Springfield Pregnancy Care Center – Pregnant? Now What?

Adversity comes on a day we least expect.
The potential of new dreams, the end of old ones.
When adversity challenges you, be brave. Go beyond its reach.
No matter how bad things seem. When you’re given yet another trial keep your
head high. Don’t go backwards.
And no matter the news you get still strive. Continue to fight, never break. Never give
up. For you are not alone.
When you feel lost, out of place. When it seem you can’t go on.
You are not alone. You can get through this.
Together we can face this. You can thrive in the face of adversity.
Be strong, bold, never break. Never give in.
The hardships we face. Troubles we live. The dramas unfolding, telling a bigger story.
You are not alone. You can face adversity.

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