Sterling K. Brown Compares Second Emmy Win to Childbirth

hi my name is sterling kay brown and one thing you may not know about me is that I like pretty socks so check it out everything's black but we got a pop of color right here and on the sock these are my lucky Emmy socks two years running namaste so how does the second wind compare to the first and both of them you sort of in a haze as you're going through the whole thing I can say that it doesn't get old like it doesn't feel like oh this is old hat like it feels brand new each time I kind of think of it the way when women talk about having children and they say that each pregnancy is different each delivery is different like they're all special but each one is its own thing and I think the nineteen years since another african-american had one and been recognized in this category like that meant something to me the fact that was Andre Braugher who went to Stanford University who's married to a beautiful black woman who went to NYU grad school right and who won for a drama on NBC this is starting to sound familiar I was like I followed the formula and I didn't even know it it was pretty cool so it feels special what did it mean to you to be able to thank the writers backstage I go sit in the writers room I listen to them hash out the details of Randall and Kevin and Kate and Jack in the back and they're so thoughtful and they are so egoless in their pursuit of trying to craft the best story we would be an improv troupe if we didn't have the writers and I'm sure we'd be okay but we wouldn't have gotten seven acting nominations for our show we owe them everything what can you tell us about what's in store for this season I've watched the first three episodes dan had a viewing party at his house and invited the producers the writers the directors and the cast and we were happy with what we saw now he showed us incomplete footage but what I saw the relationships are the beautiful struggle of humanity is there people just trying to make the best out of a crazy life it's there so folks who are fans I don't think we're gonna lose anybody season 1 ended on a couple of cliff hangers for Randall's does it pick up with answering those questions it does with with regards to pursuing adoption Beth and Randall pick up right there on his 37th birthday and they're gonna go to an adoption agency and they're very excited or at least Randall's very excited and Beth not quite so much but they figure out together how exactly they're gonna move forward with this thing so that's exciting I can't say too much more about it I want to but I can was there a moment you knew when it was there a script that you read that said this is something that could be that could be award-worthy Thanksgiving was the first time who I said that oh man this is he finds out about the betrayal and not knowing about his father and that his mom knew who he was and then we went to the cabin for the trip and I got a chance to act as my mother like oh this is fun and then Christmas I got a chance to talk to Jimmy Simpson on the roof I was like well this is this is fun too and so to build up into our journey to Memphis with William it felt like there was there was some heft behind it you know we each take turns supporting and leading on the show between Crissy Justin myself Mandy and Milo so when one person is up the other people sort of recede to the back a little bit and it felt like I had a nice little run towards the end that could possibly support this kind of opportunity you're competing in the category against vile oh how did the two of you work together with that all love man he's the best like my I was absolutely wonderful human being and we were both just happy to be in it right and we talked about it a while ago we're in terms of how we would submit ourselves and like yo man I think i'ma try and go lead I think I'm gonna try and go lead – bro just let the chips fall where they may and I was like let's do it let's do it so we were on the same page from the very beginning and it's been not that he's been the epitome of grace and graciousness through this whole process I love them how is this role change of career other than the trophy behind you was it when I was on army lives when people would recognize me they would say hey Roland is brolin oh my god now it feels like the transition is starting be like are you still in Cape Town oh my god so that's cool you like to hear your name when you're not in character do you not I mean and you you understand when people relate to you just as the character because I get it I'm a fan and the characters the thing that comes into your house but when they know your name I like them speaking of your name you mentioned that it was your father's and you were changed it so what did it mean for you to be in this role and then make that in your speech last night my dad was a special dinner we loved TV so much I'm in pops rewatched I got to watch Hill Street Blues and we'll be watching Barney Miller and like the fact that I'm an actor like I know he loved it like I know he's got a big fat smile on his face because we just we the first movie I ever watched with my dad on pay-per-view was a terminator but Jesus out of both of us my dad was a kind of reactive guy and similar to me like we didn't try to hide we let our emotions kind of flow relatively easily and so the fact that I had him as an example I never was caught up with this idea that I have to be a strong silent type was just like if you feel something just feel it it's really special the end for this role in particular with the death of William sort of mirroring my life and in that way I get a chance to say goodbye and he sees that in Heaton pnew he knows but it's nice to honor him in any small way that I get a chance to and now to be a father and to have two boys like I know that makes him happy too you

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  2. I've been in love with him since Army Wives. Like no joke. He's beautiful in every way. And the way he loves he's wife. swoon worthy.

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