10 Replies to “Star Trek STNG Moments 33 Unnatural Selection”

  1. The only downside I see would be how this process would affect the brain. You might get a situation where you might suffer memory loss.

  2. I liked dr Pulaski in a way more than Crusher – she had more to her even In one season – yes she could be whiney but she was a good doctor and in this episode really showed the character away from the stereotypical doctor McCoy – not that he was bad – hes the only McCoy tho for me

  3. The transporter is a fountain of youth. Not only can this process reverse your aging process, it can also REDO YOUR HAIRDO!

  4. if this really worked, all you would have to do is have a record of or DNA samples of how you were at say age 18. then when you feel ready, go through the transporter and you could live a very long time. just repeat the process everytime you reach the age of 40 maybe.

  5. love patrick fighting for the actress character who he wants to get rid of to get Gates back in this

  6. I love the idea:} Me and how many other's now in our 40's or older would jump at this chance to get our youthfull healthy bodies back and retain our wisdom we've aquired over the years

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