Skull Island: Birth of Kong Comic Trailer

Welcome to Monarch. This is our chance to finally discover how Kong became king. Do you want to know the truth? This is Houston Brooks, signing off.

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  1. Monsterverse still sounds pretty lame, doesn't really make you question "Whats that?", Doesn't do the series justice so far nor will it in the future

  2. So is this still going to be a prequel (like Godzilla: Awakening) or is it going to be a sequel, because they showed a bunch of modern day/fururistic looking aircraft and the people are dressed more modern, so what is the deal with this comic or comic series?

  3. Yes!!! There are and still are dinosaurs on this version of Skull Island! Sure we had a slight hint with the triceratops skull in the bone yard but we weren't ceretin if they where all whipped out by the skull crawlers or not now we know there alive and still kicking on Kong's home turf!

  4. They should make a new Kong movie sequel & bring Monarch to Skull Island & show more new beasts & even Dinosaurs

  5. probably gonna wait fro the trade, although considering that apparently Godzilla Awakening isn't canon (which is why I haven't read that yet) I'm concerned that this might be the same, I'm only gonna get it if it's actually canon

  6. Why for the god!s fucking sakes that history wasn't THE FUCKING MOVIE?! The history about the kong's family and the wars for the Island's domination.

  7. so basically the skullcrawlers got rid of what made skull siland cool damn those pesky skull faced bastards

  8. tbh i would rather take a vacation on this island then fucking peter Jacksons skull island that place is a prehistoric hell.

  9. can you make the comic con trailer godzilla king of the monsters release at november 6 2018 next year please set the movie from march 2019 because they said that was an terretials film so can put set the up to godzilla final wars

  10. who thinks the volcano in the background also kill some of kongs species and skull crawler also with the triceratops seen in the boneyard.

  11. Godzilla Has A Long Running History That's 4Sure👍👍 My Thing Is How Kong Movies Always Had The King As Either Fully Matured Or Still Growing… I'm Often Wondering Even From When He Was 1st Brought 2the Screen When The Full Backstory Would Or ( WILL ) Ever Evolve.. Should It Happen.. Will It Happen… When WiLL It Happen…??? Hmmmmm

  12. Well will this explain the first kong the americans took from skull island in the 1920s and was he the older sibling of the kong in kong skull island.

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