Steven Crowder and Dave Rubin Discuss Abortion and Climate Change

so a lot of this stuff I always vacillate between that everything bad in the world is the media's fault and everything is politicians fault but really it's both of them right like when you watch the White House Correspondents Dinner and you really see how close these guys are and you know they call it nerd prom and they think they're so edgy and cool because they're all nerds together but it's like you guys are going to parties together you guys are going to dinners together there are a good jillion examples of politicians being married to members of the media or their children or in the media or every type of nepotistic connection you can possibly imagine do you think it's basically 50/50 at who's at fault over how screwed up our our whole conversation is no I think it's entirely due to the left and then I know really listen you talk what do you really think yeah yes you talk about media entertainment industry it's entirely to the left wildly to the left and so you're right about these relationships right these cozy relationships between media and members of you know members of office but then they try and take them they go so mainstream media is just it's funded by the Koch brothers and Big Oil listen you cannot tune in to CNN MSNBC a they could go Fox News Fox News Fox News okay what about ABC NBC CBS CNN MSNBC every single other news source it's not Fox News is pushing the clot the man-made global climate climate change agenda so I have to get that right it's not global warming they're always pushing you know the LGBTQA AIP agenda right now with with the laws in North Carolina they're always pushing the anti corporate anti Republican agenda so people think because there's some kind of corporate influence that it automatically means that media is conservative it couldn't be further from the truth you can look at the numbers you can look at the statistics an overwhelming number of people not only in executive positions but people who work in the industry whether it's Hollywood music or media are entirely entirely left so if people watch it and they think that they're dishonest or they feel like the mainstream media has misled them I would agree that rests entirely at the feet of the left Republicans have had plenty of opportunities and they've screwed it up to Fox News included and a lot of AM radio I get but the reason Fox News and AM radio are singled out by the left is because those are the only two mediums that aren't 100% dominated by far left influencers so I want to make sure people who are watching this in to the young audience good corporate media man it's still to the left very far to the left and I hope people realize that yeah I Ben Shapiro laid out a very similar case for that when he was on but all right I know a lot of my audience is gonna be shaking their fist that some of the things you just said so let's back up a little bit climate change now I had Michael Mann dr. Michael Mann from Penn State he's one of the most respected climate scientists in the world he laid out the case for climate change he laid out the 97% of scientists in this field that believed that manmade climate change is real so alright that's I let him on for an hour and laid it out so I'll give you two minutes to debunk I got to go listen I'm not going to debunk climate change but the 97% is bullshit if you look at the questionnaire basically if you didn't believe in climate change you were not included in the sample study this is taken from two examples people can look it up we've written about it on the website there is a petition out there now again I'm not a scientist so I'm not going to talk from the point of view of a scientist but I will talk from the point of view of consensus little-known fact science isn't governed by consensus it's governed by what's right but if we're going to use the consensus argument there's a petition out there with over 30,000 registered scientists several thousand atmospheric scientists which means that right away you're in double digit percentage points of the qualified atmospheric scientists proactively going out of their way to sign a pledge saying we don't believe in either manmade climate change or that man-made climate change will have the catastrophic results that these people are pushing that number is patent bullshit and a great example and we ran this is when you have Ted Cruz in there and four with a Sierra Club the head of the Sierra Club and he asked them about the pause this is the head of the Sierra Club the most influential environmental impact Lobby in DC we want to talk about corruption in Ted Cruz I want to know how you explain the pause the head of the Sierra Club goes to his intern well we would like to rely on the consensus of the 97% but those scientists are pointing people at the Sierra Club in the Sierra Club appeal this head of the Sierra Club doesn't have any numbers to back it up do I think that the climate is changing yeah is it possible that there's manmade climate change maybe will that have catastrophic results we can't prove that yet people don't agree on that you you want to wait you want to wait till Miami is uh Miami's are supposed to be gone Dave anyone who watched in Inconvenient Truth which was the big catalyst that put Al Gore on a board at Apple to collect billions of dollars while masseuses were rubbing his feet and he was doing their arches know that all these predictions were wrong they were verifiably false there's more ice in the Antarctic than ever before I'm not saying there's no way that humans could be contributing to climate change but to believe that it is going to have catastrophic results and to believe that the United States government can fix it is ridiculous and how do they want to fix it more legislation more control more power so when someone if someone has a vested interest here again if I could get big oil money if I could get big fracking money I would take it and let you know I've not received a dime but if someone's grant depends on them saying that the earth is warming and we need to fix it now those people have a vested interest in proving their theory and they're not disclosing it and all they do is say I'm funded by big oil I'm just saying that I'm pretty skeptical and have looked at the list of 30,000 scientists signing a petition just that list means the 97% number is complete bullshit if that were a valid scientific argument which it isn't all right well in the spirit of healthy discussion I had man on you just I gave you your two minutes you took every second of it and now let people do a little googling that's a thing right and let them let them see what they think and then I'll bring it I'm not mad at you I just know this goes relative scientists I'm not a scientist I'm not I'm not claiming to be a scientist by the way big fracking money is that a thing because I would love to be IO I'm funded by the big fracking people that sounds that just sounds good well that's a big part of what's it contributed to nearly all of the new employment under Barack Obama's presidency despite his best efforts it is an amazing it is a miracle fracking is an absolute miracle for United States energy dependence but I guess left us want us to be dependent on countries like Saudi Arabia where they have no EPA's they couldn't give two shits about a clean atmosphere and ship it on tankers overseas the BP oil spill exxon valdez that happens every every year multiple times a year in the middle of the ocean you just don't see it so there's no seagull caught in the oil spill that people feel bad about on a CNBC report and people act like we're getting what what do you think your electric car what do you think the energy comes from two giant non recyclable batteries most of our electricity United States a significant portion still comes from coal you're plugging it in using coal energy people just don't use it's a white guilt thing it's a social justice warrior white guilt and I'm not saying that someone cannot make a valid argument for climate change I'm not saying that and if that scientists were on here with me he would eat my lunch I absolutely agree but when you are trying to take away my private rights as an American citizen that's where I have the right to be skeptical and you have Bill Nye saying that we should be jailed now that's crazy all right so I'm with you on that and of course as a more limited government guy I'm with you on the idea that government can't solve everything if the climate really is out of control the idea that the United States government or even the UN you know they get together and they have all the Kyoto conference and this the Paris thing that they had and all this stuff they get together they say all these things literally everything they say is non-binding there's no enforcement that the UN has to do any of these things so they sign these papers they say oh this is what we're going to do over the course of next 30 years and you know whether they do you know yeah I went to the climate summit yeah the one in Cancun yeah people who say oh it was fear-mongering first off the Kyoto Protocol is total and complete utter horseshit and it would destroy people in third-world countries who need energy you know these people aren't time up about running their cars they're trying to feed a can of beans over an ironing board in the trashcan right so your solar panels might feel good if you're living out there in Palm Springs these people can't afford it suddenly I was there I was there when Ted Turner got up on stage and proposed communist China's one-child policy he wanted that to be binding on the protocol I was there when he proposed that so when people say you're your I'm the extremist just saying hey let's wait a little bit and this guy is getting up with world leaders proposing a one-child policy by the way how do you enforce that I can do the googling it's not by writing an angry letter these people are extremists they're religious extremists and that's my issue not a debate over scientific consensus but when someone wants to tell me I can't have more than one child govern it mandated we have some problems okay so let's let's split the difference for the sake of the conversation let's say between between Michael Mann and what you've said that the truth is somewhere in between maybe it's a little human-made and let's say something's happening let's say maybe it's not even humanity but let's just say something's happening right now sure so for you as someone that obviously economics is a big part of what you think and you know what you care about what the government's role should be is based in economics don't you think that the government could perhaps do a little more to invest in green energy so that there's still an economy there so you're not so maybe maybe we'll burn less coal but there's a lot of money to be made in wind power and solar power and all of those other things like so there you're not losing you're just shifting where money is not losing money or you gotta not lose your jobs what's that are you out of your tree sir it's al Indra look at green companies the biggest green company I think in the world I know everyone yells Solyndra I know that's one that's well not cilinder but another one last week just went bankrupt I don't have it in front of me we wrote about it on the website it consistently doesn't work when you try and force the market and manipulate the market that's how you end up with big bank bailouts that's how you end up with the housing crisis that's how you end up with Solyndra it doesn't work there are people who are going to respond to market forces and we're going to get better energy we're going to find other ways to power us through the next century by the way we have more than enough energy right now in natural resources for more than a century of peak oil myth is another thing it's a myth particularly now that you include fracking into the equation no I don't think the government should step in and force companies to and the only way they can do that now is force companies to invest in wind or solar and inevitably they end up going bankrupt because it doesn't work and by the way a big reason it doesn't work is because of Democrats right why were wind wind turbines killed out there on the East Coast because of people like Ted Kurt Turner who didn't want to look at them and they were killing Eagles or if it was why were solar panels killed in Mojave Desert because of some endangered species of mosquito or insect I don't even know why mosquitoes exist I think you could feed fish with something that is much less annoying I don't get it but that was the reason in the Mojave Desert if you can't put solar panels in the Mojave Desert and you can't put wind turbines off the cake coast of Cape Cod you can't do it yeah you know I was driving up to a couple months back I was driving up to Noma from here in LA and there's a huge swath of area where you pass tons and tons of turbines in the mountains you know it's nobody lives near them or anything I actually thought it looked really cool like it felt like I was like oh this is what the future is but yeah I guess people don't don't want that in their backyard but all right let's let's leave that one but liberals do it that's the problem liberals say you have to invest in this and then screw you on the other side we're going to give you a grant we want you to what we're gonna punish you with some kind of terrorists if you don't invest enough green energy okay fine let's put up these panels in Maumee desert can't do that there's a mosquito are you shitting me that's the process they're wrong on every turn I'm just saying let them do what's most profitable as long as they're obeying the rules and then we don't have to screw a company and bail them out with taxpayer down so if anything you I think you think you're being the true environmentalist by not killing the birds that are flying into these things I don't care about birds birds are jerks but birds are jerks birds are jerks all right good finish for that one all right so let's talk about the abortion thing for a little bit because this is the one that I think there is so little middle ground and I think if people really would talk about it in an honest way and not constantly demonize everyone else's intent I think we could make a little headway so you're against abortion altogether right you or do you have some exceptions here's what I do okay yeah I think it's murder do I think the best way to deal with an incest or rape problem is to kill the child no but since it's less than a single percentage point of abortions okay let's take it off the table let's say fine for that our liberals are left us willing to do anything else to curb abortions are they willing at all to deviate from free abortion on demand any time period and they're not okay so I'm with you on the so I think I'll say it you took a principled approach there you're saying that there's this 1% now every way make everyone makes it sound like the the rape situation or the mother dying is a much bigger percentage than it is so I'm gonna take your word that it is 1% I'll go with you on that one fact check me at all just take my word for it that's what I live for Dave again google people but ok so that you're taking a pretty you're saying I'm willing as someone that believes this is murder I'm willing to just throw that out for the for the sort of good of the conversation so okay I think that's a pretty decent place to start I mean my feeling on it is at some point I do believe that it is murder I mean I don't know for me it's like I don't know what the point is I don't know if that's at and this is of course with scientists and philosophers and you know right people have debated forever you know is it the second the sperm touches the egg I don't think so I think there might be a couple months in there where it's the cosmic stew before it is a human but you know I've had I've had people on my show when I've talked about abortion who have said until it is literally out of the woman's body you can have an abortion I would never go for that I mean there were babies born at five months because something's wrong and they live they're perfectly normal lives well so that's what that's voted ya know I defend babies that were born from survived abortions and being tossed in a linen closet in Illinois he was the only person of any democrat or republican in the state who said no we don't need to protect them these babies who have survived abortions let him die in a linen closet and he said because there were already laws in the books the reason this was there on the floor for a vote was because it wasn't working so again if we want to talk radical babies who are breathing who are crying who are left in a linen closet to die Barack Obama voted to ensure that could still happen as opposed to voting present which he did a significant amount of time again so I don't think it's extremists for me to say all right let's toss those out what can we do to limit abortions versus someone saying now even if they survived the abortion that's the lady's choice let it die and again it's been painted from the social justice where you're left because right away I'm a sexist or even you for what you said you would have feminists who would be all over you and what's your you have no right at any point even though there's a scientific argument to be made at conception or much earlier than feminists want to admit it doesn't matter were considered the extremists because we're against it at all and I don't I don't think that what I'm saying is untenable or less reasonable than Barack Obama's voting record on abortion I think it's far more reasonable right well that's why I hate this discussion is so stupid because the right makes it sound like the left just wants to kill babies and the left makes it sound like the right just hates women and neither one of those things are true I assume the left once you're married to a woman aren't you so I'm pretty sure you're Pro woman I'm not you Dave I'm married to a woman that's it we that's what marriage oh it's been oh right right right we'll get to that one too um so okay so I would oh so stupid a Palm Beach there's an old person this is gonna be sick it didn't real heat my actual and I should my wife just like I can't believe about human bring someone who shot me no no no no not about me but about someone else who clearly was and then I don't know and I was just been ringing in my head I was looking for an excuse to do it I'm sorry well you're working out too much you know I do mean that's that's the tip-off for a lot of people so okay so with the abortion thing so if you take the position as you've just laid out and you were to for not force women to have babies it sound it sounds silly but you know say a woman can't have an abortion but she can't afford it she doesn't want the child etc etc would you be for having the government helped in some way once that child is in the world because that's where I think we can maybe get to a little common ground on this it's one thing to say all right why don't I get abortion but then you know what there's still a child there who's ultimately the victim because of because of the parents poor decision to either have sex in the first place or or go ahead and do what they had to do well I disagree with your premise forced to have a baby you know again if we're taking away the less than a percentage point of a percent with rape and incest no no I get it people are gonna have sex no no I get that but I'm talking about after that people are gonna make mistakes people are going to miss important because they oppose anything that would prevent that situation a great example is listen and I'm not a huge fan of all the foreign aid that George Bush did but who did the most good for Africa the AIDS epidemic than any all presidents combined was George Bush and it wasn't even close and it wasn't just because of money it's because he was the first guy people don't like him because as a Christian and they hate the abstinence education but he went in and said hey if you rape a virgin you're still going to have AIDS you guys should actually abstain from sex let's teach the morality as it relates to sex and then throw some condoms at them and it worked verifiably it worked same thing with with Christian conservatives here in the United States someone's saying listen the only thing that stops this idea that abstinence only education that's not a mainstream thing it's not a thing okay abstinence only means the only thing that works is abstinence the only thing that can guarantee you won't get pregnant to prevent an STD is abstinence left us don't want to do that because that's a moral absolute that needs to be taught to kids and then you can teach them to be more responsible but the leftist voting constituency listen they're not becoming more sexually responsible the left has done a great listen let's just talk about the black American community a huge disservice a black child has the likelihood of being born as they do of being aborted at this point it's almost a 50/50 shot and that was a proactive set up from people like Sanger in underprivileged neighborhoods there is no reason in 2016 that they shouldn't learn and if the Democrats want to talk about helping impoverished communities that they should not have measurably improved these numbers of people getting pregnant or accidental pregnancies they haven't they have no interest in doing that so my fight has always been along further on the beginning of that logic bus right where you can ding-ding let's get off here and the left doesn't want to because inevitably it comes back to more control and Planned Parenthood and federal funding yes I support adoption we've considered adopting I think it's a great thing if you look at people who adopt it tends to be Christian conservatives as a general rule or transsexuals depending on what's what the theme of the day is if you're watching I am Cait um but but it's true they were all upset and I I'm Caty like can you believe that I have to disclose that I'm trans yes if you're trying to adopt a child as a mother I think it would be important information that you have a dick I don't think that's hate speech to check that box does have this not allowed to make hair you said bullshit like five times yeah no you're allowed hey listen you know I told you I have a crack team of researchers here they just flash in front of me as you were talking about on your 1% stat on the on the rape thing they're saying the closest person the closest they can find to the 1% thing was a study done in 1989 so there you go so but I think your point is that maybe it's 5% maybe it's 1% I would like to hear them come up with a different number because again the left doesn't even want to present a number they just want to say well what about what what about if there's a sigh a me I've heard even heard this in college humanities class right and then will people right when you learn correlation doesn't causation and a few buzz words are like Young Turks really just play the drinking game with mainstream media right but they don't want to educate themselves and what that actually means the left should present some numbers on that they don't want to they operate in the dark I want to shine a light on as much of it as possible but yeah it's hard to get those numbers because people don't want to report rape and so the left says you just have to take our word for it one in four women is raped and if you argue against it you're sexist which is a complete total BS number that means one of every four women we know has been raped anyone with a shred of common sense knows it's it's a lie yeah well that goes to the lack of trust that I think the mainstream media without using that as the the pejorative style but just you know the the cable news operation has just become just terrible in the way that it reports news you know they're basically just doing panels all day of people that got everything wrong six months before and they just rope them out again right I mean you can literally I was watching CNN the other day and it's like oh there's Gloria Borger again she predicted everything wrong let's now what's she going to predict they do this with everybody and then of course it's also campaign managers debating other campaign managers you are never going to get anything remotely close to true and then of course their analysts are also former administration officials whose jobs it used to be to lie you know if you're Jay Carney the press secretary and now you're now you're supposed to be an analyst it's the height of stupidity so that's mainstream media find it's easy to knock it as you just alluded to but I also think there's a huge danger now with what's going on with the online media that has completely dropped the ball I think there was a moment there was about a three year window a couple of years back where the online media started doing some really beautiful stuff really talking about things in a new way talking about money in politics talking about real issues that just couldn't percolate up to the mainstream and then what happened is everyone jumped in and said well I'm a news guy I'm a you know and I say this with all due irony I do the best I can here but I'm you know I'm in the online world I hold myself to you I don't sell yourself short listen you actually try you're not just regurgitant you're not just regurgitating clickbait Credle right thank you I respect that so people watching should should appreciate that about you have people out there who made millions in online media and never so much as written an original column because they've just figured out we spend X amount in advertising and we make this amount back by just aggregating the best stories with a hat tip at the bottom and you're right it's a real problem right so there's a lot of that and there's just new sites popping up every day funded by a lot of times people with a lot of money to push an agenda and it's all being presented as news so how do you navigate what you find is true and what you find is worth listening to I think it's really hard to do I mean even when you know I try to follow things that I don't agree with and I follow some things I agree with and half the time I'm like I don't know if either one of these are giving me anything close to the truth no I think you're right and that's a real problem we've been plagiarized a lot and I know they'll accuse anyone of being clickbait because we do anywhere from four to six articles a day compared to 60 or 70 which is typical of these places just have staffs of people and all they do is find out a title you know like for me it was a point where we severed relationships just when they were just Marco Rubio billionaire secret closeted gay boy toy okay you know this is enough like you know I can't can't even be friends with you people that's been a big problem with the Trump situation you know you have these people who support Trump who work for some of these big sites and we've even received backroom threats if we don't step up and get in line for Trump from conservatives they see me as more of an enemy than leftist and I'll praise Trump when he's been right and I've criticized him when he's been wrong same thing with Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio but the issue is they'll also go out and go look we have these numbers you know a few of these conservative sites that sites that supported Trump did way better than those who didn't it's changing guys well all that says is you're just you know clickbait crap and you're proud of it it doesn't matter if it's true it doesn't matter if it's if it's honest doesn't matter if there's original content and yet it is a real problem what I do and what I recommend people do if they're trying to figure out the truth follow you people like The Young Turks I can't stand them they're almost always wrong HuffPo salon that's why we're the first ladders Crider calm like we only have me not gay Jerrod Courtney Casey Brody that that's our entire staff but we're constantly reading salon and HuffPo and BuzzFeed and then responding to it because most conservatives don't even have it on the radio so I always recommend just listen no one is unbiased have stuff that's far the left have stuff that's far to the right so you at least know what both sides are saying and then draw your own conclusions trying to do the CNN we're straight down the middle thing it's a lie it's never existed so I always recommend that people have both clear left and right and make their decisions because either way someone's going to try and pitch you yes so is the real irony here that you know everyone says well you know the mainstream media is funded by the corporations and those are the same corporations that are funding the candidates and wobble-bottom there's obviously some truth to that without question and that shows why some of it sucks but that the online media I don't think people have sort of caught up to what you just said which it is because it's just driven by clicks the truth is the first thing out the window because all you want to do is write the most salacious headline get somebody to click out of Twitter get somebody to watch that that ad on YouTube and all that and I know very much for work from what we did from literally day one I was the first thing that I did on this show was lay out the rules of how I'm gonna guide this show and I said we're not gonna do clickbait and I know even sometimes I'll talk to my producers after and we'll know that we can get more views if we frame this a certain way or if we try to rig the system and we go out of our way not to do it because I'm trying to do something that that I'm proud of but a lot of these guys they just want clicks and that's no better than being funded by a corporation or anything else no no absolutely not via that we could do twice the numbers we've run the numbers if we just talked about Trump non-stop yeah and we don't we just don't do it now there's difference you know you want people to click your content you want to grow you know our rule is anything we title people it's a window right the window to a shop they know exactly what they're getting and then come in because I want more not whoa the bombshell Donald Trump drop that you won't believe you know our title would be something like Donald Trump accuses Ted Cruz of extramarital affairs here's the evidence I like the head wave you did with the other one could you do that oh you will believe absolutely magical Rubio yeah you seize all the time or sending you know Bernie Sanders let the cat out of the bag on here you recruit you know like if it doesn't let anyone know and they have to click it to find out what it is that's clickbait having a title that people want to click and learn more and we've learned listen long-term what we've seen a lot of companies drop like flies and listen we're not perfect and we've screwed up but our interactions on social media as opposed to clicks far outnumber clicks because the people who do read it click it share it want other people to be informed and so a lot of these people have taken a crap on social media or YouTube by just getting the click but the retention rate is terrible or people leave and and that's being fixed there's an anti conservative bias at Facebook but yeah I appreciate that you do have integrity with this this program and that you you do try and frame it that way a lot of people out there don't and I will say it's probably worse in the conservative community than the left because wow you're conceding some ground I can see ground all the time listen your hair is better than me right now you've got a better makeup team get a better vacation than I did you made better choices with that um that's this is true listen you're prettier than I am but um yeah I think no I think there's there's a lot of ground to be conceded the thing I like about Donald Trump is that he doesn't apologize when he doesn't think he's wrong the problem is he never thinks he's wrong if I'm wrong I'll apologize if I don't think I'm wrong I'm not going to apologize because someone marches me out and that's a big difference to between me and other conservatives for you may have had on the show no one pays me you know we make ad revenue or YouTube or starting a membership it won't change the free content I pay my employees and hopefully pay myself because I've worked for other people and I know you've been in that situation and it's a really tough situation to be because someone else has final call and you know I mean a good example would be like I know you don't want to talk about them because you worked it but like The Young Turks I think the stuff is just complete just untrue it's just untrue or they go on now they don't even try right it's just Jensen oh come on simple stuff folks ok don't be ridiculous and then he is or games like yeah yeah and then they have that guy who's clearly just trotted out because he's gay and he just reiterates what Anita says like there's Nita I don't know her name I always forget name um I'm just letting go I'm just letting you go here is it Anita I'm just letting you go I don't know if it is fine whatever it is but they have that guy come out like yeah yeah I totally think you're right it was kind of like when rachel maddow started and she was come on and so every review piece and that was it it's just it gets to a point where there's no one on there to question them so they can bitch about mainstream media all they want but they do have funding of course people know it's not like it's been always been entirely independently run or they've built their own studios people know that there's some money behind them and they have a vested interest in protecting a narrative my only thing is I just ask that people be honest yeah I just ask people be honest about their point of view and then let the cards fall where they may if people do that we do not have a problem even if you're Jesse Ventura fluoride in the tap and deodorant is a government form of mind control go with it as long as you're honest about it that's my man Jesse Ventura an aura oh that's right sorry I forgot you see what you've correct we'll edit that out no guess well we don't know at that out because or is it a school us on the fact that Jesse ventures no the fact the flyed in your tap you know it's a beautiful thing I've said this before but the the beauty of my situation with aura is from day one they said to me don't make the show that you think we want you to make make the show you want to make and they have never once said literally one word to me about editorial or any of the direction we're doing anyway listen we could talk forever and I've thoroughly enjoyed this and this is what the battle of ideas is all about so to wrap this thing up do you think that by 2020 that we will have a viable third party because it's pretty obvious to me that there is a new center growing a people a group of people who are a little more socially liberal and I know you're obviously not a socially liberal as I am but who have a little more of that who have who want a smaller government who want to figure out a fairer tax system but still believe in strong defense like I think there's something really growing here who really believe in free speech of course and all that so do you think there is a moment where we might get a third party coming in 2020 that's my hope out of out of all the craziness from this situation well I have two questions for that and I know we have to go where do you think that I'm not a socially liberal as you well I think if we do skipped over the whole gay marriage thing but I know you're basically okay on it and I know you like to kind of joke about it but you're basically it doesn't reel in the state it's a state issue and the Supreme gets a vile you know Supreme Court again it's a power grab that they had no authority to take just like well they enjoy equal protection clause so but we could argue about the legalities of that all day long but I got your point I know you're basically there well mild points that people will say well Ted Cruz wants to ban dildos is like an example C's group no he didn't he was fighting for states rights because there was some kind of dildo banning thing in states I don't think there should be a federal Department of Education there was a dildo banning thing did that go completely is it all thing of course is put out and he was fighting for states rights in front of I don't know which High Court it was I don't know if it was a Supreme Court the point is yeah listen there can be an absurd there can be a state law that bans scary-looking hats they've existed I think they're silly but I think a state has the right to do that just say again I think a state has the right to declare polygamy legal if they want to right if we're at that point the problem with people is a supreme court and people talk about abortion or talk about social issues like I think drugs are a state issue and so people think because I'm deeply Christian conservative myself and I'm open about it that somehow I believe that should be enforced like that I don't so I wanted to just clarify that as far as third party well you say fair taxi that comes I don't know what's the what's people need to put a number on it I'm not going to be standing in the centrist party if I don't agree with these people on policy and ideas free speech is great but there's got to be more to it than that and so I you know I think the tea party was effective in taking over the Republican Party and keeping it accountable for a season and now we have this this big problem maybe you'll see that with a Democrat Party I don't think you're going to see a third party anytime soon that's viable and I don't want to see a fracturing of the votes we're like in Canada you can have a prime minister who's elected with 35% of the vote you know listen that's the reason the two-party system exists it doesn't this guy doesn't represent everyone but 50 percent or so of the population on both sides feel like there is enough of a representation and that's better than 15 candidates representing this specific niche really really well that's how you fragment it and they get democratic socialism because all of a sudden you have enough of a mob who bands together and they can democratically vote to take away someone else's right yeah I mean I hear you on that but I'm the more I think about it I see that 50/50 thing as just being this much of something that's really this big and we don't talk about all those other ideas out there so it's gonna be a gift Dave Rubin good oh no I walked right into that one all right listen we're gonna flip the script right now and I'm gonna join you on your show so we're gonna put the link below right over there on the on the YouTube machine give me a plug give my site a pop you didn't even plug anything I'm about to do the plugs you guys could check out louder with Crowder it's on the YouTube and it's pretty much everywhere you have like 18,000 methods of distribution but it's slash steven crowder that's Steven with a V and you want to do one other pimping yeah what's ladder with crider comm because sometimes we'll get banned stuff either from YouTube or Facebook so latte with credo commas where people can subscribe to anything and there are articles but I appreciate the valiant effort and thank you for the plug

34 Replies to “Steven Crowder and Dave Rubin Discuss Abortion and Climate Change”

  1. As a Tree Hugging Planetist, I do everything I can to better the planet. That's why I eat more meat than a pride of lions, Modify all of my vehicles to decrease MPG, dump my neighbor's recycling bins into their trash bin at night, why I dispose of my car batteries in the landfill. The faster we get this done the sooner our planet can have this abortion.

    I love my planet and that's why I'm helping her through this. I don't want to be called a hero, I'm just doing what any good tree hugger would do!

  2. “Hi, crazy fringe right-wing bigot and homophobe ! I’m Dave Rubin. Welcome to my show! How about a few softball questions for a 30 minute interview wherein I give you just a little bit more credibility than you deserve?”

  3. At 3:03, I want you to listen to what Steven is saying. Process it, pause if you need to. I his excitement and aggression, you will notice, that what he is saying is backed by nothing. It is bullshit. He disagrees with the consensus thing (which is stated as a percent), with a counter argument saying that a bunch of people (is number is unspecific because it is not put into perspective with the population of climate and atmospheric scientists). Crowder, stop spewing bullshit. Rubin, feel free to step in when you realize his arguments have no validity.

  4. I have heard from a reliable source that wind turbines actually cost more energy to maintain than there output.

  5. Rubin: I give you 2 minutes
    Crowder: spouts 2 minutes of BS about science that is easily debunked by searching the web

  6. Actually the liberal justices slipped the Gay Marriage laws in under due process clause. This was done specifically to set precedent for future sjw causes. Equal protection would make way more sense, but it doesn't open as many doors.

  7. It’s just ridiculous to not believe in climate change

    The oceans are dying
    Trees are going on the millions to put up real estate
    Islands that support life are going from weather

    They never put half of this on the news

    Stop being dumb and get a clue

  8. Ruben are you an effing idiot there are no a couple months where it's the cosmics stew. Do you realize that at 18 days a baby has a heartbeat and it has a liver and has two Lungs and it has two arms and two legs and hopefully 10 fingers and toes to ears to eyes and nose a central nervous system a respiratory system it just needs to incubate. Come on man do your homework. Life begins at conception and as the child grows it is murder to kill it

  9. Ruben there can be no middle ground on the abortion "thing" as you say abortion is the taking of a life we need to get back to that reality.

    Here’s a study from 2016 about abortion statistics. It is less than 1% lol

  11. Wow, this was so intense and stressful to watch lol. I watched a Rubin Report with Ben Shapiro and that was so chill and so stress-free. Crowder was really weird and a bit rude this time around.

  12. I love you Steven, but the Oregon petition with 30,000 signatures you were talking about has been verified as false. Many of the signatures included bogus names, and none of the signatures were verified scientists

  13. Oook, I've not yet seen enough of Crowder, but when he said he was "deeply Christian", the denial of climate change made a bit more sense. I've noticed most individuals against climate change are religious, which makes sense if you think that the world we inhabit was built solely for you and your fellow men.

    That being said, I would like to see more of Crowder's opinions. I think that too often (even among those of us that like to consider ourselves free-thinkers), we throw the baby out with the bath-water.

  14. "Cosmic stew"? What the hell is that, Dave? It's never a random set of cells detached from each other that happen to be in a mix. It's a living and growing organism with a very specific objective and genetic code. And there's definitely not a couple of months! they have a functional heart at week 6, not to mention a functioning nervous system very early on.

  15. I think shifting towards a greener future would be ideal, how to get there is the real issue, i don't think completely denying climate change is gonna take us anywhere, same with the fearmongering and extreme divisiveness the left promotes "if you are skeptic then you are less than shit" i think this is one of those topics where both sides need to leave their interests and pride behind to find a real solution.

    We cannot ignore the economics of the issue, as Crowder exposed, we can end up with another problem in our hands and one that will affect people in a more direct way than climate change currently does.

  16. does this mean the right loves truth, and the left loves to falsify information to justify an unconcealed motivation ie; abortion=have sex all over the place (no sexual responsibilities), climate change= more government (spend more my money), political correctness= I can control what you say because my argument has no strength and I just don't agree with you hashtag I'm offended by everything, I am the #1 victim card.

  17. If women can kill a child upon live birth after abortion attempt. It should be allowed to kill that woman because she has murdered her child.

  18. Abortion is caused by laziness and stupidity of people both men and women. If you are adult and you have unprotected sex and you get pregnant then you are responsible for you action. I mean both men and women. Man should be accountable for the child not only women. You can prove by DNA test. We should have a law to have an irresponsible father pay for a child not all tax payers.

  19. ‘’Louder’’ is what Crowder does when he knows our rights and very survival are at stake. He knows our mother earth needs to be cared for- however, they are just taking the completely wrong paths while cloaking us with supposedly moral justified programs that don’t fully work. And if you'd research past the left wing media, you’d find that out from the people that ran them and believed in them. He’s saying, because the media is so skewed to the left and this issue seems to not allow for anyone else to have a say, we’re not hearing all the fact from even the rest of the scientists- for everyone to try and make thought out decisions.

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