100 Replies to “Steven Universe – Life & Death & Love & Birth Song”

  1. Steven- The words relate to the key,
    Peridot- Key? :Holds up a key:
    Me- EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE every time, where did the key come from??
    Her face tho XDDDD

  2. Steven's song is all opposites… Life and Death… Peace and war… Does Steven see his birth as the end/ opposite to his parents' love?

  3. I clicked to another part of the video just before Steven said birth so i heard peridot saying "KEY" instead and it scared me…

    Me when I look at my fandom
    "but I guess I am too…"
    me when I realize I'm part of my fandom

  5. This has little to do with the song but I feel that peridot would get along well with a lapis/amethyst fusion
    especially if it were as stable as garnet due to their bond individual bonds with peridot
    or better yet a triple fusion between the three

  6. Guys, love is garnet and Pearl is life, amethyst is birth and Rose is death!!! Garnet learned how to love, Pearl stood be side rose, amethyst had changes through her feelings, rose died and shattered pink diamond

  7. What a beautiful song! Thank you for posting this beautiful song it's really nice and calming and I want to say thank you once more for posting!

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