20 Replies to “Simulated Childbirth Labor On Guys”

  1. This is fu#%ing sick. Men are NOT designed to have children, plus they have less pain tolerance then women. This is well known, therefore this exercise is nothing but revenge on men for something they have no control over. I've seen a few of these videos where women are laughing and getting off on causing pain on someone they "love". My wife would never do this to me because she does not want to see me hurt. We have 2 kids, and she never once wanted to harm me because of them.

  2. Man's inside organs are different from woman's and are not made to storage baby inside the belly. In this case the " Delivering part functionality which is natural mechanism in woman's body " is missing in man's body. These high electrical impulses on man is just like torturing people in nazi experiments and can cost permanent damage to them. This experiment is just stupid as it is !

  3. So basically…push come to shove…We're pretty much equal when it comes to handling this kind of stuff…
    Good to know.

  4. I'm pretty sure the idea behind this was to shed light on the fact that women are tough enough to bear a lot of physical pain. The general idea being that women are weak fuels the idea that childbirth labor pains are not as bad as women claim because they do not understand true pain. I think they clearly state this in the beginning. They dont compare it to other pain because that's irrelevant. we just want men to know that we know what were talking about when we say "it hurts" whatever "it" is. Once a woman has given birth, she has a really memorable reference for other pain.
    For those comparing it to war, please dont. Childbirth is natural and we create war. One produces children the other takes them away.
    I have birthed 2 children, it was an amazing experience, and yes very painful. I can't imagine a soldier sharing these feelings for combat.
    I cannot ignore that people are fighting for my right to give birth in some of the worlds best hospitals and look what medical treatment they recieve.
    We sleep under the blanket of freedom they provide. They choose to endure the labor pains of our freedom every day, so that we may choose to have children in hospitals, at home, with epidurals or not, to comment on this video. They come back scarred and sometimes changed forever. They are the mothers, the fathers, the caretakers of our way of life and I am as thankful as to my own mother for birthing me.
    The point -people want respect for what they endure, period.
    Kicked in the nuts is a relative comparison for which gender finds which genitalia-mangling more painful maybe, but I dont know how people started comparing it to war… its kinda like playing in the NFL if you think about it condensed into a couple of hours (for laughs not seriousness.)

  5. Its good to see some men wanting to experience what women go through when bringing life into the world. Its also historical to read some comments from some men saying try getting kicked in the balls as if this is comparable. I of course don't know what that feels like (surely very painful) but unless ur getting kicked in the balls for several hours back to back then that still doesn't compare. "And the war comments " really guys lol. Some one getting shot or beat up can happen to a man or women in any circumstances. That of course is painful but we could experience that pain as well. I guess the point I'm trying to make is child birth is not easy, to try and down play it is an insult to what your mothers and wives go through to bring these lives into the world. Try showing some respect and appreciation.

  6. The crazy thing is that is just the contractions. They aren't even shoving a watermelon out their butt.

  7. Well beleve it or not MEN CANT HANDLE CHILDBIRTH!! No offence but men are wimps for example I was on one of those little scooters that you sit on and roll around on and I crashed in to one of my class mates who's a boy and I smashed my pinky and bumped my head and all that happens to him is that he bumped his head he started crying and I'm just like bitch don't be a wimp man up dude I'm more resistant than you are.

  8. What they forgot to tell these two poor saps is that when a women is about to give birth their brains pump them full of endorphins and adrenalin and when you're high on endorphins and adrenalin the pain is significantly reduce.

  9. They forgot about the fact that women are given powerful painkillers directly injected on the spine so they feel little pain but mostly discomfort(these painkillers are powerful enough so you can do surgeries) and it is no pain if it is cesarean …know the truth behind childbirth pain… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_P9KZrLYII

  10. Elijah have you forgotten not only do men go to war but women do too. I was in the military and am ashamed of what your response is? We're you in the military if not shut up and if so then you would know women are right up there fighting with men. Also women endure labor too.

  11. @ brandon yoho:  says who? Here women don't get any pain relieve. It's just the doctor giving you directions and deal with it all. I broke my tailbone during labor, because my daughter was stuck and just had to go trough it. And guess what: I'd do it all over again!!

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