8 Replies to “Solutions for C-Section Scars”

  1. I wish I had that problem. In 2016 I had fibroid surgery that left 5 keloids on my stomach then 3 months later I found out I was pregnant with my third baby after being told I couldn't have anymore. Due to that surgery I had to have a c-section that left a huge scar and a even bigger keloid that hurts all the time and itches. The keloid catches on stuff and pulls. To the point where my obgyn sent me to a plastic surgeon but they don't deal with keloids anymore… What can I do?

  2. Everybody can't afford that…how about better procedures during the sew up on the table after delivery of the baby…or how about session included with delivery for those that have a c section with a massage therapist or pt that specializes with the scar tissue after a section…this video was not realistic or fair and all of us that feel the shame and emotional distress like this woman can't be "treated" to this procedure and I'm in Michigan also and suffering after 3 c sections to deliver 3 boys…and I can't afford that so now what (😟😢😟😢😟😢)

  3. Ok so my mom at times shows me this scar and says this was your c section. It does look like a butt. And I had a c section and mines is way different so I didn’t even really believe my mom😂

  4. My mom has that too. Although she has less extra skin, my mom just has a little fat. And she is a very small women. So it makes it look like she has a "butt" effect. God bless this women, it's hard for women to show that on tv.

  5. We have to give thumbs up to researchers who discovered safer/better methods to treat/address these medical matters.

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