby coming down your birth canal you're super cool and I was kind of like oh my guys excited to me I was in so much pain and see how this could be helpful in terms of like it would help reduce the pain but it did for a little bit so try this out if you're in labor and burn also really to start sitting in this to stop preparing your body for labor and it's just a great great stretch and it's also really good if you have diastasis as well just to kind of open everything up and sit like this as long as you can as many times the days you can I I don't do it as much as I probably should I try to do my best and that's all I ask of you as well just try to stick it in whenever you can and maybe not going to hold on to something if there's a wall or a chair or something like that to help you get even deeper if you're not stretched out down here just hold on something allow yourself to step even deeper into the squats I've already mentioned another thing about things I'm doing differently this pregnancy I did do the first this is another one so another thing the great thing to help you prepare for labor is reconnecting with your breath in your core so I did a whole video on belly breathing so I'll make sure I'll hook that up as well pretty much what I'm going to be doing again is preparing for this how you can do it and up with your breathing that you can sit different positions to help as well so you saw the deep squat already is one position another great position is it sit on the floor and sit cross-legged because it already kind of starts tilting your pelvic floor and you just go to sit upright like this and then just breathe reconnect engaged bring your belly button in pelvic floor up and lifted and you can just hold it here for a little bit and then relax it's also really a number of very important to relax your pelvic floor muscles as well and you do it again so I can just sitting like this maybe don't always like sometimes when I'm playing with my daughter I sit like this on the floor throw here going to third trimester kind of really again just up keeping everything nice and open and preparing for labor and then the great way to set of course is on the stability ball same thing to sit on the stability ball just reconnect again with your breath is what I did in that core breath video which you'll see so and I've done this a lot during the day I have two months out go out the house and again I'm just sitting down playing with my daughter or bumps at my computer now I've switched it out to be a stability ball because again it just helping you your body prepare for labor so a one simple thing to do we haven't already it's just getting stability ball and just start sitting on it definitely here in the third trimester getting closer to the end last like other like exercise type of thing our tip you could do of course is walking walking is so beneficial so we might catch yourself here too third trimester maybe it's a little bit more difficult to stay active and work out but you can do your walking that is super important try to block as often as you can I try to go at least for at least 20 minutes a day it just helps me so much and again it really helps getting your pelvic floor everything ready for birth now I'm going to get into some stretching now stretching is something I get I don't really do I'm not a big person and stretching right now it's still beneficial for the body so Michael and my sisters go we're going to really kind of hold each other accountable and all of our clients accountable for stretching more my ninja hold sequence inside my postpartum program I'm like I just need to do that more often it's so good but these are some of the key stretches on the refocusing on not going too crazy having this holding bolus akin to a few things or actually do it so that seem overwhelming for me it just works my personality so one thing that I'm doing is the butterfly so I just go sit like this feet together and you can sit even flat legs if you want to more just go stick here and I sit like this again can i watching or play with Madison or at the end of the day I have to do this stuff like right before I go to bed I just went through the sequence will quick so again just sitting like this opening all this up you can hold it for 30 seconds up to a minute we do it a few times this is longer the rubber can fit to your schedule if it's just one round through some days and I get to do this stuff one time so that is one the next is the nice hip flexor stretch so you're going to put one leg out and then cut lean forward a little bit stay upright and just feel it all in your legs and your hips feels really nice and then of course again you can do it on the other side lean forward stretch it out against hold for like 30 seconds up to a minute whatever feels good to you we're all going to be a little bit different other great muscles to keep stretch or your hamstrings and your calves so again finding a wall and just stretching up your calves it's really really great to do these also help you to do this before you squat will help you can squat better really opening up have this is a muscle that I I really admit I neglect and then of course your hamstrings so grabbing a chair or a table anything they can prop your leg up on to and then use more stretch out and in the back side your hamstrings here so again for all of these moves again like I said you can hold for like thirty Seconds to a minute and then repeat it you know as much as you can feather the other side stretch it out feels good and again I'm just sticking to these for you so I'm actually going to do it and not overwhelm myself and thinking that I have to do all this stuff just these few things so another key thing that I'm going to be doing here to prepare me for labor the second time around and a little bit again like I mentioned the first privacy but not as much as I want to I'm never allowed myself about a few minutes a day in the morning or night and I'm really going to get quite with myself and visualize my labor and you know it might not go exactly the way that I and visualize it and that's okay but just the idea that I'm already preparing myself just meant to leave so so important I'm a big believer on having positive thoughts and visualizing your future I'm going to do it for other parts of my life and you know project why I cannot do the same thing for my labor so that's what I'm going to do is go sick a few minutes I'm going to close my eyes telling meditate really focus again on my deep breathing and really visualize labor happening you know me doing good and doing really well with my breathing and all of that and it just going real nice and smoothly and a loading point good gifts going into it with a positive attitude so try that out as well as one last thing with nutrition is that I am drinking I've been drinking organic raspberry leaf tea and I have about a one cup of day you can do one cup though to to the two packets I have it every morning and this is something else I did do my first pregnancy that I really enjoyed and I don't really know if it helped me or not with labor or but I had a really great first labor so it's like well I'll just do it again I liked it so it allows me to drink a little bit more water too so bonus there so I'll definitely check out red raspberry leaf I really like to that's it that was the few things that I was going to be focusing on here for the second birth to prepare myself for it thank you so much for watching no big to subscribe to our channel so you miss any video or head over to the blog killer twins come for more and follow along with me to the end of my pregnancy with my second labor and of course my journey postpartum I love you guys so much any questions let me know down below see you guys next time

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  1. I've been doing that squat for the past 2 days for 30 mins divided into each 10 of course and it just drains me and baby won't come. I'm 38 weeks

  2. Thank you, I love the deep squat. It’s the same position you have to hold when you go for number 2 in hole in the ground πŸ˜† it certainly opens up all the orifice down below. Btw love your toned arms and legs I can see you’re definitely into fitness.

  3. U talk a lot oooofffffffffffffff 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😡😡😡😡

  4. I am 28 weeks pregnant when should i start these useful exercise for getting my self ready please reply ?????

  5. I sit in the butterfly position all the time because its comfortable for me lol thats one stretch i can cross off the list

  6. Thank you for the exercises tips mommy!😍 i am now following the steps coz im in my 38 weeks & 3 days.. im afraid to be overdue. im also taking evening primrose oil for softening cervix… im ur new subscriber now❀️

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