oh my gosh guys I was walking by and guess what I saw a little baby garter snakes still rolling her up do you see it a little baby another oh this doesn't look good at all oh no hey good morning everybody welcome to the vlog I hope the start of your day is absolutely incredible as for me you know I kind of have mixed emotions today because my girl lemonade here who is just an amazing animal and we certainly have started to bond quite a bit it's actually leaving tomorrow and you may ask you know where is she leaving – well remember when I got her it was all about setting up a collection out on the west coast in LA so that when I go out there five or six times a year that I'll have my own animals to work with when it comes to the educational purpose so lemonade was going to be kind of my cornerstone animal and sure enough next week myself and Noah are heading out to LA so lemonade needs to meet us out there so the good news is is that I'm going to see her next week the bad news is today is my last day with her here at bhp so I'm going to spend a little time with her and I've got a lot of snake work to do but I want to just kind of spend time with my girl here before she hits the road or in this case snakes on a plane I've had with his mother's name on this mummy right oh it's by the way tomorrow you may be wondering how do you ship a hundred pound snake that's what tomorrow's vlog is going to be all about so make sure to tune in regardless is going to have a little time with my girl lemonade so guys a little back history on lemonade for you that haven't been following the vlog about it is I used to have a big albino Burmese python named sunshine and unfortunately passed away about seven months ago she was really my favorite animal in the world when it came to a reptile and she was just an amazing animal but unfortunately I lost her and it was an extremely emotional thing for me but shortly thereafter I got a little L bino Burmese python just a little baby named sunrise and she's growing up really well and doing super good but she's still only about five and a half or six foot and when I do national shows and videos and stuff like that I kind of need a sizeable snake and that's when I decided to look for a larger one so it used to be against the law to ship Burmese pythons across state lines so it was really difficult to find a large thing but thankfully about two months ago the advocacy group for reptile keepers won a lawsuit that basically allowed us to start shipping these snakes again so when I came across this snake in Chicago I was able to go out there and pick it up and then of course you guys help me name or laminate which i think is great she's about ten 11 foot long and she's obviously extremely Placid and got a great personality and I think that this is going to be a great animal to head over to LA and show off people and get people to see these snakes for the very first time as a matter of fact next week we're going to be first hooking up with Shane Dawson who is an animal lover but never really been around reptiles like this and we're going to do a big thing with him and then there's tons of other youtubers that we're going to introduce lemonade and a bunch of other reptiles too so it's going to be really amazing so although I'm going to miss her a tremendous amount because I won't see her every day the truth is I'll get a chance to see her four or five six times a year when I head out to LA and she's going to make a huge difference and by the way where she's living she's going to be doing educational shows for school kids all the time so she's going around to a lot and making a big difference in people's perception of reptiles so well I've been commiserating about my last day with lemonade Jessica came and said Brian I think you might want to bring the vlog camera and just show everyone how many geckos hatch today so again we are going to do a two hour long version of gecko hatching but hopefully moly Jessica you were right there is a lot of geckos yet take a look at this guy's all these geckos just go there's some pretty ones too look these guys Wow there is some gorgeous ones there's definitely a couple hundred geckos at least that have had today so I will go through and just look at some of the really cool one it is obviously very difficult to pick from all these Echo's they're really cool ones but we do have a few things so Jessica show me what you got in your pores what do we have there super snow these are total eclipses they're super snow eclipses all right in this one once I gotcha and then this is just a Tremper turn pure white and yellow so it looks like but these came out of that really dark male that really dark reverse straight male as mere fact this is him right here take a look at how cool that animal is and look at that just kind of reverse stripy super dark really suckled out and that's the thing he is producing these guys here which is not at all what I would have thought he would have produced so who knows he's just been a stellar male look at this is a really just nice folks great Wow so Wow wait repeat that when it gets big it's going to look awesome I know and I like one of my favorite thing has always been that max know bold stripes oh that one is ridiculous and that you guys know we've hit the jackpot on some little eclipses here it looks like a sham because those those are the one little trumpet with a little jumper oh my gosh and the Eclipse again is that you know really cool pattern in the eye pigment you know that has a real dark eyes you've got some kind of seat right there the dark I saw that is awesome one last one before I'm going to leave just so long is this what is that that is a bell white and yellow but it's really cool-looking so I'm thinking it might be an eclipse as well wow that thing is cool so again Jessica is just always killing it with a guy I mean she's a best gecko person on the planet I think but unfortunately because she's so good she now has herself all these babies so good luck with that alright I'm going to leave her alone and let her set these babies up and I'm going to go check on your mother snake I thought guys there is just so what's going on today is just coming at me like super quick the thing we're going to do right now is we're hooking up with Kelsey because we know what we have a clutch of eggs laid today a Laurie bread to a scale is head oh my gosh you know I were a fact the other day I was looking at this female and I was really excited about this clutch because I told you about the Laurie ball pythons of course named after my wife Laurie and the supers are soup they're super they are really really beautiful they're kind of like blue and white and baby so I was thinking about that Kelsey like what it was going to look like as a scaler I mean that is going to be ridiculous so this is the first step to a scale at super Laurie so let's see what we have I'm excited about this clutch I hope I'm not going to be disappointed oh no it looks like she's got a nice flush look at that oh my gosh that's a beautiful clutch oh my gosh how awesome is that all right so you got 2 4 6 7 eggs wow that is fantastic 7 eggs now now to put it into perspective scale as heads are codominant and lorries are codominant so essentially on average one in four babies when bred are going to be scale it and one in four babies on average are going to be super Lori's so just by the law of averages one in six babies of these ones that we raise up and breathe should be super Laurie super scalar sensors or scalars so that's what we're shooting for but hey we've got seven babies let's hope the ratios hatch out good and we get a bunch of scalars head that our hat for Laurie and that the right sex ratio so there's a lot of things that have to go right in order to really pray but this is the first step and if they take us two or three years of breeding before we finally get there but that is awesome Kelsey excited absolutely cool so all right well that's cool one more thing down to check it off the list oh my gosh guys I was walking by and guess what I saw a little baby garter snakes still rolling her up do you see the little baby another oh this doesn't look good at all oh no time this is kind of a disaster of a litter oh mama what happened oh look at all these little gut babies look at theirs one two three four five six seven eight nine nine oh there's ten little dead babies in here Oh mom what did you do but we do have a few good ones there's one two three four let's go ahead and get a little boxing at least get those out of there I have no idea what went wrong so this unfortunately is just kind of what happens in nature sometimes you just have problems and who knows what it could have been but there's one little albino there and she is so cute and look at how tiny these little garter snakes are they are so adorable oh it always breaks my heart when I see a litter like this Oh okay so there's three and finally it looks like there's only one little tiny baby left look at how small he is that's a really really pretty one though oh that's got a neat pattern so gosh I don't know what could have possibly happened take a look at this all these babies here I just didn't make it and they look completely fully formed and they look completely fine so who knows what could happen you know sometimes you know what will happen is the female would just retain that that litter just a little bit too long so basically what happens is when she goes into labor and she needs to start spitting them out if she doesn't get them out there in time they actually can suffocate inside of her you know she just gets a little bit bound up so I'm assuming that's what happened but what a disaster huh ah what a heartbreaker is such a bummer it's okay mama you did the best you could do but listen guys I'm going to go ahead and get this cleaned up we'll clean her cage off get these other babies set up but uh it's like I always tell you I'm going to bring you along for the good stuff and I'm going to bring you along for the disappointment and although I'm excited that we got four good babies this litter certainly was a disappointment and I feel really bad that that female had to go through all that just to produce a bunch of stillborn babies but uh okay can't wallow and sorrow got to keep moving on so we only have one colubrid clutch to pull today again these are all second classes being late but lizard really cool clutch this happens to be a scale as Texas rat snakes I'm hoping she had good eggs so let's go ahead and take a look here again scale is Texas rat snake well you got going on in there oh she's a good mama and she's just hanging out and waiting right now I see what she's got going on looks like a really nice clutch though look at that oh yeah that's really good all right mom time to let go and she's just plumb wore out you can see she's just like alright I laid my question I just want to hang out here and wing you around for a football house but we're going to go ahead and pull her a good job mom and let's see how many eggs she has in here they look like a nice clutch look at no infer legs whatsoever look at that that is beautiful as two four six eight ten beautiful eggs and again that's a scale of Texas red to recessive mutation that's right snakes can be scaleless I mean it's a selectively bred trait but in captivity it doesn't seem to affect them whatsoever I mean the scale is corn the scale is rat snakes have been doing great for a decade or more probably closer to two decades so anyways I'm going to get these eggs in the incubator look at how beautiful they are and see what else I have on going on because this day has been absolutely insane my favorite reptile in the world is out and about how are these today sweetheart hi honey oh you're such a good of course bella is amazing Bella I think I got something that you lying what oh gosh that's got juice all over the carpet now Lori's going to kill me Bella she loved it I had to give her that last corner and that was leftover that got really huge I know Bella I'm sorry that's all I got for you right now do you want a banana would you like to have a banana what do you say we feed her a banana – here goes literally guys I am not kidding you this is Bella what is he doing you love bananas Eve I do it seriously cool is reptile on the planet right there I tell you what I I'm not kidding you I always say it's my favorite animal and I love all my animals but I would if I have to keep one animal Bella would be that animal I mean she is amazing want any more yeah you're still hungry she sees like a big today okay holger you can help it up okay bye bye bye bye girls I literally think that's the first time she's eating an entire banana and that was right after that huge horn worm so I love that girl again it's pretty bittersweet to be having lemonade moving on but the truth is is to know that she's going to be educating kids and people out on the west coast for a long time to come and the fact that I'm going to get a chance to see her quite a bit it's still going to be awesome so my last night with her but uh tomorrow we show you how I'm going to ship this big cake all the way to the west coast in the meantime let's go ahead and get out of here and just see what's going on back on the home front okay I'm just home and it's been a long day and you guys know that I always try to stay upbeat and positive and try to inspire you guys as much as I can but tonight I'm going to turn the camera on my family for them to give you a little inspiration what do you got Noah keep grinding keep the stone to the grinder cuz baby you will shine one day and nothing's like a good shine and stone not done I'm not done if you want to be an astronaut you can't be an astronaut if you want to be the first man on Pluto you can be the first Hannah you cannot be the first man on point okay anything is possible if you think it it can become reality you can't be the first man on Pluto so don't listen to no I swore nothing that Laurie can I pray with every doll okay so hurry has nothing to say I guess Noah said at all so I hope you guys take his advice and set your sights on Pluto because you can make it there if it what thank you thank you guys for tuning in today you guys are absolutely wonderful and I hope that you have an amazing day ahead of you or evening or whatever time it is can you guys do me a favor and smash that like button and hit that notification bell for me make sure to be kind to somebody and I promise I'm going to see you guys tomorrow you


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