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previously on both stories my relationships really great but really deep person and he's not Richard was gone thank God we had the last half to go how am I gonna divide myself so four different children and have enough time for myself to when you do move who's gonna be able to help you up huh woman I feel like once these babies come I'm never gonna be able to do anything else I just wanted to see you before you went all right I'll see you later guys soomi is nine months pregnant and right now hungry for seafood her husband Mike and her mother are helping with the catch good but the first thing is to open the mister open the chef's perk which is the bottle wine I never see me playing pool in a bar and I got talking to sue me during the course of the game and she said oh I've got a store up at Queen's Key and she invited me to go and see it so I I popped over there one evening and said would you like to go out to dinner and she said that she couldn't because she had to keep the store open until nine o'clock so I went back to my apartment would cook dinner and got some candles the romantic soul that I am and took them back to the Queen's key and sort of set it up on a little table there and invited her to a candlelit dinner he said while somebody else kept an eye on her store so that's basically how we how we met and eventually I guess we got married that's it at the moment your labor began what was the first feeling that you had I had some fear I felt fearful about it like how it was gonna happen fear of the unknown of what was gonna unfold I knew I was gonna have a caesarean still wrestling with the physical and emotional pain of a cesarean six weeks ago Suz found a healer I want to try and accelerate the healing process know where the cesarean is performed and perhaps even eliminate any scarring in that part of your body move your awareness into the pelvic region of your body every cell within this part of the body will heal perfectly completely and fully with no scarring and no negative after-effects this will occur within perfect harmony with all other parts of the body all system is being restored to perfect balance and harmony now describe your feeling the public rooms in the body now it soaked and they envision doesn't hurt anymore thank you that's not tired either thank you if you have any more children you can do it normally now baby died already a mother of two Maya is about to make it for she's expecting twins hi desi it's daddy you're watching a lot of TV too much busy we're here at the hospital and mummys gonna have the babies really soon please no do not out yet you want to talk to mommy okay today I'm doing a few things I have to put something I have to do a stand-up on tape and then I have to do some practice television broadcasts so we'll see how it goes because none of my friends are really here today to help out this is good a full-time journalism student and single mother nature is struggling to keep up with her classes never use this I hope I brought this tape I really hope I brought this tape whoa got the tape and I can't figure out how to mount this business okay so I think I know what I'm gonna say all right this is nature Blackman and Minya for Humber College TV news birth is just minutes away but first some mornings first babies head doc second baby is breech usually the first one is simple is that the time between the first and the second that's the most crucial the two deliveries are not straightforward things go and move along very fast between the first and the second like it or not we're gonna have it in time I just can't wait to see ya big breath in hold down mic we did we think we were gonna have baby very fine I'm sorry because I never thought I'm gonna I never tell I'm gonna get married to start with because why you get married that's what my point especially baby I never like baby I never even thought once that I'm gonna have a baby not even once because well my friend has a baby and as I said they never asked me to babysit them because they said if you didn't ask me to babysit they'd rather lock them in the door and go that's it that killed instantly that I said it's not like I'm eating again I'm just you know an interesting baby because they're so crazy [Applause] number one delivered safe and sound this isn't my group tonight my group was last week because I get here twin number two has shifted into the right position for delivery [Applause] [Applause] it's the guy down here look she's not coming look at here I'll relax she's sleeping yeah where are the planes come in and out daddy's gonna be coming there he is sue and six week old James haven't seen daddy since the baby was born sue and Tyler broke up a few minutes ago and are living apart his hands look just like yours something he's got chubby little fingers like you he got a chubby big fingers imagine that he wasn't Blake in this way too much yeah I know he's not into this way too much anymore no it isn't like to be put down as the thing he likes to be held but I'd hold him in the snuggly Ola because when he's happy he's happy only a few hours old Priya and Niko are both doing fine I can't do this myself like you definitely have to break up with me at night okay they're pretty empty no wonder actor barely walk the patients that no tonight Nature has been living with her mother since she left her partner shortly before her daughter was born tonight she's moving into a new apartment yes its cami okay Kyra what you doing what food are you supposed to be sorry what food did you put in the toilet what you know what you put in the toilet would you put in the toilet where do you put food in the garbage where's mama the Korean mum and a British father musings about the baby's future this is can get interesting interesting thing about is know how his family is oriental and half his family is less I was a Western I mean in blue is that always speak to in Korean native that's alright that's one and you come and speak to him English things are gonna have a hard time understanding I don't think that's bad I think he's gonna grow up he's gonna be fluid obviously in Korean and in English you know he's gonna be half oriental he's gonna be half western we have to make sure that he understands you know the importance of both parts of his heritage where be nice if he has your eyes my hair I'm just so worried if he has your hair and mine like God and Kyra likes this picture so you ready for bed maybe you wear this all day so Danny why did you pick that out daddy said you picked on your own clothes today why me crazy he died late crash routines are wicked some I say believe you OD done carrots I was eating them by the bagful I didn't realize that vitamin A was toxic so I was thinking it would be when I move back yeah like that I can go then it would be good for us to go to couples counseling what do you think about that idea well I don't think we know obviously we're probably doing is why do you think we knew well from my on my side for me not feeling important to you and and then fine your side from me moving out and I was horrible not obviously I had a reason for moving out I think I went about from the call of duty now when well when you're moving out and stuff like all the extra I'm dear Sam about 85% of the apartments I study more than one we were living together okay a young odd-shaped win lifts up in the bell business he was the ballerina Quasimodo that's his name it's justify yet when you my sister quiet she's tired to let me get rid of some milk it'll read the story okay I'm telling you some try gets important but to find that disk you're very upset by the system where's the disk I'm getting nervous I thought I stuck in here this is my desk there I just need this I don't know I spot some off me in motherly lecture organization I don't really hear right now cuz I already know but I guess I'll go to plan B I don't have a plan B so I'll just need one you

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  1. thanks for posting this show – I remember when it aired. Such a great peek into real people's lives!!

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