StarCraft: Alternate – Episode VI: The Lord of Fire — Bonus: Gestation [Remastered]

long time no see folks this is DK with one of my favorites here crate by Yugi commander last time I was on Protoss nine beat the map and now we go to the bonus mission which is called gestation on their way from our ug forces have spotted some strange readings coming from a nearby planet so 96 by 96 map either because of Duran's wish or simply having no additional resources resources to spare while fighting the Imperials the Dalai Lama Lions forces did not try to stop fleeing remnants of the video to fleet while the surviving ships are heading for praxis alexis – koffe not a leader of the entire corporate sector expedition counts the losses and decides which course of actions to take are gonna have a ghost portrait here Alexi sneak off ghosts probably gestation doesn't describe where we are interesting Gerard our Admiral is dead more than 60 ships destroyed plus two dozens have not reported to the meeting place and it's not only a matter of time before Duran takes control over all frutas forces on Eyre still we are not lost yet regrouping what captain's forces is our first priority at the moment he and Lieutenant Davis should be already on the way to rendezvous with us with their support we should not run into any problems returning back to praxis I like how he mentioned the captain the executor excuse me sir but the sensors have detected a weak energy trace on a nearby planet it seems to be tarrant possibly Confederate in origin however the readings are faint and we can't be certain on such distance in intriguing that maybe captain or Davis with their troops down there who else could be here deep within Protoss space helmsman take us to that planet if our terran allies are here we will find them it's not an energy signatures anymore it's energy readings let's get to started here folks looking forward to how the story unfolds in this alternate universe FISA had no sir we are detecting significant xored presence close to the energy signatures determined location understood I'll investigate with a recon squad all right we've got some spartan companies that are not teal for some reason and some agents Alexei stick out with his overpower 60 damage you may commence with the operation excellent alright so here's what we're doing bloppy here block the path maybe not gonna work and some micro here looks like my medics have the extra upgrades now in brood war in this our bonus machine if you killed all de on the critters it spot like a spawn ruling here I don't know if that's the case for this one oh gosh it's a partying scary oh it's a black this is mod that's what Marty there is a human within this thing this thought thought thought think mine curses attention power supply at minima capacity suppression feels feeling species psionic power is affecting the cell he's not making it for sure seems like desert have a lot of troubles with turn power generation but why bother with it at all and why put a soldier into such a prisoners got this generator powered up this audacious salesperson is nothing happens I like how we're actually get to play the Twilight Mabika again actually the first time noise noise lon we did play this in mission for us when we were playing as the Terrans in the episode 4 of alternate what we do here questions questions questions excited I have to just talk myself involved also triggered attack now I should save this is alternate my girlfriend just texting me for some reason I thought your sleeping cookies that is one o'clock is a turn-off hey that's particle collaboration same again a lot of loan what to do it is I feel I'm supposed to tank with the Utah spiral-wound I don't know to be honest all right I couldn't use restore for God okay looks like I don't need to oh gosh from the car – ah my agents have four armored got some cleanses the Confederacy repairing I'm not gonna use new store on this night and I'm not gonna bother reload even more of those stasis cells someone invested a lot of resources in the operation here's another ship ghost – it's not an easy task to capture ghost life I wonder how they managed to do it twice species stream identified as Terrance cyclic brain analysis and genetic code are added to the hive mind psionic activity suppressed without an extra penis how dare they if the aliens want to know more about you mental it is only fitting to provide them with deadly experience I wonder if we destroy the generator ill destroy ourselves fine yeah while that's happening all day hey but that doesn't look like a boat and looks like tested on inside or achieve what a 1981 okay so I'll rig be replaced pretty worthless here nothing over there looks like a red sir unit a primal lurkers urgh and learn the DeGeneres move back oh nothing will be here actually because you can't Michael true anything it's over here so what happens to fight the students most like a confessional all right let's see what happens I wanna saintil never understood why don't you think oh what the hell is this I broke it off well that'll bow I started intercept there just my bike it's nothing oh my god hey that's not fair clearly spawn like three seconds later alright let's keep moving now I kind of feel bad my spine cookies are puffball I were supposed to my third row yeah at least the plague is helping me out a few low now there should be an ally that comes out I think in the original and blue or you get an Archon for this one so I noticed this particle P doesn't have that what was that interceptor all about so I killed a re a neutral creep and then just fondle watch over just a right-click fest here kind of reminds me of my random mission project parent world the first map in the secular 2010 or so almost 10 years can't believe Starcraft itself is a 20 year old game actually let's bring another human no wait it's a Protoss I was wrong something else is going on here species strain identified as Protoss trooper brain analysis in genetic code are added to the hive mind Terran psychic genes compatibility il alteration progressing progressing what what does I mean I'm no biologist but that doesn't sound good terran protoss hybrid but basically it's Templars read the word once up let me through shut I should probably seek to some fullness in the area I like how a beauty commander did this thing here should always do this which is a proper camping in my opinion that of course the music business oh my god ultra sell it you're right that goes one card here Overlord any Easter eggs nobody found here I wish I had an SUV to save that pesky do my little hello giving me the Petrus blood vibe prolly of Starcraft micro which you don't really see in stock after some reason some utilized as a Stupak electrician University because he does pure 260 damage against life type that's the beauty list of regenerated one HP sauce can really to shot it home for Joe that's what happens now let's be kind of careful all right let me move back on down beyond your offering the ghost here they sneak off I'll just make you wait you'll be 1 hp for a long time got some agents that are pre strong complete those Guardians a little boy was born how much status let's plate they're gonna kill this thing does reduce damage against Guardian now this Tyler I'm sure the play was altered so that it can only be used like only ones maybe it has 2050 and it's possible otherwise that thing will just unburrow itself and play all my truth and it's got disaster guidance to conquer because three times more damage than the agents six times new audience thingies and I'll make a save and just run for it I see just wrong there's an infested turn I should have I should have maybe I can oh yeah that's it that's what I should move here I'll do a psycho save my see it's for safety wrong or not what is that even supposed to be species streams identified as gestalt classified terran protoss hybrid psionic activity suppressed impossible impossible is a word that humans use far too often mr. an what Who am I speaking with different beings know me under different names Here I am mostly recognized as Russia go but I admire your dedication human so you'll be allowed to know my real name just tall one well it's interesting she actually introduced herself ready I've seen you by Duran's side not long ago is it yet another of his Galaxy domination plans Duran and is and his little struggle for power has nothing to do with this his sudden rebirth on ire was significant to my progress but he does not suspect anything I even assisted the primal Zerg invaders in conquering to rezneck site near the distortion Spirent are not to help them but to advance my research further why you little biatch and she's named just just thought well no is that how he pronounced it just told guests all just Apple if not for him then who's all of this for yourself there are things more important than benefiting our own agenda you know that human those creatures are reflecting the ultimate purpose of our life perfection is that how you see perfection in those lost rasa teas you even sure this high road is what you expected it to be I do you may not see it yet human but you understand they are the future of the Koprulu sector and quite possibly of the entire galaxy they are the ultimate incarnation of God's vision the more religious stuff you say the less convincing it sounds but I like that one I did not expect you to see it now after all you are just a human I know you desire to destroy all I have created here go ahead but know that there are many places like this throughout the sector and beyond its spores you'll never be able to locate them all when the time comes the stalls will wake the subtest the song the music choice does not match that thought we shall see Russia girl we shall see in Starcraft 2 alternate played as the you the commander squad unknown Zerg forces on military forces like the black color your choice for this one so next alternate mission is gonna be the hardest one yet I'm actually looking forward to my own but I have to mentally prepare myself lately I've been playing dota 2 again with this the sky I know since my college years so yeah I mean I'm still gonna upload Starcraft videos once a week but yeah I know I might get delayed who knows and I'm still waiting for a Renato's um next map that's gonna be voice you know featuring some voice acting I already have his next map but I want to play with more harder difficulty with some cool Spanish voice acting so just waiting for his email message and yeah this one I liked it if you ET commander could tell me what that interceptor was all about I guess that was the Easter Egg but know what the hell that I was all about yeah that's it for DK folks thanks for watching and thank you guys I hope you enjoy watching this on I'll looking – looking forward to conclude this campaign it's been a journey so far so they keep saying our folks

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