1. When I ran out of the items they provided at the hospital for my postpartum I bought the women's full panty depends and they were awesome as well

  2. You have turned into a wonderful woman …mother…wife… I am so glad ive been on the journey with you….Are you going to have anymore babies?💋 the correct term is not snurb or snurp its MUFFIN LOL

  3. I have had 2 scheduled c-sections, never experienced natural birth .
    Woke up and seen clean babys 😞
    I'm disabled, I wish I could've had experienced labor .

  4. I had two babies vaginally and not once Did a nurse tell me to do this, I just used big pads. Love this video ❤️

  5. Great video Snooks! Btw When I had my baby 7 months ago I could hardly leave to get to the store because it was winter time. If anyone isn’t able to make these diapers try using the underwear for bladder leaks (in the pads/tampon section of the store). It was very helpful for me. Hope this helps another busy mom.

  6. Hi its Me Jennifer And i Just Want To Saying Hi To You Nicole Polizzi

    And i Just Been Subscribe To Your Channel is Nicole Polizzi And How

    Are You Doing Nicole Pilizzi

  7. I don't have any children but this certainly solidified why I don't want any either. This is a great video to inform new mothers, they definitely don't talk about these type of things after the child is born. The misconception of once the child is born. The mother's body goes back to normal when that is not at all true she's still suffering the after-effects of giving birth. Nichole is giving you the real tea.

  8. I never had to do all that i always just wore pads till i was healed this process looks like itd be very uncomfortable and when necessary id take cold showers for the hemmoroids

  9. Oh girl lol Joey is working it girl aww so cute his such a best friend because no guy I know would not do that for nothing lol you go Joey

  10. This is actually a super helpful video! I’m trying to get pregnant and had no idea you had to do all this after pregnancy.

  11. Thanks for being so open! I’m not even pregnant or a mom but it’s good to know! Plus you would be the best to be open and honest

  12. Thank you so much for posting this, I’m pregnant with my first and didn’t know what to do post partum!

  13. I am just wondering why she isn`t just using th extra thick after birth diapers, ones she doesn`t have to put together first. Just put on!

  14. All I got from my hospital was a Dermoplast pain relieving spray, that peri bottle and huge pads. The pain spray was my best friend especially since I had to get stitches down there from my 1st baby.
    Personally to me, what snooki demonstrated is too much for me. I would get a thigh burn. Just saying, but I love how she always gives tips and isn't shy about it💕

  15. I’m a man and I think this was pretty amazing and educational. We should have Mother’s Day every day due to women and what they have to go through.

  16. This video would’ve been solid without the annoying +1. Thank you for doing this video, it was super informative 👏🏻💖

  17. I have no kids and not anywhere near wanting to get pregnant but here I am watching postpartum care with Snooki.. 🤔😂

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