29 Replies to “SpaceX in the News – Starhopper Aborted BUT Is Going To Launch Again! (Episode 38)”

  1. Let's meet up and try this again at 5:30 p.m. EDT for the CRS-18 launch. Then HOPEFULLY Starhopper's flight soon after 🙂
    See you there/here!

  2. Wha, Wait. This was too short. I was just getting comfy! [I didn't even know the CRS had aborted, because from my perspective in the future, it has already successfully launched.

  3. I appreciate the short-form update like this one. Just enough to answer some questions, then you're outta there. You got something to say, you say it, then you're gone. I like that. Good stuff, sir.

  4. SpaceX's computers have to use physical data from the real world, that's what these tests are. I think there was a minor gimbal problem, if you look closely it looks as if it moved within a foot or so. And you don't want it to wiggle too much- so close to the ground.

  5. Sorry!! Here is the launch weather link:

  6. Hey, Kevin. Many Many thanks for your info and intel.
    Speaking of which, here is the latest forecast from Patrick AFB (the forecast that Spacex relies heavily on). Spoiler alert: 70% chance no-go tonight. Rationale: Cumulonimbus, Anvil clouds and severe weather proximity.
    Keep it up, man.

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