Speed Draw 2: Why Study Biology?

[Petunia speaking]
Hey everyone! This is Petunia, the illustrator for our channel. Usually you hear my sister on our videos, because
I just prefer to just do the illustrations. But since I was working on a comic for our
new Webtoon -which I hope you check out – and school is starting back up, I thought I’d
do a speed draw! By the way, if you want to know anything about
the programs I’m using, check out the video description. I’m not a very experienced artist, but if
you have any technical questions, I’ll do my very best to answer them in the comments. So I know lots of you are starting back to
school soon – or maybe you already have – and we hope you all have a fantastic school year. One of the questions Pinky got asked a lot
as a teacher – and that I actually asked a lot as a student – is why should I learn
or even care about this stuff? And since we work together to teach biology on
our channel, we really wanted to address that question! So, I’m going to be honest with you all. When I was in school, it’s not that I hated
science or anything, but I just didn’t really find much reason to study it. I did it because I had to do it and I wanted
to pass my tests. And I thought biology was “done”—all
discovered—-finished. And that I just needed to learn all the biology
that was already discovered. But one thing that I’ve learned from making
videos with my sister is that science is far from done. There are discoveries happening every single
day. And we NEED that research and discovery. There are long-standing problems and new ones
that we all need to tackle. Climate change, diseases, resource depletion,
species going extinct, bacteria that are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics – it’s
really important to find solutions to these. Without advancing biology, there could be
a day when simple things we take for granted – like having somewhere to put your trash
or taking an antibiotic when you have a bacterial infection – is a thing of the past. When we remind viewers to stay curious, we
realize that’s a lot easier said than done. You have to care about something to stay curious. It has to matter. You have to find a way to make it matter to
you. So here’s my sister for that. [Pinky speaking]
Hi everyone! Pinky here now. A quick thanks to you for the well wishes
on the last speed draw for my new baby. We’re both getting some more sleep now,
and baby just started crawling two weeks ago! Exciting! I want to mention just to bring awareness-
I had a tough pregnancy. I developed the disorder preeclampsia when I was pregnant. In the United States where we live, the March
of Dimes states that it’s the cause of 15% of premature births. And what is kind of frustrating is—there’s
still not a definite known cause—or causes—of this disorder. High blood pressure is typically one of several
effects of the disease, and in my case, my body didn’t respond to most of the medications
used to try to lower the blood pressure so baby had to come early. Both baby and I are doing okay now —my
symptoms did resolve a few months after the baby was born. So why bring this up? Well, see, it’s one of many human body disorders
where there’s not an actual cure or even full understanding of what causes it. Yet. We are confident there will be an improved
understanding of preeclampsia and cure someday – just as there will be for many other disorders
out there. We’re confident there will be solutions
out there, because there will be people that are knowledgeable and care about biology and
our planet. It means we’re going to find more solutions. We mention in our videos just some fascinating
examples like the potential of using algae as biofuel or using certain types of bacteria
to break down plastics or using viruses to target harmful bacteria. Biology is full of potential solutions to
problems and that makes me excited. Biology is global and creative. Finding relevance in biology doesn’t mean
that you have to be a biologist. Studying biology makes us all better at understanding
science. Real science. Misinformation can spread like wildfire out
there on the internet and social media so we all have to get better about interpreting
and communicating science. Our very recent Nature of Science video talks
about the importance of credible sources and reading science papers critically. We have some helpful links in the description
to explore. So, if you are going through our biology learning
playlist— discover that relevance in biology, the study of life. Well that’s it for the Amoeba Sisters, and
we remind you to stay curious!

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  1. Its still technically the summer for me, but i live you guys so much and I love watching you guys! Keep up the amazing work!😁

    Edit:) meant to say Love you guys sry ( ◠‿◠ )

  2. Thank you Pinky and Petunia for sharing your awesome reasons to love Bio! #CellebrateScience #StayCurious

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