St. Peter’s Health helps expectant parents prepare for childbirth

welcome back thank you your health is giving expectant parents a crash course and parenting for free the hospital started its a eight week course for pregnant women and their parent partners this evening MTN’s Jacob pure was there and explains why help professionals hope it eases parent’s anxiety about their pregnancy being pregnant comes with a lot of questions in Saint Peter’s Health wants to provide some answers Thursday was just day one of an 8 week parenting course for expectant couples and their partners to learn about everything from c-sections to breast feeding some people don’t have any exposure to this and have never been on the unit even to visit anybody else and then sometimes we have nurses and doctors that actually are part of our stuff the presenters usually a rotating group of specialists for each class hope to demystify some of the medical jargon that may come up during pregnancy they hear things after they’ve been through this class series and know exactly what is going on and are less anxious about everything when they come to have their babies Mollie Somerville is six months pregnant with her first born and came to the class Thursday it’s always nice to get information from nurses and from doctors from the hospital itself where you’re going to be having the baby it’s always things to be in that setting st. Peter’s Health says it’s been offering the class for more than two decades and it’s only grown in popularity among expectant mothers that’s really popular and it’s such a rich value you know easily places in community could charge over $200 for a comprehensive course like this but we offer it for free to the community the class also includes a tour of the women and children’s unit at Saint Peter’s so mom’s comfortable and familiar with the environment and the process I think you don’t really know exactly what labor and delivery is like until you experience it but just being able to get information from delivery nurses is helpful because they’ve obviously seen it countless times they’re experienced and so it’s just something that it’s really important for our community to rally around building healthy strong families for the future in L&I jacob Fuhrer MTN news and the prepared parenting classes are offered at varying times throughout the year and it’s not too late to register for this eight-week course we’ll have the details on our website had to

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