when appears beside we are on our way to the gym we had our breakfast early and then I started the run little bus so I can put it away you know so now that I are ready we are heading to the gym I was supposed to go yesterday but I didn't have a car to drive to the gym boys and I was so confident that my dad had left me the truck at the house and I come outside there's nothing like nothing there's like not a single card I'm like oh my god for me to walk all the way to the gym that would have taken me like about like yeah literally so I was like this that that would be my workout right there so I called my trainer Leah and she said that it was fine that mean we could just reschedule for today so today the good thing is that she works out my destiny so she was just like I was but yeah so anyways I'm wearing my belly band a feels comfortable it feels not too tight like it's a fabric that doesn't makes it like feel comfortable and it fits perfect so the small was perfect to me but yeah like it's not like too tight I was expecting it to be like tight and like I don't know because it seemed like the way that they advertise it paper thing like a sports bra it's like a sports bra is like tight and like hold the girls up you know so I felt like it was I was like is they gonna be the same for the belly but no it doesn't feel exactly the same unless I'm supposed to size down but which I know so it's it's perfect comfortable it's just like hugging the belly so I feel like when I'm doing my exercises or just in general going about my day it's just keeping it there in place instead of just throughout the time like I guess and sometimes I've seen that some girls get it yeah so I was my belly button hasn't popped out even though it looks completely different now uh-huh I've always liked it keeps having less wrinkles in there I keep getting like so weirded up but yeah so it's good to just give the belly support so and I continue wearing it now that I know that for sure it feels very comfortable and I'll let you guys know how it worked out after my workout because I'm going to try to order one that I can use for my workout and one that I can just use daily so I can just have a support for my belly and my back so yeah I'll let you guys know once I'm done with my workout just leaving the gym right now I have to say that wearing the band definitely does help you it just gives you that extra reminder of support but it doesn't make like a huge difference that I was like oh my god yes you know but it doesn't make us minor difference it just gives you that support I guess what doing circuit workout so I like it so I'm going to order another one that I can continue using this one for when I work out and then one that I can use on the daily so that way I can just have it like it didn't get in the way of my workouts or anything it's very flexible it's a really like great fabric honestly so it's really comfortable I just wanted to show you guys what the belly bit looks like so just put it like these are my pants I just roll it up and put it like that but the belly bed is underneath and like I said it stretches a law so it's not like super tight where you can't like it feels like Spanx or something like it doesn't feel like that like it literally stretches out a lot so I can still stretch it over and I did order my pre-pregnancy size which was so small and like I said it's perfect so I'm not gonna shower real quick right now cuz I'm a bus start cleaning the house I figured that because I already worked out and I was sweating why not take advantage that I'm gross right now to just clean everything I started doing some unboxing which was right there but I'm charging the vacuum suction vacuum but I mean there's a but what to call hey charges I'm going to clean the surfaces of everything that's why I have my my gloves because I hate when I handsome I like Clorox or any of the cleaning supplies but yeah so anyways more boys put up it on and again while I baby cleans the outside patio Oh so over here editing the video turning out the service streams baby and one of my dad's workers are up there well you guys are not gonna believe what this is gonna turn into like but I can't wait to show you guys so so far they already surgery taking these out ladies see what you're excited just showered I finished editing my video so the Starbucks drinks is now going to be live on my main channel by the time you guys see this book so head over to my main channel you guys if you guys want to go check it out again so I'm gonna sleep because tomorrow we have my doctor's appointment for my baby so we're gonna go and see how she's doing how I'm progressing everything so yeah can't wait to take you guys along with us but we're gonna go to sleep cuz I do have my appointment super early it is at 8:45 a.m. so I have to be there super early and I'm probably not gonna do my hair my makeup just because yeah that it's cuz we have to drive a little bit wait earlier since my appointment is in Santa Barbara and everybody going over there there's always traffic so that's why I have to believe at least maybe like 45 minutes early but anyways thank you guys for watching us today we so that sounds like a yeah Uganda I as well business let me know flora we actually got here a little bit right here so that's good go here right but at least I'm gonna do do so I'm gonna take down my movie because I was like let me just have something in my system while I'm here at my appointment instead of having to wait and starve so that's why I got myself here but anyways I'm excited to see what tell me today most likely I already know that she's gonna tell me that I have to do my glucose test or scheduled it so I know that for sure is gonna happen today besure alright so I measure 23 centimeters last night you do not look smaller sorry this gets really sore yeah and I apologize but I have to hang in there and I have to touch I have to feel where the pony is I'm so sorry okay yeah and your baby goes from okay you are not shrinking okay I miss you right about 29 30 centimeters and you are getting bigger all right let's see the heart beating we'll talk about here just about this month July August so my feeling is that your size measuring your getting is not an issue at all that's my feeling which is pretty good feeling because I kind of know what you're doing but I can't write down in the end of their number than a lumber a lot larger than it should be okay so let me take a quick look about my Scooby what we do is we do two follow-ups Nelson I guess as you want mine let me just take a quick look I think I have your last one right now so you should I have a twenty week one so what I want you to do it's just a little too soon to coming out but what I want you to do and definitely need you to be seen before I see you again so I'm thinking about two weeks again for a repeat ultrasound they've kind of need to know because you kind of have cream for centimeters or seven centimeters bigger so I'm not worried but we I can't I can't have you see me again without another rush so I hope that's okay with you guys yeah it's kind of fun so let's just see and then we'll kind of see what the measurement does after that the other thing I need to have you do before I see you again as you will do your next set of bloodwork which all could glue cola a diabetes screening okay it is not a fasting test so you want to do it either sometime after breakfast or after lunch and you shouldn't go in the morning before breakfast it's mom hearing from you that's really good that's really so you do not need an I do know people tell you things well maybe nervous so when people tell you to small you don't have to say anything you cannot say I am definitely not too small talk to yourself but it doesn't usually roll until too many problems sometimes it gets you know so much fluid your body breaks that water a little sooner that's not usually too much sooner but sometimes it could be I just had one that broke three weeks sooner for a seven pound baby it's fine you don't want to say too much until we see what it is if you don't mind yeah thank you for you to think about all those things I know you a little bit think about those things when they don't haven't even happened yet as far as my weight look at your weight oh your weights great you're getting two pounds so you definitely within what I call my normal range variation some normal it's a good job excellent yeah everything don't change if you can and it's great yeah ideally no more than a pound a week so good job really good job okay let's do in three weeks I didn't feel like it's moving yes how many I finished it like dearly and one thing so I'm gonna go get my bro are you getting here soon are you gonna get yours too yeah yeah months huh I got mine doing a couple weeks ago I want to say like chilly three weeks yeah so overdue so these are the same leggings that I wear but only in shorts so that way when we go in our walks for the beach – cuz I think well no big also because I want to be in ladies so my baby right now went to go get his haircut I'm gonna stay in the car because I'm about to jump on a conference call but before I do because I still have a few minutes I wanted to talk to you guys about my appointment in general um I don't know why like I've always had the feeling that like my due day was never actually my duty and that my baby is supposed to come in earlier I don't know why I've always had that like gut feeling and today when she told me that like I measure obviously woman with a baby at least measures bigger than what it's supposed to be I'm just kind of like I know I'm gonna go into that ultrasound they're gonna tell me like the baby's gonna be coming sooner or at least give me a another due date I don't know why I just had just had that feeling I don't think it's something else because like how she mentioned like my weight is like perfect like everything else is completely normal and so just how big it is with the weeks that I'm supposed to be like not matching I think it's just that you know so I'm just excited that I get to see my baby and an ultrasound again sooner than what we thought so I don't think my older ultrasound was supposed to be in another like six weeks but now I'm going to see my baby in two weeks so I'm super well I haven't even come from the actual like appointment yeah they're supposed to call me back to tell me exactly what date but at least I know for sure I'm gonna see my baby sooner than that so I'm so excited I just can't believe how fast this is all going now like when I would and it is crazy because I thought I was supposed to be in the third trimester and not until another like a couple weeks ago when she told me like oh congratulations you're now your third trimester I was like wait I ever like what like holds up like I do I feel like second trimester just went by like so fast like what I just thought that I'm like huh so I don't know I feel like is this this is all going so fast I know everybody tells me that by the third trimester everything is gonna like go slow-motion but I don't know guys like the way that I see everything I feel like it's just going so fast and because I guess my schedule is just always like doing things and I'm trying to also hurry up at the same time like with the home renovations so that way my baby girl is nice and good in her nursery I feel like that's why I'm also like you know keeping my mind busy and not focusing on how slow time is going or something I don't know so that's why I'm kind of just like oh my god this is going so fast I think what is everybody talking about I don't know I guess I guess this is just that that because I know like my schedule is a little crazy I feel like that's why but nonetheless I do want to slow down on everything else so I can really just enjoy my pregnancy because before I know it my little girls here and I'm not gonna be pregnant anymore and um I know I'm gonna miss having my moments with her in my belly her moving I mean talking to her reading to her and so I don't know I know I'm gonna miss it a lot but that's why I feel like I should take a step back and just their ability even more than I already do cuz I'm gonna miss this so much and I feel like it's just going by so fast yeah just kind of wanted to share what I what I'm feeling right now what are my thoughts but I don't know we'll see how soon this baby comes but I don't I'm gonna get to my duty [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] now that you saw the video and know the benefits from it what do you think okay guys it's gotten to the point where he now feels weird because he says that he feels the belly now yeah I had already noticed almost like you feel uncomfortable huh he was like yeah I was like you should it yeah but she doesn't feel anything she's just happy what I'm too much you're too much oh yeah oh I'm so happy cuz I'm uploading my video so I'll have it upload my my baby are gonna read to our little girl today's book is the wonderful things you will be Oh to visit and she brought me a cute little blow this baby girls with Jersey stuff together matter you Donna yeah from motherhood see it's cute because the words day is sunk over your sickness [Laughter] three in quarter so we just finished watching the third episode and I want to see you guys it's their season I don't know it's hitting us it's hitting us different it's not like the first season or the second season this one is just different and I don't know how it's like just different the season no but we're gonna go to sleep cuz it's already about to be midnight so yeah we're gonna go to sleep party with tomorrow we have few things to do so anyways good night you guys we love you and we'll see you guys all tomorrow Hey


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