hi guys welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another vlog in today's video we are gonna be hanging out it's gonna be a day in the life prego style our G is still sleeping it's pretty early it's almost 7:30 I wanted to start the vlog and just say hey I feel like I haven't like really checked in and just talked to y'all in a little bit I know I've been doing a ton and ton of like mommy related baby related stuff and y'all are probably like beware the vlog though they're definitely humming because mama is slowing down so I will be doing more like vlog style stuff I also wanted to mention that falling for fall this year it's gonna be like super vlog style casual a lot of my upcoming videos are gonna be really casual being this far along in pregnancy vlogging is the way to go so yeah if you want to hang out with us today if you have been missing a good old-fashioned log then please just keep on watching over age waiting for the rain to stop are you guys so we just finished breakfast and finish doing homeschooling and pretty much like getting started for the day I will link our morning routine up at the cards up and I can never say that up in the cards up at the top I'll link the video basically the activity today was supposed to be making little caterpillars with the pom-poms on the table our G really enjoyed taking the pom-poms off which is fine it's mainly just like a conversation anyway like talking about a tape and using words like sticky the tape is long and where can we put the tape and just things like that just to get him thinking and about the different color pom-poms and trying to get him to say the colors he liked about the pom-poms over there I don't know what he's in here and he still just wants to play with this and you having fun I think your show them to pom-poms wow that's awesome are you pretending to eat them silly okay really quickly you guys cuz we're about to head to bath and Bodyworks but i wanted to show you this amazon order that came in the mail i ordered two of these pink stork tees this one is called labor prep this is one of the ways i'm preparing for labor is by drinking this tea it's basically a red leaf oh no what am I saying right what is it red raspberry leaf tea and it's organic it's supposed to be really really good and then I got this t it is a recovery tea it's supposed to help you obviously recover when you're postpartum after you have the baby it's supposed to help everything heal faster I think are you guys so we are headed to Bath and Body Works I had to change my top because yeah this just stains on it from a little RG sticky fingers so we're headed to Bath and Body Works to check out their fall candles today it's buy 2 get 2 free basically like buy one get one free I don't see the difference so we're gonna try to get some fall candles which I'm really excited about I keep telling everyone that I'm not gonna start burning fall candles until we're home from the hospital with baby girl I feel like that'd be the perfect time to kind of kick off fall when she's here because she's supposed to be here well technically my due date is September 2nd so I feel like that's a good time to start like burning fall candles and getting in the fall spirit look who's home what's up y'all say hey IG can you wait ideas low crap no he really wasn't he had water Thanks thank you Thanks yeah this Ray are you gonna share with that hmm thank you okay you guys so we're back from Bath and Body Works I only got a couple things because I feel like it's still pretty early and it's like I'm not about to go crazy with fall stuff just yet first thing I got a cinnamon spice vanilla pumpkin cupcake leaves of course I love leaves and vanilla pumpkin marshmallow so I got four candles cuz it was buy 2 get 2 free and then I got a candle holder which I think it's so Acutes gold it's got leaves on it and then a marble base and I just think that's adorable so I'll turn mine cuz I don't like the way the sticker looks and burn it and I think that's like super cute and chic right Rob super chic oh my gosh sup y'all welcome back to another vlog happy Saturday and for those of you who do not know this is Caroline else Channel I am the husband Rob just saying hey welcome to the video I got our G in the back hey what's up little man each other right now we are on our way to get some breakfast yeah so if you guys want to see what we get into right after this please just keep on watching there's ghosts in my car back secured and all that we just got back from Brandon bye good morning happy Saturday I'm so tired I'm just gonna keep it a buck right now I'm not funny our Z's not tired at all he has a graham cracker he wants to show everyone I'm so tired like literally oh my god you guys I've been having a bunch of Braxton Hicks contractions which they said is just your body getting prepared for labor and delivery but mama is exhausted you were flexing those muscles don't I want Rob and I to match at the hospital Rob so I want to plan out our outfits today about about for labor and delivery so when we're going into the hospital Rob and I kind of coordinate and match our outfits yes I'm extra hi I'm extra next to me what is going on are you doing rolls and flips flips and rolls whoa dad dad dad I came out of nowhere oh my comments hey hey can you wave hi wave hi to the camera ate all the mac and cheese oh you mean mac and cheese yeah good I hate so much it's gotten my dipey Rob sorry I guess you can cut that part out Thank You Artie hey hey all right you guys so our Jesus sleep okay I take that back he's not Italy he's like kicking around beneath he's gonna fall asleep soon so Rob and I are going to Courtney some outfits for the hospital right now Rob's gonna take out a couple of things and we're just gonna look at our options he's gonna show me what he wants to wear and what he would feel comfortable wearing to the hospital and I'm gonna see if I can find something to kind of match his because I feel like I have more clothes so if he just picks out like what he's comfortable in I can kind of make it work I feel like that'd be easier than me coming out with this like outfit and then Rob doesn't have anything to like go with it so we're gonna start with Rob's he's gonna bring out some options for us it's gonna be like a little fashion and she'll sell here we go oh okay many fashionable options yes you do what I do you have fashionable clothes I like that this is comfortable for me fun fact that never wanna shirt really I don't wanna get mainly cuz I've been too lazy to iron it with the adidas pants looks really nice okay okay so I have these two lace striped black and white like tops that I could wear with like a pair of black leggings if we wanted to do a black and white moment okay you guys option number two this top is mine it's a maternity top so I know I'm gonna be comfortable and this is Rob so we could both do like a tan matching moment with black leggings and the edita is black pants for Rob I think I like this one a little bit better option 2 is tan what do you think about this Rob I know but I wouldn't get like a picture what do you mean yes I am yeah but when we walk into the hospital together I want us to look like a unit and be like really cute and get like a picture okay so this is option number 3 that is my shirt right there like super loose like slouchy Rob's v-neck white shirt and then the part that I love about these outfits is that we both have olive sweat pants that we could wear and match so those are my sweat pants and these are Rob's and we would have our white shirts I love the head Rob is kind of on the fence about these olive pants because they're not the most comfortable and he doesn't know how he's gonna help me like labor right Rob moving all around restricted I was gonna say super skin tight oh yeah those are kind of tight but I think they look good nice on you but not for like the labouring process but I do love this outfit though I think we would look so cute like going into the hospital like that would be so good I love that one so let us know what you think okay this is option three option number two which I do love with black leggings for me or maybe black sweatpants I'm not decided yet so this is option number ten or option number one this is the first one that we showed and I'll wear again like black leggings or black sweatpants y'all I'm tired I can't be bothered searching for that right now black and white number one tan number two or the olive number three so depending on what you all vote for is what will wear it to the hospital I know it's not that big of a deal but you guys to me to me it is a big deal I just want like every moment to be just like special and thought out and just I don't know it's just fun okay I feel like I have to say this every video cuz I'm X that's okay and they love you to be and I'll better hit that notification bell and y'all better be smashing the like button if you got this far in the video and you haven't hit the like button pause it right now tell your mama tell your dad whoever is there with you I got hit this like button and you should too you heard it here first appreciate you rob my are you my number one Supporter of course definitely alright you guys so we are gonna end the video here yeah I really hope you all enjoyed today's video if you did please give it a thumbs up make sure you subscribe hit that Bell notifications so you never miss upload and we will see you all in the next video thank you so much for watching bye guys


  1. Hi Mrs Extra 😊 nice to watch your vlogs again,I love option 2…you guys are the cutest,I am glad I found your Chanel 😍😍

  2. Hi! Where did you get the board for teaching RG? Looking to start doing something like this with my 23 month old son. Thanks!

  3. Hi Cara! Congratulations🎉💗 I’m also pregnant and expecting a little girl!😭👶🏽 I’m 18 yrs old and just started my youtube journey. You inspire me💕 and I’d love it if you checked out my videos I already have 2 up😇

  4. I would of voted for White & Olive but since he said his pants would be uncomfortable then I would go with the tan coloured outfit!! 👌✌😉

  5. September 2 is my boyfriend’s birthday and our babygirl is due August 29. He’s wanting her to stay in those 4 extra days and make her appearance on his birthday, but I don’t think she’ll be overstaying her welcome in my belly. 😂
    RG is so freaking cuteeeee 😫🥰❤️

  6. I’m due September 18th ,I don’t think I’m going to make it to my due date lol! I’m having a girl as well!! Congratulations 🌻💜☺️

  7. Hey ya'll!!! I am excited for baby girl to make a entrance into this world!!!!! I love the black and white outfit to the hospital, BUT I really like the army green outfit as well!!!! Happy Sunday!! Praying for a safe delivery!!!! Happy Sunday!!

  8. Outfit #2!!! The white/olive outfit is super cute but for being comfy I think #2. Don’t want rob being all constricted in those tight pants lol.

  9. I love the olive and white ensembles the best then the black and white second best…This is so exciting…Stay blessed Guys…We do Love you Cara…LOL🙏🏾😊🖤

  10. Not extra at all, extra cute to coordinate your looks at the hospital and I hope you take lots of pics

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