Stillbirths 4

Juanita has been training to be a midwife for only six months four weeks from now with the help of her trainer she'll be delivering this woman's baby a year from now she'll be on her own instead rusticated leadership domitalia Swami don't worry you should use family planning hi ava is a gynecologist in telecom most of the women who come to the district hospital here come in an emergency the last resort when a pregnancy goes wrong her name is Chingy she's 20 maybe younger and she's carrying her first baby to get here she's traveled nine hours by Jeep along Rocky Mountain tracks it emerges that a woman in her village a traditional birth attendant gave her injections of oxytocin the drug used to induce labor the contractions began three days ago but her pelvis is too small and now the baby's heart is failing they wheel her to the operating theatre the baby is not delivered immediately it'll die she Tunes in great danger there is a risk at her home will rupture the doctors decide on an emergency cesarean she's doing her day clothes that she's helped on to the operating table less than a quarter of an hour later they deliver her baby on um it's a girl she makes no sound but she's alive they give the baby oxygen the biggest heart it's all good sakamoto via the deaf the mother will live because she was able to get to hospital but it was too late to save her baby

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