Small Wonders Childbirth Education DVD Series

I'd like to talk a little bit about exercises exercises for helping relieve some of the normal discomforts later on in pregnancy and also for help increase your muscle tone and endurance for labor one of the easy things that we could do to help keep your baby in a good alignment because that always makes for a nicer labor experience is to think about our posture when we're sitting we like our babies to be born with their face down and that's the normal presentation some babies tend to sit with their face up we call them posterior babies stargazers sunny-side up but what happens is the back of their head is hitting the back of your pelvis and that's what causes back labor you might have heard that from some folks that say oh I had back labor it was horrible that's where you feel all the contraction in your back it usually is a longer labor because it's not the best presentation for your baby to put full force on your cervix to help it open up so we like our babies to be able to turn and your babies could absolutely turn in labor and your baby could also be born very safely posterior but just to help an easy thing to do to help prevent that is to think about your posture now we tend to sit and slump back and that's okay normally but when you're pregnant think about just leaning forward so a good thing for you guys to do to help her now is just when she's watching television or reading a book say hey honey just lean forward lean forward a little bit and that will give your baby the space to think about turning easy enough to do the ball is also a great tool for sitting on if you sit at a desk a lot or just sitting and watching television because you can't really lean back like that without falling back so you tend to just want to sit forward

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