States v. Abortion

This intersection takes you to the only abortion
provider in my home town of Missoula, Montana, to the right. From the west, there’s no lane to turn toward
the clinic. From the north there’s no way to turn toward
the clinic, and from the east there’s a traffic light that’s 1 minute and 59 seconds
long. It may be a some sort of city planning strategy
I don’t understand but it seems like a barrier to make it harder for people who want abortion
care to get abortion care. And that’s just minor traffic nuisance. In other places access is much more challenging. So vote. I’m Dr. Lindsey Doe and today’s episode
of Sexplanations about abortion legislation in the United States is sponsored by,
an amazing source for online therapy so that you can address your mental health any time
from any place that has internet access. [WHIP CRACKING, COUGH] People seek abortions because they’re not
ready to be a parent, they want to focus on school, or work, or the kids they already
have, pregnancy isn’t good for their healthy, their partner isn’t someone they want to
co-parent with, they’re in abusive relationship, or pregnant from a rape. Lots of reasons — mainly they’re pregnant
and they don’t want to be. In the United States, 81% of Americans support
conditional access to ending pregnancies, and accessing abortions has been a Constitutional
right for over 35 years. A right, but not a reality. While the U.S. Supreme Court made access to
abortion a fundamental and Constitutional right to all persons (Roe v. Wade, Doe v.
Bolton, and Planned Parenthood v. Casey), it also gave states the right to limit abortions. As of September 2018 most counties in the
U.S. don’t have an abortion provider. In 28 States 90 to 99% of their counties don’t
have a provider and in six states there is only one provider for the whole state. Laws called TRAP laws or Targeted Regulations
of Abortion Providers put mandates around where a clinic is located, the size of the
room in which the procedure takes place, or the size of the hallways in the clinic. Some providers are required to maintain a
relationship with a nearby hospital — generally mandating hospital-grade requirements for
the abortion provider, which aren’t relevant or necessary regulations to perform abortions
safely. The relentless rules mean fewer providers
can make it work which means fewer locations and less access. And that’s not even the end of it. 24 states have a mandatory “waiting period”
– from the time a person first requests an abortion to when a provider can perform the
abortion. For most of these states, the waiting period
is 24 hours. 28 states require the person seeking an abortion
to receive counseling before obtaining one. I love counseling! I’m usually an advocate, except when it’s
intended solely to discourage the individual from obtaining an abortion. As in by law prospective patients must receive
“counseling” from someone who BY LAW has to present an anti-abortion position and sometimes,
BY LAW, give out medically inaccurate information. [CRIES OUT IN FRUSTRATION] In 26 states, a guardian must consent in order
for a person under the age of 18 to receive an abortion. This seems logical that medical decisions
for minors are guided by adults. Until you realize, a guardian opposed to abortions
could force a minor to carry the pregnancy! OR that guardians are not always present to
give consent for a time sensitive procedure. Here’s one: 10 states require the person
seeking an abortion to have an often costly and UNNECESSARY ultrasound before being able
to access an abortion. In addition to the costs of therapy, multiple
appointments, gas, and childcare for the kids they may already have… patients have to
endure a guilt tactic intended to deter them from proceeding. According to a clinician who spends a lot
of time with patients who want abortions, “They’ve spent time to make careful and
responsible decisions for their lives and bodies.” “The ultrasounds of the fetus [and sometimes
being forced to listen to the heartbeat of the fetus] are used to shake the certainty
of the decision that has already been made.” Now imagine if English isn’t your first
language, if you come from a state or country with significantly different abortion related
laws and weren’t aware of all the hoops. If you have a disability, if you don’t have
consistent, private, access to the internet, or if you struggle with reading?? And those are just the government’s barriers. Individuals take it upon themselves to add
barriers to the heap. Abortion protesters are known for waving signs
to shame patients with fetuses real and exaggerated on them. They call with fake names to schedule appointments
and block slots for actual patients. They burn down clinics. They shoot doctors. They threaten providers and their families,
calling in shifts throughout the night. They bully and it can be exhausting to fight
BUT if access to reproductive healthcare is important to you, there are ways to battle
and not feel defeated. There used to be a handful of protestors who
stood on this corner harassing patients on their way to the abortion clinic, until they
started Pledge a Picketer where community members can donate any dollar amount to the
abortion clinic for every protestor out that day. So the more protestors, the more resources
the clinic gets for healthcare. And now, no more protesters. Some people volunteer to make a difference
by escorting patients into clinics or being their support person through the process. You can research TRAP laws in your area and
educate others about them as barriers to care. I’ve made a playlist of videos and a list
of resources in the description with more information. And there’s a link to the channel How to
Vote in Every State which gives state-specific instructions on registering, filling out ballots,
and actually voting to influence outcomes that are meaningful to you. Only 16 states allow same day registration,
so please register now. Planned Parenthoods and campaign offices can
usually tell you how the bubbles you fill in effect the accessibility of abortions. If you want to limit or eliminate them, they’ll
tell you how. If you want to let people choose, that’s
an option they can guide you through too. They may even be able to explain how a bill
about public transportation or changes in minimum wage play into abortion rights. Whatever stance you take, I’m relying on
you to stay curious! If you’re seeking abortion services and
find it challenging, remember that barriers have likely been put in place to make it challenging. You’re allowed to be sad, angry, frustrated,
or enraged as you work to overcome them and you don’t have to do this alone. Lots of the tough emotional and brain stuff
can be done with licensed counselors and therapists. This is where BetterHelp can assist. (which supports
sex education) is an online resource for mental health services — therapy appointments that
you can do from your devices — phone calling and texting, messages on your computer and
video chats! Recently BetterHelp shared how they vet their
therapists. People who want to provide counseling through
BetterHelp go through an intense 4-5 week process. They’re required provide proper licensure
documents, proof of identity, and references from other licensed practitioners who can
vouch for them. Then BetterHelp verifies with state licensing
boards and gives each candidate a case study exam where a licensed clinician evaluates
their sessions via video interview. 15% of the therapists who apply to work are
accepted, and if there is dissatisfaction for any reason, patrons, the clients, like
you and me, can get a full refund. There shouldn’t be barriers to getting care. If you feel run down by the hoops, at least
there’s a website set up to make things easy. Start getting care for yourself at

100 Replies to “States v. Abortion”

  1. I would like to step away from moderating comments and feed myself lunch. If you would be so kind as to 1) not say anything hurtful and 2) report comments that do harm, that would be great. Warmly, L

  2. Abortion is legal because of a federal law but state laws attach conditions making obtaining an abortion challenging. Abortion is one "solution" to an unwanted pregnancy. Better sex education might prevent unwanted pregnancies. How does the US compare to other countries in abortion rates ?

  3. After having two devastating miscarriages, I do not support abortion (which I may get hate for). It is hard to explain because I do not like/support abortions. I cannot make myself okay with saying I am pro-choice because it is painful to think that people are giving up what I lost, BUT I would never shame anyone for their decision, and I would support them regardless. I love people. People don't stop being people just because they make a decision you do not like. For this reason, I abstain from abortion related votes.
    Anyways, I do want to say thank you to Dr. Doe for making this video. You provide sex education services to people who desperately need them. You provide information on abortion laws. Despite being against abortions, I think it is important that videos like this exist to provide information and education. You provide information on contraceptives and safe sex. I think it is SO IMPORTANT that people have access to and know about contraceptive options. You play an important role in making a sex positive and safe environment for those who do not have one. I appreciate all that you do.

  4. Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.
    Jeremiah 1:5 KJV

  5. As someone who used to protest outside of clinics (I was 16, don't hate me), I now find it ridiculous that sidewalk protesters don't think that what they're doing is harassment. If you want to change the law, protest outside of the state capital. Don't yell at innocent people seeking healthcare.

  6. Thanks for posting. Could you do a Halloween interview with Cassandra Peterson, PPPllllllleeeeeeeeeease?!?!?! Just Curious, : )

    It’d be cool to have a video on all the food that is safe to use on genitalia for food play! In your honeypotting video you mentioned that honey is safe for food play and the sugar will not cause a yeast infection! I’d love to have a compiled list in a video explaining what food is safe to incorporate into my sex life 🙂 thanks!

  8. Hey , can you suggest some birth control measures available in India , as you know it's a sin here to have sex "before marriage" but some how the generation least agreed upon , it's a task to go to a gynac and not feel judged .. please help

  9. Hey Lindsay I had sex for the first time Monday and I had a hard time keeping my penis in or putting it in how do I fix that?

  10. Lindsey I absolutely love what you’re doing. I was raised by religious fanatics so now, as a 23 year old married woman I’m still way behind in my sexual knowledge. I didn’t find your channel until this year, and I desperately wish I had found it when I was 19 and curious! So many of the things I found were absolute nonsense. Keep up what you’re doing, we really appreciate it!

  11. Society has been, and is, unfair to women, and it's easy to say what other people should do when "you" don't have to suffer. As a man I don't think I could ever understand what a woman considering an abortion is going through.
    We should listen more, be supportive, and Love with all we have.
    Thanks Doc.

  12. This video made me realise how lucky I am. I am so grateful that I live in Australia where healthcare and accurate sexual health education is free. Abortions are covered by the healthcare system and therefore either are free or affordable for the majority of Australian women. I have been going to a doctor about birth control as a teenager at a youth clinic near my school and both the appointments and birth control are at no cost. It has been a very useful resource for teenagers like me to receive walk-in healthcare after school. We can receive sexual health tests, sexual health information, pregnancy tests, birth control, condoms and other contraception methods for no cost to the patient. I wish I could help improve the system in the US.

  13. I disagree with the tactics the pro life protesters use. But i think women should take responsibility for their sexual activitys becuase disolving or ripping a baby to peices is immoral in my eyes

  14. There you go people, trying to tell others what they can and cannot do with their bodys. We are all individuals and we have the right to make our own decisions about our bodys. no one has the right to tell you what is better for you. Only that individual has that right. It's no one else's business. A women has the right to do what she feels is right for her body and her health .No one has a say in that. Soon you will be telling men that they can't have a vasectomy because their killing the sperm that makes a baby. Come on People!!! Mind your own business and stop pushing your views and practices on everyone else you don't have the RIGHT.

  15. I have mixed feelings about abortion but damn, the supporters of it are retarded and give the stupidest arguments ever for it, like saying the baby's a burden on the mother. That's like justifying child negligence. They say it's the mother's body but that's not true, it's the baby's body.

  16. Used to think abortion was okay. That it's the woman's body, so she can decide. But I realize more and more that it's not just the woman's choice. And I don't think it's okay to kill a human being just because you decide to get an abortion for some reason. This is not a hate comment, just saying my opinion.

    This video is one of the things that made me realize how not okay abortions are. Definitely recommend watching it.

  17. Do you remember 6th grade science? Remember what classifies as a life? Then if you passed that class you would know you are advocating for murder. It's funny you mentioned different languages because you pro murderers love referring the baby as a fetus which is Latin for little child.
    But please don't mistake me for not being pro choice. I am!
    1. Contraception (several types for both male and female)
    2. Motherhood
    3. Adoption
    4. Abstinence
    5. Sterilization
    I'm just not for the 6th option which is the killing floor!

  18. In Canada, six out of ten provinces have universal coverage of Mifegymiso (a medical abortion) to any resident of those provinces. Barriers to dispensing and administering the doses are also fewer than they were a couple of years ago. Access is so important, and working towards better access is always valuable.

  19. Now make a video about effective ways to get rid of abortion so that hopefully one day abortions can never ever happen ever again.

  20. I understand the importance of sponsorships, but please don't advocate for Better Help. They're a scam and their "therapist" don't have to be licensed, through a loophole in their terms and conditions. Please seek therapy from licenses professionals in the real world, not from Better Help. Please everybody, look up Better Help and do your own research

  21. Abortion is murder. I don't care what u say. Doctors r supposed to save lives not kill them. Funny how ur sponsored by betterhelp which is shitty and is shrouded in controversy

  22. I never got all this crap around abortion banning or limiting access to abortion doesn't do anything to protect women or the country abortions should be available to all those who want or need to have one.

  23. It's so fascinating to find out how these topic are handle in other parts of the world. Here the big problem is with the medical provider. A doctor can refuse to do an abortion if its personal values conflicts with the procedure. There are hospitals where all gynecologists use this rule so you have to do long travels to do an abortion even if it is a costitutional right. Other differences are: after the visit with a medical provider the woman have to wait 7 days before the abortion (unless there isn't time than it's declared an emergency); if the woman is a minor or in other ways interdicted it is generally required a double consense (form the woman and the guardian). if there isn't an agreement or the doctor suspects that the guardian is pressuring the woman the decision is taken by a judge that rules in favour of the woman

  24. That's horrifying. In New Zealand it's actually in the crimes act and two doctors have to be approve and if they don't or 20 weeks is reached beforehand (which some doctors will hold off so 20 weeks is reached and they can just deny it) then they're fucked. Plus you can only get one in cases of rape , incest or severe health consequences.

  25. What really frustrates me is that most people who are against abortion are also against birth control and comprehensive sex education…even though birth control and sex ed dramatically decrease abortions! If abortion protesters gave out condoms and paid for people to get on the pill or IUD I would take them a lot more seriously.

  26. Dr Lindsay is a very respectable person and a real smart regarding sexual health. HOWEVER this video is THE MOST BULLSHIT I have ever seen. So you're pro abortion, that's fine, keep it to yourself. Nothing good comes out of abortion, figuratively and literally.

    Basically it's DAMN IF YOU DO, DAMN IF YOU DON'T case. The state is already providing people option to abort, but you still criticize them. FUCK YOU. Well at least just on this video.

  27. She should of said to pull out then, abortion is wrong. How would you feel if your parents aborted you? Oh wait, you wouldn't.

  28. It’s a woman’s right. The only people who try to take this god given right away are white evangelical Christian. Most Latin and African Americans fought long and hard for rights and understand that just because you don’t like the right you can’t limit someone else rights to make yourself feel better. as a African American first southern Baptist christian I believe it’s god job to judge not mine. Threw out history it’s only been white Europeans who’s tried to limit or take ones right’s away peace be with everyone god bless all.

  29. I find you to be an highly educated woman, so it truly surprises me that you're not educated to the atrocitie of abortion. Do you care that a unborn baby screams as the provider dismembers the child limb by limb? Or that it is put through excruciating pain in a saline abortion, and what about the baby that is removed alive, only to be drowned in a bucket of formaldehyde? I'm truly disappointed in your lack of education.

  30. Imagine all those pesky laws in place that prevents other murderers from freely practicing their immoral activity.
    You don't want a baby do something to prevent pregnancy. After the fact is murder.

  31. I don't like abortion but I do believe that women should be able to do what they want with their bodies. The government should not be involved and no one should ever dictate what a woman should do with their body. I just hate it when people say that a fetus or embryo is not a baby. It is the start of life. Do what you want with your bodies that is your right, but that is a life inside you regardless. Anyway I hope we can all show each other some compassion on such a sensitive topic.

  32. I just can’t think of a reason to support abortion being legal that doesn’t rely on discounting the life of the baby. The reasons people generally give revolve around the mother’s desires, and fall apart if one takes into account the humanity of the baby. And yes, I know there are many who deny the humanity of unborn babies. But that is the issue, if you realize that unborn babies are human, it is logical to want it to be illegal to kill them. Yet so many pro choice people try to claim that it’s about a woman having complete bodily autonomy. Well, if you can do some unbiased research, you can probably at least come to the conclusion that having an abortion at 40 weeks is murder. But you might still support abortion in the first trimester. But if you support abortion in week 10 but not week 40, that kind of defeats the idea of complete bodily autonomy. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that I wish pro choice people would recognize that the issue is that if abortion is murder, it should be illegal, and have a debate about whether it’s murder, and not try to deflect by trying to claim it’s about freedom. Admit that, even if you don’t currently think it’s murder, if it was, that it would be logical to outlaw it. Then we can have a scientific discussion about it and come to a logical conclusion.

  33. You're literally complaining about women having to drive for a while longer than you want them to have to when they go to have an innocent human killed for their undeserved convenience. That's what a dying civilization looks like.

  34. I think that abortions should be available, but I do believe that it’s wrong and sex Ed should teach us more about how developed the fetus is at 8-12 weeks old. Abortion is killing another human and not even giving them a chance to live.

  35. Sorry no matter what u say abortion is just a nice word for baby murder. Your a killing a innocent being because you fucked up. The only time abortions should be legal if it affects the women’s well being

  36. The fact of the matter is medically necessary abortions are very rarely needed today & there are many suitable ways to prevent pregnancy. I certainly support adoption or government funding for orphanages & increased funding for foster care & adoption. But to consider the termination of a fetus justifiable because pregnancy is inconvenient is narcissistic & psychotic.

    People that wish to terminate fetuses because they don't want to take responsibility for not taking reasonable precautions to avoid pregnancy should be shamed, demoralized, & if the law was just imprisoned.

    Seriously it's not hard to utilize other means of avoiding pregnancy that doesn't involve killing a baby.

  37. There is no constitutional right in the Constitution guaranteeing abortion. The Supreme Court cannot grant a right that isn’t already in the Constitution. Please, prove me wrong, identify in Article III where the Judicial Branch is granted the authority to do so. Or, you can always identify where in the Constitution it says that there is an individual right to abortion. The 10th Amendment clearly applies, so regulation of abortion is up to the individual states to implement if they so choose. That being said, to clarify, i don’t believe that the federal government has the right to tell you that you can’t have an abortion.

    While I don’t believe the government has the right to dictate what your medical decisions should be, I do believe in individual rights and responsibilities, so go ahead, kill the unborn child in your womb, it is you that must answer to God for the murder of an infant.

  38. There is a REALLY pressing matter here that hits home. We are humans, we can ONLY come from ONE vector INTO this world. And its "not the stork". Despite the mitigating and litigating circumstances there is NO other way here into our reality and this point in time. TBH its NOT fair to someone whom did get to enter this world and another that did not. Feelzbad man. I guess it's the baby's fault. THANK GOD I WAS NOT BORN to anyone here that supports abortion or I'd not get to enjoy life. I'd be in the medical waste bin and I've heard that place STINKS!…

  39. When do you think life begins? At conception for those who follow science. But for you, is it like some who thinks life begins at two years old. When do you think life begins?

  40. I get women's rights. But for you to support killing children… but defending children in the country but also support abortion, I just don't get. You are so one-sided and hypocritical.

  41. Just had a cousin give birth to a baby. Don't know if she truly wanted to have it or not. She is under 18, so her mom would have to give consent. Yet all of her family is heavy in their Christian/Mormon ways. Would think faith is forcing ones values on to another's belief. And she know, if she wants to let it go of the baby. She would be disowned from the family and may even be left on her own. This is another reason kids are having and keeping baby's. Adoption is a choice, yet religion wants to keep them close. Wether it says it or no in the book.

  42. Abortions are medical procedures that shouldn’t be restricted at all. If we’re going down that emotionally manipulative path of “babies are alive too,” then I’ll toss in this: No one can force another person to sacrifice their own body to save another. You cannot force someone to give up their organs, their health, their immunity, their own flesh and blood. No, not even for an infant. You have to give consent to donate organs to save people of all ages, but somehow when it’s pregnancy, there isn’t a need for consent anymore? This isn’t how it works. Loss of consent to a pregnancy means there should be abortion access without all these hoops. It’s a disgrace. Let us make our own decisions regarding the use of our body parts.

  43. Guardians giving consent for a minor has an abortion seems like a nice idea until you realize that guardian could be the rapist. Either, a parent raped a little girl or a little girl was raped, became pregnant forced to marry her rapist, who then becomes her guardian. So, she can have baby after baby and have no say in her own body/life.

  44. I think abortions should be legal in every town and accessible more than McDonalds as bringing a child who you cannot raise is ruining two lives at least and I know I would rather not have a life and not be born if my parents could not raise me with a happy life as they did. Please, remember it is a choice and it is not killing anyone but instead preventing more pain for a baby or it's caretaker.

  45. I'm from Argentina and in August of 2018 the senators voted against the law that would have decriminalized abortion up until the 14th week of pregnancy, since then many poor women who don't have access to an illegal but safe abortion(which are very expensive) have died. Pro-life protestants ignore this reality and blame women for not using protection when in many provinces it's hard to get good reliable protection because of religous beliefs, schools not teaching sex ed, high taxes and elevated prices on things such as condoms, pills, etc. This year the project for the legalization and decriminalization will be presented again in the national congress and once again women will fight for their rights. Wish us luck

  46. I support a woman's right to choose, It her body, her decision.
    However, it's my right to choose to not associate with that woman again. Poor life decisions have consequences

  47. Heart beats At 14 days that means there is a brain commanding it And The brain has electrical activity .graphic pro life thing

  48. love how she hates all the obstructions and fees and waiting periods and barriers to entry for abortions. Now replace abortion with gun and you can start to see how the other side feels

  49. I was born in Montana in 1974 to a 17 year old junior in high school, 1 year after roe v. wade. How inconvenient for my mother but thankfully for me I know have 2 children of my own, one of which now goes to the U of Montana in your home town. How’s that for a guilt tactic. Please don’t support killing people like me:(

  50. Thank you Dr. Doe. I don’t have a uterus, therefore, I should not be making decisions about abortion. Thank you for your work!

  51. Should talk to Dr Jen Gunter(Obgyn) about this topic again sometime perhaps in a different angle on it

  52. What gets me is that people think it’s okay to force someone to keep a child they got pregnant with from being raped….. I personally don’t know how anyone could be okay with that.

  53. I feel like the only one on the comments that disagree. I live in North Dakota, and I have never seen an abortion clinic… Good

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