Starting IVF injections again!

happy Friday it is Friday it is the end of the week it has been a really really really long week so if you see the last blog you'll see that my dad he was a hospital Monday night Tuesday afternoon Wednesday afternoon and my sister took the barber to Newcastle hospital yesterday you guys all did some treatment on him that should hopefully fingers crossed get him through until one day which many goes into Happy's actual operation bodies and then hopefully after that everything so it has me they've made it all week justice to be honest it's been really hard and everybody also my dad obviously book has been hard on me in the more my my sister as well so we just hope when it comes to one day and he gets this silicone oil out of his eye that the retinas reattached and everything's hunky-dory but this chapter behind us also the other thing that happened yesterday which is a good thing was that I actually got my period which first I was super excited that I got the prompts and I was like yeah but who I keep getting excited right now being so she will have succeed I have had my ejection was morning first ejection idea he's done the clinic rug before just to make sure that I actually did take it because usually you've got to travel a nurse has got to administer that injection because it goes into your muscle but it's an hour of 45-minute drive each way for something that takes two seconds so I said I'm quite happy to do it on my own so there's quite happy for me to do that so that one has been taken I take my next injection on Sunday that's when I start my daily shots and that is to hopefully get the ovaries to produce follicles and get eggs hopefully my Easter levels will go up at the same time that's the hope I'm still gonna be doing my smoothies every day taking my extra bitumens I'm going to be doing everything I possibly can in order to help boost my usage in levels naturally so is the plan as of right now I'm just the kid – as their I need to go get some suction pad sanity – some sanitary pads hopefully for the last time in nine months fingers crossed got after getting off you know this year we'll see I hope you two get some fresh fruit for my shakes for my smoothies I wanna go go post office to collect my dad's anniversary present from my ball he got to live it yesterday but obviously they were at the hospital and I was back from work yet so also hope to collect the delivery so I've gotta go collect that and then I am going home and I am hitting the books it has been a long week I am ready I'm so ready for next week to go I'm also gonna even like you to when I get home because I have fallen so far behind now with my dissertation with just have to go here there everywhere that you only slide five gets in the way suppose nothing I could do about it but I really do need to crack on and start getting this research properly formulated written or trained the gold shopping the next day good morning yes a day it is the weekend and I am up it is half 10:00 and I am just about to run out the house she says run I'm about to go out I ran out of my preconception it means last night somewhere when I'll crop those mr. Li Jie I've run out with dental sticks for her so I need to get those make sure you don't get dirty and then I am coming home and hitting the books and it's going to be a solid day of study so it's actually quite past 10 and I just realized that I didn't even pick up the camera for the rest of the day I do get my fit in them style and I'm just going to add them to my nightly tablets which are their pretty little purple bill that's my evening meal yeah I always joke saying that's my evening meal I swear God if you were to shake me I would rattle now that they are taking I'm returning for the night and actually tonight I have a problem upstairs with me oh I brought the laptop to bed with me why should I get a meal good night's sleep and to get some put study done tomorrow come on let's see yeah let's see you then come on yeah so tomorrow is my parents 40th wedding anniversary there will be my 40 years tomorrow and that means that we're going up for a meal with my sister her husband and his her husband's parents and there's also Formula one tomorrow and I'm not baking I need to focus on study for when I'm watching Formula One and eating food and tomorrow is the first day I am starting my daily shots so like good stuff to look forward to tomorrow so I'm not gonna miss fog just yet I'll a roll off for one more day so when you see me next it will be Sunday got my fringe last night while it was wet and I'm thinking after net a little bit too short mmm anyway he is now Sunday and I am getting ready to go to the hospital okay not when he's like this time for these waterworks so oh what a nice square then spend a ruby anniversary speaking of which I should maybe we should happy anniversary get in there card I would like yeah No so we're back from the hospital again and it is time to start my daily shots he's in the back same time tomorrow a few moments later going out for dinner a little longer than a few minutes later so dinner was a success I had myself a steak which was pretty tasty I enjoyed it it was good my parents enjoyed it they liked their gift which is a teapot set that says you know happy when I thought I'd bursaries and it was just it was a nice meal so it was a it was a good meal so I'm just really winding down for the night how about got a lot of study done again today with being at the hospital this morning before Muller on this afternoon which Lewis won and then the meal al Turner just not felt like getting me to it since I got back I have got the house to myself tomorrow night because my god he is going into hospital tomorrow to have if I finished hopefully of a lab this is where we will find that the operation worked and he can start driving again and each retina has really touched and all that good stuff so keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow everything goes well it's the first time it didn't and that's how we've had all this trouble a second time around so we don't want to have another 3-4 months of this because it's not good for anybody especially my dad so but yeah I'm waiting down for the night I'm gonna watch little island because I am NOT sad but I love it and in the morning it will be work it would be a smoothie I made I'm making it in the morning rather than leaving it in the fridge for a few days so I'm gonna make it fresh and then hate to work and then come back to an empty house and I'm going to love every second of it so I'm gonna wrap this vlog up here so he has been a bit hit and missing here and there and bit of this day bit of that day in a bit today but it's just how my life is going and I cannot really properly get into doing anything because everything is up in the air so but until the next one keep safe keep smiling and I will see you soon bye guys

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