STEINER Scraper IVF Egg Collection

welcome to our VF et flexkom I'm happy to introduce you my new steiner scrapper it is a device to enhance the release of the Khmer Rouge complex any needle on the market single lumen or double lumen idle or my steiner than even can be kicked on this device as soon as aspiration purpose on the device is starting a movement of 110 degrees here you can see the tip of the needle it is also interesting or important that it is very clearly seen at the ultrasound it is a like a blinking movement which you can see on the ultrasound any needle and the markets can be kicked at this device and as soon as I activate the spray ssin pump first anise flavor starts its movement movement the needle can be single woman or doctor woman as soon I activate the aspiration pump the scraper I hope this device will bring a benefit for you and the patients as well thank you for your attention

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