Sonic X Episode 26 (Japanese) – Birth! Super Sonic

S, O, N, I, C, GO! S, O, N, I, C, GO! GO, GO, GO, GO, LET’S GO!! Yesterday’s rules are simply loose today The best goal is to break them If I don’t keep running There’s no other meaning It’s a punk philosophy Biorhythm is a two-time rhythm The scenery instantly becomes countless lines The wind envelops me Inside Outside attack Surpass everything altogether I won’t let no one and nothing go forward Inside Outside, Go! Sonic!! Everything altogether Yes! Sonic!! “Watch out” and “Have a nice” are similar That’s right – both are by the skin of your teeth Throw boredom away and start running right now S, O, N, I, C, GO! S, O, N, I, C, GO! GO, GO, GO, GO, LET’S GO!! Chris! Episode 26
Birth! Super Sonic Cream, do you like me? Of course. I really like you. You don’t sound like her at all! It’s Dr. Eggman! It flew away. It’s gone. What was that about? Sonic? Chris! Oh no! He’s chasing us as fast as he can. Sonic! Dr. Eggman, what shall we do? Let him be. Getting the seventh Chaos Emerald is more important. Understood! Dr. Eggman is heading south through Station Square. Are the citizens being evacuated? Yes. We don’t know where Dr. Eggman is headed, but we’ve sent evacuation notices to everyone in the southern area. Ever since their arrival, we’ve become prepared for these types of situations. Mr. President. The Beetle from GUN has arrived on scene. They can begin operations at any time. Okay. The only question is how large Chaos Control’s effect will be. Only God knows. That’s irresponsible of us. GUN is moving south, Tails! S105 course 237. Okay! Topaz, this is beautiful. I guess so. I can really have this? You better like it. The sales clerk guaranteed that you would. No wonder it’s nice. What! Thank you. But in exchange, promise me that you won’t say goodbye. I’m sorry, Chris. It’s all my fault. Well done! E-77, you’re much better than those useless mechas! What do you think he meant? I think we should take his words literally. Did I say something to offend you? E-77, come home. Welcome. Things won’t go as planned! Oh no! The Chaos Emerald – I mean – E-77 was… Serves you right! It’s in trouble! That’s E-77. It’s full of luck. I’m not going to let you have this Chaos Emerald. Sonic! He’s always getting in my way! E-77, don’t let him have the Chaos Emerald! Why are you giving it to him? He’s obedient. Sonic is going to take it! That was fast of you. I didn’t know you already had this mecha ready. What’s that mecha? Did you build it? We don’t have the skills to do that. That’s what I thought. Where did those mechas come from? Beetle 1 to Beetle 3, we’ve arrived at our positions. Roger. No. 1 external speaker. This is GUN’s special attack team Super Beetle. We will begin attacking Eggman’s ship. Get to safe distance immediately. But I guess in your case, there’s nothing to worry about. Wait a second! Chris is being held hostage inside! Begin the attack! Those punks! I said wait! Chris is still inside! Chris! That actually made me nervous. If we didn’t turn on the barrier in time, we would have been destroyed. That’s why we should’ve had the barrier on from the beginning. Shut up! We don’t need the barrier to fight against those weaklings! Well, that’s what I first thought. But it seems they’re capable of making something decent. Hey, look at this! At what? It’s the interior of their mecha. That’s your mecha design, Dr. Eggman. What? How dare they steal my idea! I worked hard to build it, and they’re using it without my permission! Open all gun ports! I’ll destroy them along with Sonic! But E-77 is still on the ground. It’ll be fine. With its luck, it probably won’t get hit. You’re being irresponsible. Fire! Stop acting crazy! Here goes a big one. Fire Egg Beam Cannon Ball! Did you see how powerful that was? Wasn’t that a bit overboard? At this rate, you will destroy the entire planet. Don’t worry. If that happens, I’ll build a new planet. I see. That voice is… It’s E-77! I told you it was lucky. Huh? What the-? They’re not destroyed either! That’s why they’re using the mechas that you created, Dr. Eggman. Wow. I’m mesmerized by my own talent. If we continue the pattern… Sonic! As expected. This is why I hate anime. He would normally be dead. Anime are great. We have to be careful. What if children watch this show and copy our actions? They can’t copy firing missiles and laser beams. These days, you never know. Anyway, our priority is to get E-77’s Chaos Emerald! Roger! They’re going after the Chaos Emerald. I won’t let them! Egg Fort has begun moving. Pursue them immediately. Beetle, change to high speed mode! How far is it going to fly? It can fly really well. Maybe it’s flying on its own. I won’t let you have the Chaos Emerald! Quiet, you brat! It’s no big deal. Without the X-Tornado, Sonic can’t catch up to us. Thanks! Wow! Nice jump! That’s cheating! Oh my. Sonic! How? Oh no! He’s going to catch E-77! You just realized that now? There we go. Calm down. I won’t hurt you, so don’t worry. But that Chaos Emerald is very important. Will you give it to me? It’s in love. Don’t be ridiculous! Take a good look below. Sonic will splash into the ocean. In other words, E-77’s luck is always on our side. You can fly? How lucky for me! That’s the power of love. Lucky betrayed us, so that means we’re unlucky. I won’t forgive it! Decoe, Bocoe! Get into position! I’ll show them the real strength of Egg Fort II! Real strength? Do you mean… You’re finally going to use it? That’s right. Egg Fort II will transform and then combine into the strongest robot in history! If you miss this part, you won’t know what everyone will be talking about at school tomorrow. So don’t change the channel! Sorry to keep you waiting! Change Egg Fort! Set on! Bang, combo mode! Babang, combo mode! Bababang, combo mode! Surprised? Egg Fort II transformed into its ultimate Eggman robot form: E-99. There was a time when that robot design was considered cool. Hey! You deliberately stepped into the ocean! Do you really think that you can keep up with my speed in that gigantic frame? Come on! Come on! Hey brat, I’ll show you something interesting. Do you know what these are? They’re Chaos Emeralds! That’s right. Let’s see what happens when I embed them one-by-one into E-99. E-99 can see you, Sonic. It’s my fault. It’s all my fault. Sonic! Sonic! This is incredible. It’s pretty tough. Of course. Don’t underestimate the power of six Chaos Emeralds. Please stop, Eggman! You know I can’t. Or else, we have no TV show. Damn! Sonic! Tails, hurry up and give him the ring! If I had at least one Chaos Emerald, I could make one. However, X-Tornado can’t right now. You don’t have any? Then fine! Let me off so that I can pummel it! That’s too dangerous! Target Eggman’s robot! All ships attack! It disappeared! All the Beetles have been wiped out. Dr. Eggman, how powerful. It’s frightening. It’s the product of my genius. Eggman! I’m just getting started. I’m going to get Chris back! Oh my, Sonic is all beaten up. He’s fired up. It’s not like him. Sonic, give up already. I don’t want to continue fighting either. Attack me! Now don’t say that. E-99, you don’t have to try so hard anymore. Take it easy on him. Sonic! Can’t you do something? No, I can’t get any closer! With that many Chaos Emeralds gathered together, nothing can be done. Damn! Sonic! Sonic! E-99, that’s enough. Just throw Sonic away. That’s what you should do. What? You idiot! I will not let you have it. I will not let anyone have it. They’re mine. Only me. Sonic… Sonic, you’re staying with me forever. I don’t know if he’s stupid or reckless. If Decoe was late in turning off the main power, he might have died. You noticed? Its power is unbelievable. Wait a second. If we cut the power between E-99 and the Chaos Emeralds… What did you say? Why now? Eggman, give Chris back. Are you trying to act cool? You were the one who was easily tricked in the first place. He’s angry. He’s still mad about that. I’m taking him with me. Sorry for the intrusion. Chris? What did you do with Chris? Now all these Chaos Emeralds belong to me. Please… Please take me to Sonic. That’s enough. I went through a lot of trouble to acquire them. Sonic! Stop squirming! Oh no! The Chaos Emeralds! Look at what you did. This isn’t my fault anymore. The kid destroyed this, and you destroyed that section, Knuckles. Which means we can no longer control E-99. That’s bad. So it’s my fault. This isn’t funny at all. Chris! What’s that? It’s Sonic! Why is he glowing gold? Wow! E-99’s super-strong alloy has been shattered to pieces. Dr. Eggman, what now? Don’t fret. Sonic had the last Chaos Emerald, and it merged with the six Chaos Emeralds that fell into the ocean to become one. Dr. Eggman, you look subdued. What’s wrong? Are you hurt? Chaos Control will begin. Knuckles, can you hear me? I’m going to destroy this robot. Stay safely away. This is Chaos Control. This is bad! You’ll also be caught alongside us! Don’t worry about me. I don’t care! It’s the light that Chris was talking about. Sonic… Is he going home? It can’t be… Chris… Chris. Thank you, Chris. You saved me. Sonic? Take me with you. Sonic, I don’t want us to be apart. Sonic! Chris, even if I’m not around anymore… No! I can’t do anything without you, Sonic! It’s true! If I’m alone, I’ll… Chris… Thank you. Sonic! What’s going on? We’re still confirming, but there are two large islands. They’re probably from Sonic’s world. Hi there again. The Beginning of the Disaster

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