Single Girl Tries The 100 Baby Challenge In The Sims 4 | Part 1

this is such a weird chill my name is Kelsey and I am single and today we thought it would be funny to have me try the 100 baby challenge so I know a lot about relationships and babies obviously it’s essentially a challenge in The Sims where you make a matriarch and then that matriarch has to have 100 children there is an official will guide online from all of the lovely simmers so I’m gonna follow that as closely as possible but if I make mistakes forgive me but also call me out that’s fine you can just tell me what I fail I love it this could take forever in which case if you enjoy it let me know so I can continue this challenge let’s make some babies in the sentence for in The Sims 4 I plan Sims now get ready buddy if we’re not making me I am NOT in pregnant with self a hundred times at this game we’re gonna make Chelsey she’s like me but she’s not me she’s like my alter ego I’ve already really nervous about how much pregnancy is gonna be going on it was Katie that kind of seems accurate this look of my nose yeah thanks man starting to kind of look like me right my camera it’s just like uh-huh what’s my profile look like I mean Chelsea’s profile ah spitting image what is Chelsey where well this is great I think that’s what I should I think we should do something that’s like a really chill look and then we’ll do like a saucy look we gotta make that a look jump Chelsea put some clothes on put some clothes on woman yeah hot dog outfit that’ll work little Kelsey there Chelsea crack this is gonna happen a lot oh my god Santa girl oh my god yes yes yes Chelsea one more one more look and then we’ll move on to the next book oh my god what would she look like pregnant is a No we’ll do a little red dress with some heels next formal wear yes yes sleepytime oh oh oh say yeah swimwear Chelsea should have sunglasses cuz she’s gonna be like a famous mom it’s not gonna be your regular mom she’s gonna octa Chelsea and then impeach and peachy may I think she’s gonna want the aspiration of family just wants a really big family and then she’s gonna be a little bit romantic that’s true of me as well outgoing anona will do cheerful because that that’s like she’s ready to move in to the world and start in a baby-making Factory oh that Sims music gets me every time okay so what now I guess now we got to meet a man oh you know what we should probably get her a job cuz she’s gonna have to make money to support her kids how much money you have two hundred dollars if we have a computer we can’t afford any of the computers through this chair this chair can go we still can’t afford a computer sell the table she’ll eat on the couch right I guess she can be a writer it’s a little early to meet a man it’s 9:00 a.m. I mean I don’t know what time is good to meet a man I’m single who’s nearby on the lookout know what there’s a person for you are you our first victim you are a woman is know if you don’t watch it control of Kelsey Nancy Laird graph has shown up in every season I’ve got to make her my friend oh there’s a man pulled up for you Oh Mortimer god you’re not gonna start with Mortimer God oh my gosh Chelsea and Nancy Landgraf are becoming best friend maybe she can be your wing woman he Nancy no any hot eligible men around we should have the club well travel with Nancy why not hopefully there’s a baby daddy here at 1:00 p.m. at the up-and-coming lounge Oh looks like there’s a deer Andy looks awkward and old and old great should beggars be choosers Nancy’s got her fun outfit on Oh Nancy’s already making a move the bartender is very cute I think we have our first daddy let’s be friendly I’ve never hit on a bartender before sort of thing that people do a lot who’s this guy Marcus Marcus Marcus let’s ask about his day Carlo muskie he’s got a fun voice oh my god Nancy my girls out heartfelt compliment be like hey Marcus you’re really great at making those strings we could make something else together we need to while we’re out meet another possible candidate oh come back here I’m feeling very uncomfortably on the prowl this guy’s cute too for the introduction we need to our current man and in the future man just to get it going just disappeared and reappeared Dominic dag dag do you see reparse we’re talking to both Dominic and Marcus at once Chelsea’s way more popular than I’ve ever been let’s just start flirting with the Marcus here who’s this guy I’m not gonna have her resort to odors yet okay she was down for our flirtation Oh is he almost like bitch he almost like dropped some of the alcohol she’s flirting again and it landed okay we’ll just keep flirting now until he wants to impregnate you exchange numbers is that too soon I don’t know compliment is appearance that one’s pretty chill flirt girl flirt flirt for your life flirt for a new life no no we were doing so well oh just be friendly just be friendly ask about his day you know we know we know no no stop negatives no shear insecurities feel like oh I’m so embarrassed Gus our interest well just like really friendly the crap out of this guy he went too hard too fast you got a really befriend a person before you ask them to be your baby daddy I guess who’s this guy Dominic wait can we already talked it off why is he changed clothes he did he changed clothes what’s up we’re Dominic he’s a proper celebrity and she’s screaming at him we to have some chill Chelsea he’s not as cute as the bartender you know what forget it you wanna come home with me whoo first kiss first kiss first kiss get out of that bar Marcus Oh Chelsea very flirty ask to be boyfriend now she doesn’t need that invite to stay the night it’s baby time oh my god we only have 97 dollars as Josie’s been spending all of our money at the bar Chelsea what have you done dangit Chelsea driver baby yes he’s down crushing it all right here they go they’re jogging chucking into the house go swiftly to the bed I just hit me just now how uncomfortable I’m gonna be watching a girl that looks vaguely like me whoo-hoo Chelsea and fetus may have ruined for the first time you get it Chelsea all right now they’re sleeping wait don’t sleep Chelsea you gotta take a pregnancy test why is Marcus calling her while he’s sleeping in her own bed to ask her on a date we ignored his texts apparently are you preggers get out of our house and I guess we don’t need you anymore thank you why don’t we just give up like a high five and then be like bye hasta just be friends that would be so brutal it sure big news okay are you ready I’ve got a baby he’s like oh wow that was not how I expected my night to go now we’re gonna ask him to leave it’s please Lea we need we need you to actually you know what he can oh wait here wait I should really get going now thanks for hanging out with me see you later oh no no no Chelsea you’re spending more money we only have $79 after you’re done cooking we have to write a book so that we have food she’s not showing what’s that about where is the bump it says that she’s pregnant here though so I guess we’re good wanna bump will see a bump soon all right finish writing your book though what an eventful day it has been for Chelsea backhoe says heard you became friends with Marcus flex he’s pretty cool that’s one way of putting it wait no Dominic don’t worry about Marcus he’s nothing to us anymore we finished our book self-published I’m just watching my pregnant doppelganger have a bath keep it moving let’s have her invite over Dominic want to hang out at my place and become really good friends you will be right over our next I wanted to say victim but that feels wrong share big news I’m a pregnant 15 hours until her second trimester there’s three trimesters right that makes it I don’t know anything about child rearing he’s on your computer what weirdo come hang out with me and have a deep conversation discuss their interest so my interests include having children eating food drinking away my party what are your interests we’re gonna make a flirtatious a joke what’s this hand gesture that doesn’t look flirty at all he’s very flirty he jumped on this train quite quickly they can snuggle I don’t think I’ve seen that interaction before her red dress is working for her oh that’s very cute okay and then he left while I was sleeping I mean while Chelsea was sleeping please use the bathroom and she’s tired just sleep Chelsea she’s so needy I just want you to make babies and make money she’s hungry again we’ve made zero money and she just keeps eating it it’s the cheapest three bucks garden salad three dollars for a salad wait oh wait I got really excited about that but like that is the worst looking salad I think I’ve ever seen she’s uncomfortable I’m uncomfortable watching you eat that salad all she’s got morning sickness cuz she’s pregnant are you Nev just putting plates down and not cleaning them up Chelsea and you slob oh she just threw up in minute disappeared she’s got royalties for $4 Wow it paid for what a salad and $1 let’s invite over our friend I guess after Dominic we got to find a new man oh my god yes feel the baby that’ll be interesting interesting with you know bonding with someone oh my god he’s feeling the baby it’s weird and hilarious it’s just as weird as you’d expect now she’s gonna flirt with him he said no what about me did you not enjoy why is it so awkward oh no he’s playing hard to get I’m gonna tell a joke about alien gets up every time we’re back on track with the friendship she’s got the cutest little baby bop preview of coming attractions everybody why do you know why come back here don’t you get on my computer Oh sir get back here talk to me they’ve got a really strong friendship now so I think that the flirting will go better this time he’s down great all right oh he was into the flirt okay and now he’s playing video games on my computer I’m right here I mean Chelsea’s right here it just became good friends they will soon be more ooh first kiss turn off the computer and kiss me she’s like right behind him sitting awkwardly behind him like uh hi uh listen um okay so can you just can you just turn around just for like a second wait they’re chatting what happened to the first kiss did he just block us from her first kiss because he’s too busy playing Tetris like he’s playing freaking Tetris oh my gosh here it goes her second kiss just I’m like an evil genius that’s what I feel like right now this is like haha all apart with my plans they don’t have the whoohoo option I don’t know if you can move oh if you’re pregnant I don’t know much about this I don’t get my sims pregnant that much but now we’re gonna change that oh and he’s like bye well you know that’s fine guys sleep anyway it is Winterfest stop everything we got to do Winterfest we don’t have enough money we only have $71 we can’t buy a tree oh what a sad Christmas you have there Chelsea but not that sad because you’re gonna soon have a baby and babies are for life like once you have a baby it’s gonna be your baby forever it’s gonna be your baby forever Jesse Chelsea’s gonna be spending the majority of her life pregnant what a life I don’t get how people have more than like one okay third trimester give birth in question mark question mark question mark like decorate the house exterior by using the Attic stack decoration box I mean we don’t have the money for that I like how it’s winter and she’s still wearing shorts she must be living in Southern California who disallow a I bet that is Southern California actually when she asked the baby should she like show it to to Marcus be like okay here’s what you can rot I don’t think that’s how you just to check her face for the people that the baby was she’s eating at the table maybe we’ll make enough money to have a table oh my gosh wait we have to buy stuff for the baby we have to buy like a high chair to feed oven stuff if we only have one baby in episode place Sims now we’re both having fun are you also doing 100 baby challenge how’s yours going is it quicker than mine it was literally just father Christmas what if we had father Christmas give her a baby next I don’t know I don’t think I want to ruin Christmas this way you know like I don’t want it to become a weird thing sing about Winterfest they’re getting in the spirit also it’s kind of weird that he just like visited this alone woman in our apartment and like didn’t know you showed up in her bedroom and then sits on her bed and now she’s feeling flirty not the time Chelsea not the time we’re gonna check for gifts oh one gets the creepy vampire no no I don’t want you here please leave we can only have one creepy man just walk into our home at at a time Oh Marcus flex gave her for Christmas starter fruits okay well we’re gonna sell that $35 thanks Marcus what is it he gave her a nice book I was gonna say we’d keep whatever he gave us but honestly I think we’re gonna sell that that’s bizarre thank you for those $30 knives Hey now we’re getting up there and now she’s sleepy please leave father Christmas it’s like 11:00 at night and you’re just in my home or a pregnant woman we need our sleep did he leave oh no he’s at our fridge first off father Christmas disappeared by our mailbox second off he had a very spooky noise that accompanied him which makes me think that he’s a ghost which I’m totally oh this is the moment Chelsea is in labor she’s in labor we’re gonna have a baby have baby a hospital let’s go yeah we’re gonna join her we want to see her first ad we’re gonna have a baby our first baby in the challenge and oh my gosh it’s a winter wonderland and she’s a nurse cute little winter outfit okay she’s on her way to have her baby into the creepy baby machine whoo so how they take it out of you I don’t think that this is accurate what I just learned that the person that’s taking the baby out of me is an intern wait could we get twins that would make this challenge so much better I don’t think we got twins this first time around but we need to focus up on how to make twins why did it take her heart out that one of them is squirting liquid oh this is a mess we should not have let the intern oh oh my god it’s a girl what should we name our first girl Yasmine Tracy Keisha Antoinette olive olives cute olive well baby all live in peach ash man baby olive it just dropped a sack on top of her paper you one down 99 to go Oh she immediately got skinny again I don’t think that’s accurate either let’s go home gotta get pregnant again there Chelsea call over our next man come on over Dominic Dominic is already here what what why where huh there he is hello Dominic what’s up want to have a baby Wow Chelsea Chelsea’s got way more game than me that’s why it’s clear it’s not me let’s check it out Olive Oh meanwhile I’m gonna get so embarrassed there’s a whole game I guess this means we need to meet a new a new person right oh they’re still going they’re still all right take your pregnancy test Chelsey 84 do Bravo Chelsey she’s like by the way I have a baby he’s like God but you know so we just fit it what Dominic has a wife oh no what am i dying and what is Chelsea done I feel absolutely terrible you know it’s just a game so all right it’s just a game if we personify these characters too much everything she does will be terrible weird all the guys hang out honestly I don’t know it doesn’t look like there are any eligible men around so I’m gonna make the executive decision to go to a location I might have just lost the challenge traveling with Santa would be hope you know what we’re gonna travel with stay in there show the hood of the chief Santa and Chelsea achoo best friends forever to go into the gym to find some people wait this is the dude that we wanted to seduce before but who’s famous attempt introduction we try for it again it might be too hard Yesi empty land-grab has arrived once more we didn’t ask her to come here we just wanted to travel with Santa now I don’t work out trying to get him to be armed they complement appearance wait I think we might be in are we friends we’re not friends wait he’s in our thing we’re gonna go for a complement appearance again he seems like into that yeah there’s a lot of guys up here I think we chose the right place to go oh my god Nancy Lana grab is cast out in the boxing ring maybe the celebrity guys are long gay right so long term will eventually wear him down who is this guy he looks like Prince Eric you gotta go meet Prince Eric and then you can go home and invite someone over this is perfect so we’re gonna go home bye Santa thanks for being present for those experience she didn’t work out at all she just talked to dudes at the gym this is a complete opposite of me anytime I’ve been at the gym our baby is soaked you I just thought about this and we’re gonna have like so many kids have some cuz I love kids asked I hang out at current law can’t ask the celebrity long game well dear Jay Huntington the third is she calling him from the toilet hello I know we just met at the gym but would you like to come over he would I’m excited very calm well Jay we’re gonna cook a meal for you a very cheap meal because we cheap Jay have a bite of my bacon and eggs I think that would be a fun date breakfast for dinner that’s about love life like what’s your love situation compliment is open that we need to ask him if he has a wife okay hold on our baby’s not happy for you okay now lift yeah all it was good all right tackle on it hey you like babies are you single you think up all right we’re gonna go for the gold we’re gonna mix in a lot of friendliness and a lot of flirtation you gotta like jump from one to the other you can’t just do all flirt wait where you going if he gets on the computer this computer brings all the boys to the yard Oh Dominic wants us to go to a party but we shouldn’t go because we have a baby also Dominic I’m only allowed to have one baby per person blame the game alright that’s a very cute hug it looks like a great hug first kiss oh wait where are they going are they going to a romantic spot for their first kid oh she changed clothes people throw it outside wait you can woo I’m just doing it so that’ll be much easier to do it later so apparently you can move a while pregnant stop this out all right well I’m just gonna watch the baby Wow now they have a really good relationship so this is good Jays like you know what I think it’s really great what you’re doing having so many children repopulating the earth well honestly I think that this is a good place to stop we’ve done a lot here if you want to make a baby daddy for Chelsea make sure to use hashtag Kelsey hundred baby challenge and I’ll check it out in the next video [Music]

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  1. Who else is watching after Chelsea died and Kasey is having babies.

    And who else is missing Chelsea and all of the og kids.
    Love these videos.:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  2. Vlad is seriously magic, he came to see Chelsea WAY before he encounters her future children. Maybe that's why he was so willing to be friends with them 😂

  3. It's like real life! The poor girl with no money gets the student wannabe doctor, eventually when she's more rich and famous she'll get a specialist. Sims always amaze me by these small cynical quite accurate details!

  4. Who ever is reading this u are cute,u are blessed,u are unic,God bless u.

    Any body that is willing to support
    me maybe in the furture.

  5. Anyone else watching since the latest episode 36. I wanted to see how it all started again lol and can I just say how Chelsea’s hips are so small but when she had more and more kids her hips got huge.😂

  6. Omg when u were making the SIM and she kept talking her outfits off I laughed so hard I almost choked myself XD love u buzzfeed!

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