So my crazy storymode Sim hits on PREGNANT Sims now… 😅

hi Mary Tripp Ichiro nice just a gentle reminder this series is very weird and cheeky Sh'ma gente booshka you have been valid a mellow picture Bernice and welcome back to another disturbing and strange episode the crystal maids house this is me trying out the story mode from the new update on sims but then also adding the gold digger aspiration I'm just kind of becoming a little bit of a homewrecker I'm so awesome in the rest of my series this is my crazy strange outlet okay also I hate you guys's feedback I'm being light in the Capel is now switched up so your eyes are protected look at me here looking after your eyes and literally an eye doctor at this point hope you guys enjoy your new refresh eyes look inside your not be blind anymore it's like nope let me just give you one quick blind for a second okay there we go and it's gone just before we get n survey you know what time it is it's time for the PG shout outs for like oh my gosh I can never get my pass do anything else no forget the password right first I'm like literally 99% at the time I don't get it right the first time I'm actually really annoying okay so let's get into today's P cheat shoutouts this is for people that time to work myself by the callee a club on instagram or on twitter and we are giving you guys with some love in the video so let's start today's by looking at peach squad Pete Rooney's number one we've got Nessa Rose or the beautiful small bear in the picture Reno is a t-shirt we've got mail mee-mah Marlys e-mail assist mail set on velocity in the PT and Rhodesia as well we've got a kick heroin in a hollow PG 32 we've got a Chevelle with awesome died Heather and her peachy idea as well and finally we've got a span multiple to hurt peachy honey as well all of you guys looking absolutely amazing beautiful smiles everywhere hope you're very nice and thank you guys so much to fall in love on the channel okay let's get into the craziness of today's episode I loved it and you got you guys said in last episode this series going dark and then I added ambient light in and instead everything went really really bright you guys also had the amazing idea of if I can't seduce mccullough of the island living oh I heard someone's famous is at the lounge should we go check it out yes cuz then I can skip yeah because then I can die chokes then I can go and scout for some more ladies so I will be joining you Bella but yeah you guys were saying if you can't take McCullough as one of your Sanibel Woo's take his wife instead because obviously it's have a third prefers the lady folk I love the idea if you guys want us in fact let's do a hot pause right now I will say if we do that I will have a cross effect on my main series that's gonna be a little soft tendril there if we seduce McComas wife then that means McCoy's wife will have all succeed and I love it I know I'm massively playing with the I'm playing God and playing with worlds if I do this but I don't care let's say that that's the case so ten second timer right now go if Tabitha manages to seduce mokou as wife in this hole it will have an impact on Island living so if you guys want that to happen smash that like right now the more likes we get the more I know you guys would like that's Hewitt transfer over to my I don't live in series I think it could be a lot of fun so make sure you smash that like button oh and with that let's get back into the game okay so Bella's brought us yeah she's got a headache which is gonna be the perfect excuse for us just be like oh you've got sit out the toilets go get a little headache problem I will oh hello I will potentially be seduced in the bar woman put your head up yeah you're cute you are cute let's modify even cast this is the best part of all my conquests if you guess or pancakes wife Eliza pancakes okay fun fun if I seduced you in this game you get a makeover I feel like it's a pretty fair trade-off and I feel like they'll be happy with that yeah I don't feel like I'm doing some sort of grave evil because you get a makeover at the end of it no swings and roundabouts lose your entire happy marital life get a makeover you can't really argue with that I'm a kind simms good okay here we go here is my Eliza pancakes makeover I think she'd be looking way cuter though she's a cutie pie anyway aren't you should I give you some more glasses as well oh there's most this the makeup and stuff won't actually appear when I put her in like oh they're so freaking cute because she's like behind the bar she doesn't have all the same stuff on but yeah she oh my gosh she looks so cute look how I go that's so cute okay let's go seduce her steal her from Bob pancakes that is the most fun last name you can have outside of peaches I'm feeling anxious because I'm overwhelmed oh and now sadly I'm playful that's more like it okay let's order drinks for everyone but then Bala hopefully this is gonna give you that kind of loves to headache which means you need to just go home babes look after your headache i meanwhile will do a little flirt introduction to how much cooler should wait your hair no this is against the rules this is not what we agreed why are you going behind the bar to get your wine I'm just gonna switch shirts who hand on bar outfit even though she's working behind the bar cuz look at that that looks way cooler well is trying to steal all our attention Bella Bella nose would be looking at the barmaid and Mormons just not really doing it for her anymore so oh look at that that gave us a new romantic connection to our five it's cuz I'm eight oh look she's not happy she is not happy it's because we made so many like before we got the board which is kind of annoying but whatever I don't need you Bella your jobs kind of done just before let's hosta for some money oh no now Katrina's near as well okay yeah oh wow she's not giving us any money I need you please please give me money I need to fix my cooker say three pawns okay this is super awkward because one love and trust and to oh this is gonna get awkward okay why why are you all in the same room why are you all in the same room send to pick up pizza okay yeah let's definitely do that best of all I'm gonna ask her for some money five dollars she's she's mean you can definitely go get pizza okay we're gonna spend her to go get pizza and then Bella to go see a doctor about that headache you've got to be careful you never know what these things cuz these better to be safe than sorry so go get that headache checked out Bella please is she gonna go go check your headache but your headache please look at her trying to get oh I was gonna say try and get our attention but she's actually just smashing stuff everywhere Bella go get your headache checks okay Bella is not leavin Bella knows Bella knows all about our plans she is getting destructed with a celebrity though it's the perfect time to go in time perfect time to go and talk to pancakes compliment her cute outfit because we made it for herself offices oh she's getting madder and madder I don't want to ruin like oh I don't ruin my friendship with her because I need like friends so I'm just gonna exchange numbers with her for now go like butter Bella up a little bit outside oh oh wow she's really okay I just sent her my number is she impressed or not Oh yep she likes that ah Bella Bella does not like any of these things but she's putting on a brave face but she's also keeping a close eye I think at this point we think more or less say Katrina is Stoker she's everywhere that we are Trina's still not come back with that piece that either I'm noticing oh okay Bella's gone I think she's tired yeah this headaches got the best of us hello there's the pancakes okay we found out that Liza doesn't have Mary and I knew that from Casper that's actually quite good but in a land of messed up is where we just flirt with everybody and try and get Google partners right now we're a social life oh my gosh it's all I've just realized a gold digger was defined as a sim who falls upon a relationship only to obtain money or gifts from another person sin will yawns be brought with us richer than themselves live a lavish lifestyle and see the death of their world wealthy spouse so at the end I do sort of feel like I also have to kill somebody and we've got a new bar woman oh hello oh hello next new bar woman okay we're just gonna do an introduction just so that you know we've got somebody else the cards it's good to keep as many on the cards as we possibly can there could be the potential get like a little romantic interest with a celebrity should we see if it's possible I am feeling confident like super confident so you never know okay now that was embarrassing okay she waved but though she interested everybody is interested in subby she just be touching all the ladies eyes oh okay now she is like fine whatever and I'm drunk cray I'm now feeling super drugged and I'm in the mood to buy something and I need to be spoil from the oh my gosh I'm in need of financial attention what's good cuz Bella's here so she just gave us fifty dollars I feel like Bella's potentially up in the game here because I feel like she's the richest I'm just saying but anyway we're gonna head home now but we're gonna see for life this is so wrong we're gonna see if Eliza wants to come with us because yeah Eliza will see you there of course she will it's almost too easy seriously oh wow Eliza we did not discuss this outfit this was not in the rule book so we're gonna put you back into the cute when I made for you please don't make that mistake again thank you come inside oh and as soon as I get home I'm feeling very flirty and I'm drunk as well but while she won't even come and set the sofa with me come selves a year and stop stop some of my apartments gross I know I need to clean the floor and stuff no she won't oh no she won't condensate with me she will go get food on my fridge though interesting fine whatever Oh awkward and look who she just booked into in the back door oh no it's my mermaid girl with her strange green eyelash connections cheese feet she's come around feeling super fly I just know she has Milani it's not good time oh my gosh I want to cry no no come on let's take some one girl at once don't be doing this don't beat all and of course of course Katrina just give me I'm trying to seduce one woman at once here just give me you grafter way outside I'm sorry but no there's just too much going on okay I can't wait why don't we let's put some romance on that really yes okay she's flirting with us this is brilliant look at my little flirty red cheeks how freaking cute also a little spot on the in Amano okay we'll stop out tomorrow tonight it's all about romance she's very chatty this Eliza very tricky indeed is the first thing I'm noticing that's charm watch the romance look watch the beautiful romance stop talking about logic and frogs and stuff so talking about trash bugs like you'll can elude Eliza look at me bringing it back yes yes okay sexy vacuum cleaners it's a stretch but okay I'm still super drunk I think really red cheeks oh yes yes yes Gomi Gomi yeah yeah Oh yep she likes that she likes Scott this is really good oh my gosh you should be so happy Eliza you've definitely had the most romantic of all summer had the least some I was like oh hello girl on street go back she's had a much cuter option so she should be really happy about this Oh what she wanted to do oh wow she might in for the first kiss okay clearly the romance works of course was seducing ladies we like romance okay we like romance this is great oh my gosh I'm feeling dazed for being drunk no no no no good okay you're going nowhere lady I just closed the door no we're sealing the deal okay also have you got any cash is this cooker this cooker still broken and I might my money's getting lower because I bought all those drinks at the bar do you know Egypt okay there we go another whoo-hoo please that will add us up to five rules out of ten which is not bad yeah she's down for it of course she is we seduced it was some some down in our be some leftover suffered and that's all it took that is all it's a symbol tickles and whatnot effects okay I'm gonna leave into it we're gonna put their roof on the crystal maze I can't even add more crystals to it because we ain't got enough money but look while I'm outside and it can't blind you look at the beautiful sky as well look at that look at those purple clouds just all-around purple green actually all around pretty beautiful there we go five out of ten and she's staying the night that's fine I need to get work you'll probably find me a tall kid a go-go well actually we will be trying real hard to avoid that because we don't want you getting all mud instead we'll just kind of keep an eye on the neighborhood see what fate brings to our door maybe we'll go for the Mac Oh a route of going for a run who's that your child no Jesus no gorgeous like oh just some ray isn't through the sky there and I feel like our next best bet it's probably Alex send her a flight text oh I heard she became friends with Eliza pancakes she's pretty cool okay clearly barman would bar woman speak to each other because that's definitely and we're gonna try it all the same let's just invite her over because if her lies is working that means that Alex can't be on a shift yet yep she come in brown no one can visit my beautiful mermaid hair let's see it let's go on a fishing date let us go fishing together Alex Alex since you are near potential romantic interest you get the makeover babes here we go cuz let's face it this this is all very 70s just suddenly occurred to me how much of a blessing it actually is that a hobby isn't straight because otherwise though there would be a lot of potential pregnancies with the storyline okay there we go new and improved cute little Alex Moyer who's lazy apparently but she is single so we ain't actually reckon in her homes right now probably will be wrecking a heart though and Tribute learns about other seven girlfriends okay yeah she looks a million times better no she actually looks super cute now and I love the guttering letís and obviously I am like pure schmuck even with my little dot on the end of my nose I keep forgetting straight so she's definitely interested let's go ahead and buy weed again already she gave us ten dollars okay yeah she's good definitely okay I've got face mask on in the middle of the path okay okay great fine whatever okay here we go another kisses gone very successfully while she even kept her eyes open German it's kind of weird Alex but okay what I forgot I was mentioned you getting selfies of everybody's and Wow I already have the rule option I don't know way around better just go for it okay we've got the selfie going on oh wow seriously try again post we lose I think yeah she's keen Wow it's easier to seduce girls on this game as a girl than it is to seduce boys as ago I don't know how true that would be of real life but it's just an interesting thing I've noticed in this game let me wait at the side of the bed tap my watch come on our legs so army so many hours in a day and there's so many ladies okay there we go six out of turn and if Alex I'm sure you've got off shift starting at work so I need to go pee yep she's off straightaway she knows the drill I'm gonna go bathe in rose petals paid for by my ladies however no II said I'm getting further and further away from this oven I'm gonna be in solid for the rest of my days at this way you're too old like what old could be good oh oh wow old and with black eye okay guesser I wasn't in a bath I might try it but I'm bathing in rose petals right now that's just the way I roll Oh Bella keeping tabs I heard you pick up her friends with Alex she's pretty cool my reputation is still neutral so what okay for now Oh Clara bjergsen okay she was definitely one that was checking as that last episode awkwardly she's definitely also else's mom on I gave else our very fiery death on my main Syria but Oh what pizza dude does I mean I thought that men could treat her finally delivered my pizza but I can't see it in this series she doesn't even know that this is hot this is happening in the future this is all three that saying it's hot so she has no idea I can just go in on flat hard I'm gonna try and go for a first kiss within three interruptions like introduction Fleur piss and why is with forages in the Sims it's a sanctity of marriage mean nothing to this woman I literally feel like it doesn't at all because they say oh wow you have to go watch TV in my house if she actually goes into my house right now no I should really get going oh you've had second thoughts I don't think so I've got Andy you're like a fly caught in my trap I've got you exactly where I need you we're doing some come back come back here yeah Wow it literally takes absolutely nothing to seduce the ladies on this game she's running away no come back here you're gonna do that then we're gonna move on the spot we do right here okay in the neighborhood and said I've gotta keep an eye out for the police because it happened last yeah oh my gosh what just happened with this girl why is out in here why is there like confetti all over here is she calling the police is she actually calling the police on us if we like potentially she's calling the police and I just remembered that doesn't count so much my woo-woos does that yeah I don't know what this girl's deal is she's now glowing angry I feel like I have to go introduce myself to her oh my gosh my game is insane why is so I don't know what is going on with this girl's her she is in desperate need of a makeover how is it that easy in this game I don't understand I don't understand have to give this girl a makeover though because she's actually stressing me out oh she's an alien okay I probably should have gotten that by the glow let's work on your human design because I'm not really feeling it and also you you've got of skin overlay on that you should not have had on wait can aliens get no aliens get boys pregnant okay okay okay there we go I decided to give her a slightly light it's still got the cool like hair option but just something a little bit trendy up for old Christine Roman then also she she be definitely like boy how am i this good at this like seriously it's not even fair on the rest of the world that I've got more game than like anywhere no one even comes close to me it's just not fair I've got like more game than the whole of III Oh Eliza pancakes is calling hi Tabitha it's me Eliza do you want to go on a date at no because I'm in the middle of something Eliza oh I think alien babies would have put the spice that this girl's life needed because clearly her life is so boring and we know that she's an alien now so that's pretty cool and then we need to do our romantic selfie please oh my gosh you're so bad at taking selfies like seriously what is wrong with you it's keep decorating your apartment with random woman's awesome a holiday gets to now is not fun it's like all just your stupid arm $43 aliens pay pretty well good to know oh there's a knock on the door there's a knock on the door oh my gosh I want to go on a date with her so she's come around to the house instead Eliza Eliza please Eliza I'm gonna have to go outside like a real brief while she's in here and just be like oh hi by the way I said you a nice night the other night I thought we should take a selfie together well and then I have to ask her to leave okay there we go perfect perfect selfie you actually took this one in a better angle so that's nice okay bye why is this guy knocking on the door Hugo unless you got a sister were not interested okay would who's knocking on the door now oh my gosh she's back again like literally she's back again okay we're gonna have to say bye to alien lady and invite in Katrina oh my gosh – but he goes to keep up well it's good though cuz I can get my little selfie with her Christina's so desperate to be made they like literally so desperately main Bay okay let's pop that on the wall we got one two three four five but we're definitely missing out on a few and I'm just like yeah I'm off to bed now Christine you do you oh my gosh I've literally just got into bed Bella said there's a crazy party happening okay this is where it gets awkward because like on the would hunt well worst teacher ever I need some like a try and scout out girls here but also Bella goth like gold digger point of view is totally endgame because she has loads of money who's this oh we spotted her before papi let's go introduce ourselves to papi well this girl's cute swell Natali she she's got that like Natalya from Goldeneye vibe and I like that so good insurance Ups to her too this is good luck we've made five new romantic connection we just the only thing we need to do now is ten friends no one really wants to be our friends because we're just learning and with three more sense the thing is at this party there is literally Rosa is a car if I wooed them all in front of each other they're gonna know that I'm gonna have to be like taking them elsewhere you know not really get involved in the sort of retro party war see as an opportunity for my gold digger aspiration and yes she's pregnant oh my gosh oh my gosh she's actually fragment she's pregnant she's pregnant um when sent you then lady and then let's go for first oh my gosh this is so morally bankrupt this is so morally bankrupt she is literally pregnant are you still gonna do it's helping well what kind of a woman are you and what kind of a woman is she okay seriously Kenya seriously I'm gonna make it even more weird and say oh can I fill your baby Wow disturbing and then where's the woowoo Bush I'm sure there's one here somewhere oh did I just place that in my game anything-goes party bus you were with and oh my gosh look how many potential whoohoo options I've got Oh wholesome series guys wholesome series on this channel this is the worst thing I've done in this game potentially ever include insect fire Elsa ion will ruin with a woman I just met a party who is pregnant with another man's child yep that is literally what we're doing right now however you can't deny that the location for her is absolutely beautiful I also need to become friends with them so I afterwards I need to like you know just chitchat with them a little bit try and like solidify some kind of friendship also I'm gonna ask Sarah I'm good I feel like a bubble kids and stuff because I kind of need to know and then obviously she's single okay okay that's good that's good she's free to woman with whoever she wants to then baby or not I am a parent okay Noli is she pregnant bitch has another bubble room it's fine because who was the other girl I rebuke sin okay else's mom we would with that but we did the mod whoo booze which doesn't count towards our number I mean Judith Ward would be the ultimate catch what no I need to do more like traditional was with her for it to count so let's get him up oh my gosh she actually following me she actually come in Wow she was there waiting do these sills have no shame like pregnant Nathalie is right there she's literally right there being like oh my gosh did I be not oh wow but she also kind of likes it okay and yeah literally look look at my face I look so tired I'm actually dead so I'm just gonna make one last connection and then we off home also somehow I have a really good reputation I think it's because I'm ruined left right and center but none of these ladies are actually my girlfriend so it's nicholae I'm not cheating on anyone technically so all about the technicality is when you're doing something like this I kind of want to make them all my girlfriend's so that I'm also like getting all this heat for doing like cheat and stuff should I do that let me know the comments below and Katrina was just there the whole time yeah it's time to definitely get a bust after who've been Nutbush all day oh okay Zoey Patel is here oh my gosh look at her walk Wow she just knocked up my came straight here as well she is super pretty as well even with EA's terrible makeup okay there we go she's got some leggings on some little converse with a flower and a Gucci table she looking cute okay let's have a look at the rest roommate roommate roommate perfect oh you hear all that to the new girls Zoey Zoey Deschanel that's who you're meant to be okay we're gonna watch cinder together no particular reason why i taked that movie and oh man she's so cute I like she's like girlfriend material oh well things are getting real she time to show up during the movie Wow apparently there's a romance thing going on oh my gosh of all the days I have so many girls to keep up with is actually just too much right now oh oh is she gonna let me is she gonna let me she totally is she told you stereotype of talking about vacuum cleaners just cause my woman's we could talk about things have been bucking cleaners she will be my tenth my tenth lose them which for me I want to make her my girlfriend I want to ask her to be the first girl to be my girlfriend did I also want to ask everybody else see my girlfriend to you just to make this a little bit harder for myself I'm sorry I just do okay we're doing a romantic selfie please be no a stupid one okay then this might be stupid but ask if she'll be my girlfriend just to see what happens okay I just want to see what happens if I do this if everybody else is gonna bring up and be like Oh what about us I'm just intrigued I'll give her a key and then I'm sorry but I also do need to ask you for money because it's kind of the point of this series $15 $36 okay she did give us some money we've got eight out of ten friends to make two more friends I'm just gonna chat with papi on the phone cuz I don't feel like we're friends yet so let's just have a chitchat probably hurry up isn't it okay well she hated that she's sleeping let's find someone who isn't sleepin done okay I'm just chit-chatting with people now to try and finish yourself to make as many French oh wow table cards have you got a girlfriend trying leaked I'm friends with her all morning look how long it takes to make a friend it takes like four hours to make a friend it takes four minutes to make a romantic friend so it's a lot harder to make friends basically as what I'm getting at and there's people here let's go make friends with them and try not to do like romantic introductions I'm just trying to do with on introductions and set oh wow Carrie just gave me a $500 loan as well thanks bye now let's eat girls everywhere raining Katrina Johnny puppy Zoe Molly summer Eliza horse bollocks cuteness Holly Bella Christine there's a lotta love oh yes I've done it I've done it okay milestone complete boom gold digger on two out of three now okay so here's what we have to do we have to or we go ask one specialist Eddie Murray a wealthy sim I don't know good games like classics is a wealthy sim and I'm kind of guessing Oh Bella and less current girlfriend as a whole lot worse try for a baby with a wealthy spouse okay okay I might have to change tubby she might have to get some operation right now okay trust all wait to be honest it's hard not to bump into them Melvin it's to them but I might have to make her have the ability to my office at which point I want her to impregnate all of the romantic partners so far you guys always do that and yeah we are on the trophy wife part of the gold egg aspiration now but I feel like there's a lot more we can do if you guys are excited to see you let me know in the comments below and if I should change habits or to be an impregnable we don't seek I didn't know that weird wonderful and Shiraishi video to nobody and I am getting $40 they are under the tumour tell you the park in the lon they don't shoot up buses

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