Spinal Anaesthetia for Caesarean Section

before we ask our first lady to come out of theatre at the beginning of each day and before each operation the theater team will have a short meeting to discuss the ladies who are delivering that day at that point we'll highlight any expected problems and this enables the team to plan your care in a safest way possible so once your obstetrician unique just and your midwife have checked that everything is in place and the theatre team are ready you midwife will escort you and whoever's joining you in theatre to come down to the theatre complex it's located next to the delivery suite and only administer twos walk from the postnatal ward if you need any assistance or even a wheelchair then we can provide that for you when you reach the daughter theaters your partner will be asked to get changed into theater clothing including shoes and a hat I'll then be asked to have a seat outside the operating room until we call them through whilst they're waiting there's a poster on the wall which gives relatives some information about what they can expect during the procedure well this is happening mum will be led into theatres and after sit on the edge of the operating table one of the theater team will then check you in to confirm you have the right person for the correct procedure this is usually happening whilst you're an ethicist assisting a cannula into your hand or arm and to this we would connect some salty water fluid and the drug which aims to prevent your blood pressure dropping when you have your spinal injection we'll attach a cuff to your arm to monitor your blood pressure and this will go time every few minutes until your operations finished you'll also need a pulse monitor on your finger and some stickers on your chest to monitor your heart you'll then need to have your back spray with some very cold antiseptic well warn you before that happens because it's cold and your back will then be draped with sterile blankets and an injection of local anaesthetic is then used to numb the skin this kind of thing initially but that after the numbness has started to take effect the spinal injection through the numb skin shouldn't be uncomfortable by attempting to curl your back over as shown here you'll hope your knee considerably and locating the correct spot as quickly as they can we do appreciate that with a baby in your tummy this isn't easy to do your position for a spinal epidural is very important and as you can see here the table is slightly tilted to help you achieve as good a position as possible your neetha just will talk you through everything as they're doing it the process of preparing for the spinal and performing it usually takes about 10 or 15 minutes it can take considerably longer than this but if we're predicting that then we'll normally discuss with you more near that beforehand once the pain kill has been injected you'll be asked to lie down onto your back on the table and we'll slightly tilt it to the left your partner will be giving a seat next to you and the screen and a screen put up so that you're not able to see any of the surgery happening and we can also keep the operating area very clean and sterile before the operation can start a catheter tube will be inserted into your bladder by your midwife but the time this happens you should be very numb and so we'll feel very little during these few minutes you need to just we'll be assessing how numb you are on explaining to you what to expect through the procedure the sensation is very strange and subjective but one thing's for sure there should be no pain or sharpness we won't start until you and your iniquitous are both happy that the spine is working really well if you are unsure of anything then your knee stick is there to reassure you and answer any questions you have about anything throughout the procedure depending how difficult your obstetrician expects the section to be it doesn't usually take long to deliver your baby there may be a short delay after delivery before the obstetrician cuts your baby's umbilical cord the Midwife will then transfer the baby over to resuscitate under a heater it's been a few minutes just assessing briefly and checking the health of your baby once he or she has been dried and wrapped in warm towels you and your partner will be able to hold the baby until the end of the procedure during this time you Midwife of aimed way the baby and maybe administer a dose of vitamin K if that's what you discussed beforehand at the end of the procedure we'll ask your partner to take the baby nextdoor in the recovery area whilst we administer any further pain relief and transfer you across from the operating table onto your bed once you're in recovering will continue to monitor closely for about half an hour depending on how the procedures gone and when of there been any problems that may need you to be you'll be dressed at that time you may still be connected to a drip in your arm containing a drug which helps your wound contract this acts to prevent any excessive bleeding after you delivery and one normally run for about four hours during your time in recovery you'll have a nurse and a midwife to look after you and your baby you'll be encouraged to have a drink something to like to eat at this stage as well as to feed your baby either by breast or bottle when your recovery nurse and your Midwife are ready we transfer back to the postnatal ward or to the delivery suite if we feel we need to observe you more closely for a time is there in section would normally take one and a half to two hours between leaving and returning to the postnatal ward as long as there have been no problems or complications you

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  1. Can this kind of anesthesia be given for a patient suffering from grade 1 mitral valve stenosis??

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