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hello everyone and welcome back to this channel so in today's video I'm going to be giving the controversial parenting tag so if you don't know what the controversial parent tag is it's a number of subjects which a lot of people have a lot of different opinions on and these opinions that may have little impact on the way that you parent or huge impacts in the way that you parent so I'm deciding to do this video so you guys can have a little bit of an insight on the way that we're choosing to parent or like going to parent in the future so if you guys do enjoy this video don't forget to let us know and yeah let's get straight on with the video the first subject is pro-life versus pro-choice in the last video with max you guys had a little bit of insight on how unlike my opinions on that subject I am sort of in-between in the sense that I am pro-choice if you were raped or you had taken the precautions needed and something slipped up like you didn't check the expiry date on something and it didn't work – it's like full capacity and fell pregnant that way or yeah if you were right I believe you should have the choice I don't believe your choice should be taken away from you because that necessarily wasn't your fault with the if you were taking precautions you've still had it in your mind that you didn't wanna fall pregnant and you were still trying to decrease that chance as much much as possible I am pro-life in the sense of me and Max a scenario where we didn't use any precautions and if you are responsible enough not to use precautions during sex then you were responsible enough to look after a child and that in a summary is my views the next subject is babywearing now we haven't really needed to baby we're castamere I've tried a few times and it we've only done it for a few minutes so it hasn't really impacted us that much both me and max have both been here when the other person wanted to do things so we haven't needed to but I believe if it's done safely it's a great thing to do the next subject is circumcision now I don't know a lot about circumcision but the things I have heard is that it's more of a religious thing to do rather than something that is acted upon every day I wouldn't circumcise my boy or my boys possibly in the future and I don't necessarily agree with it because I think it's something like cutting off the fourth full skin on the willy or something like that and you're taking that decision away from your child and I do not agree with that so if that is part of your religion then go for it but if it's not then I don't agree with that I think it's a good thing to do the next subject is adoption so linking back to the pro-life versus pro-choice if you fall pregnant taking no precautions and you can't look after a child then I believe you should put your child up for adoption and because somebody who cannot conceive should have that chance and by having an abortion you were taking that chance away from them or you're sort of I see it the you're taking a decision in which they didn't have so yeah I believe you should put your child up for adoption but at the same time there are so many people so many children already in that cycle of wanting to get adopted or wants to get fostered there that says that a baby deserves to be adopted and fostered more than a child that is about five to thirteen it is a little bit of a back-and-forth subject you can't really find a middle ground with it some parents do want to have a baby and raise them as their own child rather than adopting somebody that is five years old next subject is baby piercing baby piercing is more for your own enjoyment rather than baby's enjoyment but at the same time pay piercing your babies is when they're younger causes less infection they're not going to fiddle around with it much they're not going to worry about any things like that when they're older they're increased infection and things like that by the same time you're taking that decision away from your child so again it's a bit of a uneven like there's no middle ground subject me and Max have talked about it a few times if we were going to have a girl and we still didn't make a decision um because I think it's cute but at the same time I know a lot of people don't agree were there so I'm really ensure on whether we will or not your next subject is a breast versus bottle so if you guys know already I did try and breastfeed Casper for about two to three months and I think even if I wasn't if even if I didn't need to put him on bottle I would probably be combination feeding him as when we were combination feeding him he was sleeping with the whole night when he was breastfeeding throughout the whole day and then have a bottle at night and he was he just sold out it would proper fill him but that just proved that my breast milk wasn't sustaining him so my views on breast versus but always that I think that every mother should try breastfeeding as it's a lot of mother's dream to breastfeed their child and for somebody just say now I'm not gonna even try it is a bit selfish I think what was our great alternatives as well like if it's a premature child like I know come on thumbs Collette was premature and but always gonna help collect more than breastfeeding would be so yeah and but breastfeeding does give all the nutrients all the antivirus cells or whatever the baby needs so both ways again there's no middle ground I enjoy combination feeding I enjoy poor feeding and I also enjoyed breastfeeding as I had a bit of everything but I think it is again just down to the lifestyle and the family of the baby the next subject is the cry out method so I cannot do this methyl a method when he was about a month I want to say he because I think of the breastfeeding wasn't sustaining him enough he was just crying throughout the whole night and I wasn't sleeping max wasn't sleeping and we did try the cry out method and I can do it from 132nd I just couldn't take it and so I just felt that it was every second that I let Casper cry it would break the bond between me and him and I did not like that oh so I personally don't agree with the prior method I know people say that if you don't let your child cry out it makes them become spoil and things like that but I'd rather than my child be spoiled and have a child that can trust me then not have a child that have a child that doesn't trust me and you know doesn't even bother asking for things so the next subject is spanking I don't agree with spanking yes sense I wasn't spanked much as a child like spanking now is classed as illegal and but when I was younger that makes me sound really old when I was younger it would be like a tap on the balm if I've done something really really bad but I don't believe that spanking should not be the first discipline method that you go to I think it should be it should be the last discipline method there is plenty of other ways to discipline your child other than physically hurting them so even if you are doing it lightly it's still also teachers there to hit our the children like that I make teachers in those okay so I will not be trying to spanking Casper and the next subject is co-sleeping so this to some people is a no-no to other people it is their safety and it has saved them from completely like having no life at all so co-sleeping we Casper is primarily in his Moses basket every night when he's ONC's ow he sought out in our arms and then he could be placed in this Moses basket she wakes up at about 3 o'clock in the night and for his midnight bottle and he doesn't and he fully wakes up and he doesn't go back to sleep then we consider kind of sleeping if he starts drivel drifted off again and we put him in his motor basket before we'll try maybe three or four times and if that doesn't work then we will go sleep with him so co-sleeping isn't a big no-no for us but it isn't the preferable thing for us and I believe that as long as Co sleeping is done safely and that as long as baby isn't gonna be harmed during Co sleeping believe it is a great thing for single parents as I know it is very very hard to get baby down and having no one else to do the night feeds or look after baby shot the day co-sleeping is single parent savior so yeah I am a fan of Co sleeping but it isn't preferable for us next subject is schooling and what type of schooling so this is home schooling private schooling public schooling is there any other schooling no schooling and I will really be sending Kasper to public school as it is free and I don't have to pay for it and I don't have to necessarily do as much as home zone in fact you don't have to do as much as I'm hauling and I leave up to the professionals as I'm not the smartest person in the world so I'd rather hint be taught by teachers than him be taught by me and I'm not paying loads of loads of money for private school when I think that public schools give him more chances to interact with others and things like that so we will be sending Kasper to public school next subject is vaccinations so we have been vaccinating Kasper he has got his next lot of vaccinations on Friday so these are his eighteen or twenty week vaccinations he is going to be fully vaccinated for me I haven't been vaccinated for about three years except from when I was pregnant which I had a few vaccinations that you need during when you're pregnant but I haven't had like my breast cancer or anything like that vaccination to which I should do soon so I'm making sure that he is going to have all of his vaccinations so yeah I think I'm gonna start getting my Bassett again soon because realized during my pregnancy and during my labour the noodles aren't as bad as I thought I think vaccinating is great if you don't vaccinate your child I think you're doing the world bad because although it might be sad to see your child go through pain from a needle it's better than them dying blindly or giving this illness to other children that haven't had the vaccinations yet and aren't able to have the vaccinations yet so I think these should vaccinate your child definitely the next subject is medicating so we medicate cusper because he's teething so we give him the baby paracetamol I can't remember it's cowboy we give him calcio Calpol you shouldn't give cow Pole if baby's not sleeping or anything like shouldn't use as a sofa like a sleeping medication medication shouldn't be used unless you need it it shouldn't be the first go-to you should try other methods like we try the teething rings and things like that first because there's baby I feel like baby's going to get used to medication too early and it's gonna ruin their inside besides so when you actually need to use that medication it's not going to work as well and as effectively so it depends on the reason why you're Medicaid the next subject is cloth versus disposable nappies my mom when I was pregnant she went on and on about cloth nappies and I just didn't feel that they'd be right for us I think there are a lot of effort to clean and things like that and I don't think we'll be trying them I'm disposable nappies I know they're not good great for the environment but I think just for us we'll be using disposable nappies maybe in the future when Casper is getting a little bit bigger we might test out cloth nappies but I really don't think we will as obviously if we were using our own washing machine then we might use the cloth nappies but we are using my dad we live with my dad so putting in with him his washing I don't think he'd appreciate he final subject is homemade or store-bought baby food so store-bought baby food or blended food we will definitely be trying out blended food but I think if you're out and about then Roble isn't too bad you've just got to make sure that when you blend them when you cut them and things like that they're done properly and yes I will be trying out both my methods it's like the formula we when we're indoors and when we're near are when they're boiling water and things like that we do use the formula powder but when we're out we use the store-bought bottles the pre-made formula just because that's more efficient and that is more hygienic for out going out so yeah those are the 14 topic that I will be covering in this video if you guys don't want to see any more videos please let me know down below because last week I don't I think yeah I done a full week of uploading apart from yesterday because I was at my boyfriend's dad so I don't have any of my recording and filming equipment with me so yeah just leave some video ideas down below because I'm kind of running out of ideas here so yeah I hope you guys did enjoy this video and if you did don't forget to give me a thumbs up with the like mine down below subscribe if you haven't and I'll see you guys in the next video bye

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