28 Replies to “Stella Creasy MP says Arlene Foster should not decide abortion issue in NI”

  1. As an Irish nationalist I would rather keep abortion out off the 6 counties in the north than having a United Ireland.

  2. Foster is so eminently unlikeable, I don’t know how she ever got elected. Every smile is forced. She doesn’t give a damn about anyone but herself. Abortion, Brexit. Deluded woman.

  3. There is no such thing as a 'rape baby'. Babies conceived of rape are no less human than babies conceived under consensual circumstances. Abortion is evil precisely because it involves the destruction of an innocent human life, with absolutely no consideration whatever for what is best for the unborn human.

  4. Arlene foster and her ilk support the right to life. Yet they rub shoulders with the local mafia gangs posing as community workers by day and plotting drugs extortion and murder by dark. Foster and her crew have never missed the opportunity of a photo call with these gangsters. What about the right to life when it comes to their associations with these thugs. For anyone who wants to see what these people really are like, attend their 12th july parades when their intimidating their own communities on the 11th and there they will all be religious leaders ( as well as their brainwashed flock) the smiling politicians and the marching crime lords along with their foot soldiers. Then come tell me these people aupport the right to life. They have no right to dictate what any woman should do with her body. Its between her and her god ( if there is one). Their aim in life is to dominate and intimidate anyone who isn't like then. I'm a better human being as an athiest than any of these chancers could even dream of being.

  5. Disgusted by Sinn Fein in the south for backing baby murder. They will never get my vote again ever!!!

  6. Devolution allows devolved legislatures to make their own decisions That is the same power to make different choices.

    When Arlene Foster says she wants the same treatment as other Uk countries, she is claiming common treatment under common laws, and devolved choices under devolved powers.

    She isn’t claiming that we should srap devolved Government.

    Stella Creasy must think the public are too thick to understand the difference.

  7. A British railway worker has for decades had a szchophrenia weapon practiced on him against his will.Sack or resin government minister for health as the NHS are involved in this government practice of brain torture and sack the transport minister for allowing scientists practice szchophrenia Inflicting weapons on a railway worker.Sack the head of the British transport police for allowing a szchophrenia Weapon torture to be used on a man.This is a human rights crime and working with the BBC or television industry is no shield it is no joke it is a grotesque a vile disgusting exploitation of a human life a disgusting unethical immoral human experiment on a man to take away his human rights.To create a disconnect to try and normalise psychological torture.End it and this railway worker will leave with a solicitor.This is real people this is a British disease of toxic arrogance by authorities practicing torture by sound weapons.They think The can call it a joke stealing a mans life they can't and that attempt is usual tv rubbish.They practice szchophrenia weapons on a man.They took his chances of life from him.

  8. The leader of the terrorist DUP the arrogant Arlene foster still hasn't been investigated for the RHI scam she ran funneling millions of taxpayer's money into loyalist bank accounts. She's now refusing to take her seat in Stormont as a stalling tactic hoping her deal with the equally inept Theresa May will postpone the inevitable swing in the demographics of n.Ireland to a nationalist majority. United Ireland by 2022.

  9. No work, no pay! I'm fed up with my tax paying MLA salaries when they haven't worked in over a year. Enough!! NI is now the least progressive country in the UK. Tired of living in the dark ages. Let's have a referendum on the right to choose.

  10. Regardless of what the woman decides to do with the baby, a man has no say. If he wants the baby and she does not, well tuff… (legally)
    But if he does not want the baby but she does, why can't a man, legally, have the right and choice over his own life, to not be a parent. No different to a woman choosing an abortion, right?

  11. Another bandwagon for stella creasey to clamber aboard so she can be a champion of a bunch of victims..she truly is a clintonite charleton.

  12. How does this rad fem even get on the tv for interviews, she is a loon.

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