Six Musical Book Tag || ORIGINAL || Co-created with Snow White Reader [CC]

Hello everybody, my name is Cara, and
today I’m here with an original book tag. So this is going to be the Six Musical
Book Tag. In case you haven’t heard of it, Six is a musical that is basically all
about the wives of Henry VIII and the premise of the musical is that these
six women are coming together and trying to decide who’s going to be the leader
of their girl group and so each of them gets a song to try and convince the
others that they were the worst treated by Henry. It’s fabulous,
it’s basically my new favorite obsession, and I’ll be sure to leave the information
about the creators of the musical in the description box as well. I also want to
mention that this tag is co-created with the wonderful Hannah from Snow White
Reader, she was a huge help when I was trying to
decide on some of these questions and just kind of get inspiration from
different songs and everything and she was also the one who introduced me to
the musical so full credit to her for that. And you’ll see as we get into some
of the questions that several of these specifically ask for female authors but
I would also encourage you to maybe highlight some favorite women
authors for some of the other questions that don’t ask for that specifically as
well. Even though it is definitely important for writers of all genders to write
interesting and complex women I think this could be a great opportunity to
highlight some female authors who maybe don’t get as much attention as they
deserve. So let’s get into the tag, I’m pretty excited about this. “We know you know our names/And our fame and our faces/ Know all about the glories/And the disgraces.” #1:
Ex-wives: A female-centered retelling or reimagining. If you don’t read a lot of
retellings, this can be a nonfiction book, a historical fiction book, anything like
that. I’m going to go with one of my favorite books from this year so far and
that is Sherwood by Meagan Spooner. This obviously is a female centered retelling
of Robin Hood in which Maid Marian actually takes on the persona of Robin
Hood after Robin is killed fighting in the Crusades, and I absolutely adored
this book. I loved the look at Marian’s character and about kind of the really
creative and interesting things that Meagan [Spooner] did with the Robin Hood story and
with the characters within it, like some of the characters that we know and love
are very different but still somehow very true to who they are in the
original or in many of the retellings and I really enjoyed it. I can see why
this book would be kind of polarizing, it definitely seems to get very mixed
reviews so far, but it’s one of my favorite things I’ve read this year. “And even though you’ve had your fun/ Running around with some pretty young thing/ And even though you’ve had one son/ With someone who don’t earn a wedding ring/ No matter what I heard I didn’t say a word, no, baby.” #2 is No Way: A character with
strong convictions whom you admire. And once again I’m gonna go with one of my
favorite books of the year so far and that is Zayneb from Love From A to Z by
S.K. Ali. She is such an incredible main character, I talked about in my wrap-up
how she’s one of those protagonists where you read the book and you’re like
“God, I hope she’d be my friend,” you know? Zayneb just–she is so passionate
about what she believes in, in her fight for equality and in her–her anger about
the bigotry and the suffering in the world. And in spite of some of the–some of
the times where she doubts herself, where she wants to come off as more appealing
and she wonders about if she’s being too off-putting when she is so passionate
about what she believes in, she never backs down from it, she has her core
beliefs that she feels very strongly and I just admire that so much. “Henry’s out every night on the town/ Just sleeping around like “What the hell?”/ If that’s how it’s gonna be/ Maybe I’ll flirt with a guy or three/ Just to make him jel” #3 is Don’t Lose Ur Head: A character who makes terrible choices but you can’t
help but love them or sympathize with them. I’m going to go with one from a
book I’m actually currently reading at the time of filming this and that is
Cath or Catherine from Heartless by Marissa Meyer. So she’s the main
character and we know that this is a prequel, she is going to become the Queen
of Hearts, and it’s so interesting, like there are so many times where I want to
yell at Catherine to like just do what makes her happy, to do the choice that
she feels is right even though she is put upon by all these people who
supposedly want the best for her, but at the same time even though it’s so
frustrating knowing that these things are probably going to hurt her down the
road, I understand why–why she doesn’t make the choice that she wants to make,
you know, I understand her feeling like she owes something to people in this
book, and I think that’s one of the reasons I’m enjoying this book even
though it’s really upsetting seeing that happen sometimes. “You can build me up/You can tear me down/ You can try but I’m unbreakable/ You can do your best/ But I’ll stand the test/ You’ll find that I’m unshakeable.” #4 is Heart of Stone: A noncanon OTP of yours or a canon one that you didn’t think got enough page time.
And if you don’t read books with romance, choose a character that you think just
didn’t get enough time in the book. I’m going to go with a side relationship
from The Enchanted Sonata by Heather Dixon Wallwork, and I actually
mentioned this when I talked about the book I think for my favorites of the
year or something, but there is a side character relationship that I love so
much, and I love the main characters and their relationship too, but there’s just
something about these side characters that like I loved every time they were
together and I wish we had gotten more of that, even though I do think we get like a
satisfying arc for them. And I’m deliberately not saying which characters
they are because I think part of the enjoyment for me about these characters
was going into the book and not being 100% sure if they were going
to be a thing, you know, like wondering if I was reading too much into it. That’s
kind of one of my favorite relationship experiences I guess in books is when I–
it’s like so subtly built up that I’m like “am I like misinterpreting things,
like this is actually gonna happen?” and then it happens and it’s great.
“Ignore ze fear and you’ll be fine/ Ve’ll turn this vier [4] into a nine/So just say ‘ja’ and don’t say ‘nein’!”
#5 is House of Holbein, which is what I call the Eurovision Song. And that is to name
a female-authored work that you read in translation. This is probably not going
to be a surprise because I’ve been pretty vocal about my love for this series and
how I wish more people would read it and that is the Red Abbey Chronicles by
Maria Turtschaninoff translated by A.A. Prime. This is a really powerful
feminist fantasy series, this is Maresi Red Mantle which is the third and at the
moment final book in the series, I actually just finished this and I adored
it, it might be–it might be my favorite in the series so far, it’s just such a
powerful story about women working together and about being–there being
different ways to be a strong woman and to achieve happiness and to be fulfilled,
and there is–there’s so many themes about like the people that we love and
how they don’t really leave us, like there’s so much about family. The
different cultures and belief systems in this world overlap in such a beautiful
way and I just think the world building in this series is really strong and I
just–I can’t say enough wonderful things about it, I might actually do a full
review on this series so I can actually express more coherently all of the
things that I love about it but I think this is a fantastic
series. And I think that if you’re worried about going into this one
because it is translated, like maybe you haven’t read too many translated works
before, I think this would be a great one to start with because like the writing
is so good, like the author and the translator did such a good job of making
it not feel like it is a translated work, which I think is how the best ones
should feel. It’s just a fantastic series, there are quite a few content warnings, I
will list all the ones that I remember in the description box; it is a very
heavy series at times but I think ultimately a really uplifting and
powerful one as well. “Fill my goblet up to the brim/ Sippin’ on mead and I spill it on my dress/ With the gold lace trim/ Not very prim and proper/ Can’t make me stop/ I wanna go hunting, any takers?/I’m not fake ‘cause I’ve got acres and acres/ Paid for with my own riches/ Where my hounds at? Release the bitches/(Woof)”
#6 is probably my favorite song in the whole cast
recording or the whole album and that is Get Down. And for this one you just have
to name a character that you’d like to get down with, interpret that how you
will: hang out with, party, date, marry, whatever.
And I’m actually gonna go with Henry Crawford from Mansfield Park by Jane
Austen, not because I think he would be like a good boyfriend or even
necessarily a good friend but I just think he’d be a lot of fun to go to a
party with or to hang out with or to like flirt with in a casual kind of way,
like he’s not reliable at all so like nothing serious at all, but yeah I
just think he–he’d be like really good for this, he’d be a lot of fun to just
like have around, like have at a party situation, I think he’d be a really
entertaining guest; he can definitely be very charming when he wants to be. “With Henry, it isn’t easy/ His temper’s short and his mates are sleazy/ Except for this one courtier/ He’s a really nice guy, just/ So sincere.”
#7 is All You Wanna Do: A
book that would have been much better without the romance, or alternatively a
female character that you think was unfairly defined by her romantic
relationships. I’m going to go for the first option and that is Moxie by
Jennifer Mathieu. This book was really doing the rounds a few years ago on
BookTube and I ended up really enjoying it, it took me a little while to get into
the writing style but after that I really loved the feminist message and
the characters and seeing these girls like gradually band together and decide
like, no, enough is enough, we’re ending sexism at our school; it was just really
a wonderful book, but one of the things that I did not like about it, one of the
only things actually, is the romantic relationship between our main character
and this guy at her school. It’s not–*frustrated sigh* like I understand his purpose in the book,
like there are some elements that I think he served as a useful vehicle for,
if you want to–if you want to put it like that, but I do think the book could have
been fine without him. Like every time we would have scenes with him I’m like, ‘this
is fine but can we get back to the women like smashing the patriarchy please? like
that’s what I signed up for.’ “That’s not my story/ There’s so much more/Remember that I was a writer/I wrote books and psalms and meditations/Fought for female education/ So all my women could independently/Study scripture/I even got a woman to paint my picture.” #8 is I Don’t Need Your Love: Share a
seriously underrated female author. And I came up with multiple answers for this
one, because of course I did! *laughs* The first one I’m gonna go with is Anna Meriano, she
is writing the Love Sugar Magic series, I just read A Sprinkle of Spirits this last month and loved it even more than the first book. There is baking
magic and a Mexican-American family and just wonderful relationships between
sisters and family members and friends and a lot of serious topics too about
loss and about just like family relationships in general, I just love
this series so much and it’s so underrated,
I think book two had like less than a hundred ratings on Goodreads or
something and that is unacceptable. I also want to mention Tasha Suri who
wrote Empire of Sand last year, um thank you again Jocelyn for like pointing me
towards this book! she’s been doing so much work trying to get people to learn
more about this series. And the second book actually comes out in this year, I
think November, and it is just such a wonderful desert fantasy series,
definitely a slow-burning kind of series, the writing is fantastic, the
world-building is so complex and well thought-out, you can tell that Tasha
Suri spent a lot of time thinking about the political implications of her
characters and of their choices and I just love that. I love Mehr our main
character herself and Amun as well is just wonderful, I love both of them
and their relationship so much. I also want to mention Rachel Hartman who wrote
the Seraphina books and Tess of the Road, I’m anxiously awaiting news of the
sequel for that book [Tess] which I hope we get soon, but she is just one of the most
talented authors I think I’ve ever read from. Like her ability to balance
believable but powerful dialogue and the beautiful descriptions without going
over the top and again with the complex world building and especially with the
way that dragons interact with this world and the way that they see each
other and see humans I just think is so fantastic, and this is a really diverse
world in every sense of the word: we have characters of different races and
ethnicities and sexualities and even species because again, dragons are a part
of it, and I think that is all handled in such a thoughtful and inclusive way. And
her main characters themselves, like Seraphina and Tess, I just adore them with
all my heart and I just want them to be happy. These books, especially Tess of the Road, there are some pretty serious content
warnings that I would give for that one, again I’ll try to list those in the
description if I remember them, but Tess of the Road was one of my favorite books of
last year, I actually did a whole review on it that I will link, it’s spoiler-free,
but Tess is just…she still has my heart. Like I read that book more than a year
ago and I still think about it all the time. And finally the last one on my list
for this question is Megan Morrison; she wrote the Tyme series. This is
another one I’m actually thinking of doing a full series review on
because I love it so much. She writes fairy tale retellings and I think she
does an amazing job of incorporating real world issues with this fantasy
world, and again like the character arcs of each of her main characters–because
it’s a companion series so we follow a different character for each book,
although I do recommend reading them in order–but the character arcs for all of
them, especially for Rapunzel and for Syrah, the ones in the first and the
third book, it’s just so incredible to see, like I think a lot of people got put
off from the first book because Rapunzel does start out a very naive and
frustrating character but it didn’t bother me because I knew why she was the
way she was and I could see that she was going to have this really amazing arc,
and that IS what happened, and just, Megan Morrison is such a talented author and
she’s another one where I think the most recent one in her series has barely any reviews,
like possibly less than 50 or something like that? so I just, I highly recommend
this series, and again I will have a review for it coming out soon because I just need more time to gush about it.
“We’re one of a kind/No category/Too many years/ Lost in history/ We’re free to take/ Our crowning glory/ For five more minutes/ We’re SIX!”
And finally #9 is Six: Tell us
about one of your favorite fictional girl squads or female friendships. And once
again I have two answers for this, one a more recent one and that is The Seventh
Bride by T. Kingfisher. This is a Bluebeard retelling and so the women in
this book are really–they’re more of the like bonded by hardship or trauma
variety, but seeing them get to know each other and to rely on each other and to
change the way they think about each other was just a really enjoyable aspect
of this book, like I loved this book overall but one of the things I loved
most about it was seeing Rhea our main character get to know and connect with
these other women. Then my other answer is the three main characters from The
Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed. This is again a very serious and hard-hitting
book because the three main characters actually come together in order to get
justice for a girl who was raped who used to go to their school and basically
got run out of town because nobody believed her. So again like serious
content warnings for this, but it’s such a powerful book, and the three girls are
all very different, I think it’s a very diverse main cast in a way that doesn’t
feel, you know like the author is just like checking diversity boxes kind of thing.
One of the main characters is on the autism spectrum, one of them is
plus-sized, and one of them is a lesbian and Mexican-American, and it’s just so
wonderful to see them get to know each other and get to bond with each other,
and to see them come together in order to protect this other girl was just a
really powerful experience for me and I do highly recommend that book. Okay
everybody, so that was the Six Musical Book Tag. I vaguely mentioned on Twitter that
I was doing something like this so I will tag all the people that [expressed interest] in that tweet, I will actually tag them on Twitter and then here [in the info box] I’ll
tag a few more people who I don’t think are on Twitter who I think might have a
good time doing this. And if I didn’t tag you, you are still 100% welcome and
encouraged to do this tag, you don’t have to know the musical in order to do this
tag although I highly encourage listening to it, I think that–I’m pretty
sure it’s on like music streaming websites now? I ended up just buying the
album from iTunes because I loved it so much, I’ll be buying like a physical copy
of the CD as well when it eventually gets released in the US because I’m just
so passionate about this show. And it’s funny because in a way it should be
sad, because we know what happened to all of these women and so many of them had
tragic ends because of…just because of the fact that Henry VIII
decided like, ‘yeah, I want you, you’re gonna marry me,’ but it’s still somehow
very uplifting? Like that last song, Six, is talking about how like, how their
lives could have been different if they hadn’t met Henry, like all the things
they could have accomplished and become known for, and even though that more than
anything sounds like it should be a very sad and melancholy song, somehow it
isn’t. It’s very inspiring and uplifting, and I think there’s still something to
be said that at least they’re getting their time to shine now. Like we have a
whole musical about them, and Henry doesn’t even get a song. And I love that.
Thank you guys so much for watching, I we’ll see you soon with another video,
and I hope you love the next book you read. Bye! *pause*
“I ain’t sayin’ I’m a gold digger, but check my prenup…and go figure!”

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    AND love from a to z. i've heard so many fantastic things about it since it's come out.
    i remember you telling me about maresi. it really does sound like exactly my kinda thing. it's good to know the final book isn't disappointing too. not every author can stick the landing.
    HA i love that description of henry! def moving mansfield park up on the tbr now.
    ugh perfect answers for underrated authors.
    awesome tag, cara! even though i don't understand the references, the questions are great <3

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    This is just a side rant, but I always wonder how the conversations between the lawyers and the marketing departments go when it comes to fair use rights for music. It always bugs me when short music clips (especially from new musicals that aren't necessarily widely recognized) get flagged for copyright claims. Surely allowing people to use them at normal speed would be good (and free!) advertising!

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