21 Replies to “Soil The Stillborn by Infant Annihilator – Pro Drum Custom”

  1. that looks crazy as fuck praise the unborn stillborn and listen to to infant annihilator until ya ears bleed

  2. I'm sure this was done with no miss activated. I've seen Kitchers drum covers and that shit is insane esp cumtcrusher. Props to you putting this out but I wanna see you actually playing cuz 360 beats a min with feet doing toe heel on RB cuz that would be impressive and fuck all you haters hatin on this band. They put out the most brutal album in 2012 and Dan quit for not getting enough attention. Fuck him and fuck y'all. From the words of Yo Gotti " I won't call y'all haters no more, I call y'all secret lovers. Cuz y'all really love a nigga y'all just don't know how to express it."

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