Stillborn abortion and concentration camps in America

life changes really quickly three weeks ago I had an ultrasound with my family and I found out officially that we were having a little baby boy and I knew that I was pregnant as soon as it happened and I knew that he was a boy and his name was Elijah Elijah Morrison and this name came to me pretty instantly and I feel like he chose that name a week later I went in for a routine appointment just to take the heartbeat check my blood pressure things like that and they couldn't find the heartbeat it came by complete shock because I felt fine I didn't have any signs it was no bleeding I didn't have any pain and I just I lost it I broke down and I had my little son with me he's two and so I had to pull myself together and I had to drive home and that was the longest drive and I remember how hard the rain fell and I remember the storm that night how hard the wind blew I felt like a tornado and through the devastation and a shock I decided to go into work the next morning so that my family didn't have to just see me cry I didn't think that my children deserve that and they're not old enough to process any of this yet so I received the call when I was at work to get to the hospital and they were going to induce me so I could deliver a stillborn they didn't give me any information on what I needed to bring or if I needed to prepare anything and I was completely unprepared I was about 22 weeks pregnant so a little too early to have backs packed or anything like that and I just remember a lot of waiting they came in immediately started taking my blood with the ivn took my blood pressure there was no ultrasound to make sure that he was in fact not alive that there was a mistake I found that a little odd but I didn't want to press the issue and when you're delivering is stillborn you're in a room that you deliver a regular live baby and you can hear the other babies crying down the hallway and in the room you see pictures of newborns information about breastfeeding the room was actually nicer than the room that I had when I delivered and like I said there was a lot of space in between they gave me a pill every six hours for the induction and you know just waited for contractions to get stronger and it was a lonely day your lonely night but I was glad that it was going to be over with soon because I didn't like looking down at my body because my body was fooling me into thinking that I was having a lot of baby still because I had that belly that literally just started showing people just started finding out that I was pregnant one of the questions that they asked me at the hospital was about funeral arrangements and again I didn't even know that was something that I was going to have to to do wasn't sure that I was far enough along where that's something that had to be done but they gave me the choice of finding a funeral home to take care of it and you know I told them that I couldn't afford that so they called around one place and then town that we lived in and they were still going to be cost that again we couldn't afford so the other option that was given to me was taking my stillborn baby home so that we could have a home burial that's what they call it so we live in apartments that wouldn't even be an option and I don't see how that's legal but this was the weekend of Father's Day so I thought that my husband was going to spend his father's day digging a hole to bury our child I remember leaving the hospital they had me go down in a wheelchair and they place the box with my stillborn baby in this box he was wrapped up in a receiving blanket and he had a little hat on and they wheeled me down that hallway as if I was bringing home a newborn on my lap and I'm passing by these pregnant women and women who have just delivered their babies and I'm waiting outside on the curb now in the wheelchair with the nurse for my husband to pull up and for those of you that have had a baby you know the drill you know car seat it's all ready and you strapped the baby in and you go in you have to go home and you try to get some rest and you know there's this mixture feeling exhausted but it was gratitude and you know my scenario was I was crammed in a car with a box actually there was two boxes one was a memory box that they had made up with some footprints of his and the other box was the one containing his body and we went to the store I was in the hospital less than 24 hours and I had to go to the store because I didn't have any sanitary pads you know and they didn't send me home with anything so that was the first stop that we made and then I remember going to the craft store and buying another box with the intention of decorating it and putting him in a box that I thought was a little more appropriate and I didn't pick up my child right away my daughter I sent her home with my ex so that she didn't have to be stressed or worried and she'd be more comfortable and our two-year-old was with my parents and I just didn't feel like I could bring him home with his brother in a box so we made it home unloaded the car I remember having to go back to the car cuz I forgot something and I saw the other box in the car and it freaked out because it was really hot and I thought that I left his body in the car and it was just the memory box because I remember that I had placed his body in the freezer so that he didn't start smelling because our apartment doesn't really stay that cool and luckily someone reached out to us saw the post that my husband had made and they offered us a cemetery plot and actually the funeral director contacted us immediately and said that we were welcome to use her services for free so he sent someone right away to pick up her son and he took them about 35 minutes away and we feel grateful for everyone that has reached out to offer condolences and to help us with the financial burden of me being off work right now because I was alone working we worked together but my reliable job no steady paycheck I guess is what I should call it you know I'm off work for a couple weeks and it's just like a surreal experience because how is it that this is happening in America like if he was really a person it would be illegal for me to dig a hole and bury a dead body but this is okay because the hospital gave me a peeper that I was supposed to sign and date and mail in once I buried him it was supposed to go to the State Capitol this floors me and lately I've been seeing a lot of stuff in the media about abortion and you know years ago when I was still will stay in high school I didn't believe and I thought that that's something that under only extreme circumstances you would want to do or have to do because I saw it as having more options available and I believed in the sanctity of life believe that it's a beautiful gift and but as I've gotten older and more mature we'll say a little wiser I know that there's more to it than that you know there are circumstances other than rape that that happened in some cases in dangers though the woman's life and the woman was born first and that woman could also be a mother like me where she was already a mother and then she made the choice of orphan the other children for this potential child that you don't know will survive there's also things that have been going on where these states that are passing the anti-abortion laws they are actually like prosecuting women that they believe might have miscarried on purpose and you know I live in a state where it is still legal and it's hard to believe that we're going backwards from all this but you know in my situation you know I had a stillborn that I really don't even feel like I've had enough time to mourn and you know if this was an anti-abortion state then I would have to go through Scruton ization they would be testing my body they would do an autopsy on my son causing me to have to wait to have him buried even longer because of this and I see the way that I was treated and I'm a live person I'm a person that has affected my CUNY community for different reasons but mostly in positive directions as a person who always tried to help people and you know you have this this thing that happens and I don't think I should be punished anymore I don't think I should be punished at all and I don't think I have the right to tell someone else what to do with their body it scares me for women's rights because it's easy to implement these these things and then you know force other things for most a preventive care or whatever agenda they want to pursue and you know my perspective has changed and I don't think that we're treating living beings in a way that's fair there are some cruel cruel conditions that are happening right now there's concentration camps in America right now if you want to call it something else like a detention holding center because it makes you feel better then then do that but that's not the truth they're holding kids away from their parents because of their ethnicity and they're not given so they're not being given but they're sleeping on concrete floors and they're having to choose between putting a blanket over top of them or underneath of them these are children and different ages lots of them have died they're not getting proper attention children need touch and they need their families and they need love and they need time to play and these holding centers are too small to be housing all these children and it's a profit business these are owned by contractors and this is going on and we're all just neutral to what's happening and then there's this whole movement where whether it's out of ignorance or turning a blind eye I don't know where people are trying to force people that maybe can't afford to have a child to have a child they're so concerned with the child's life that has been unborn but they're not taking care of the ones that are already here and there are so many people in poverty let's not even talk about the immigrants but let's talk about you know the people that are here illegally that can't afford to live there was an article that I read where it said that you'd have to have 20 years of something not going wrong in order to break out of poverty if you were born into poverty or if you wound up into poverty as an adult that's insane that means like no car troubles like everything is going completely right I wish that I had a little more time to share on this and maybe I'll make another video a little more detailed but my phone's about to die but I wanted to release this because I've been holding on to a lot and it's it's time that I start releasing this so that I can move forward and so that other people know what's actually happening so with that I will wish you guys brightest blessings even though I have a heavy heart right now that's also filled with gratitude and love and I wish gratitude and love on you

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  1. Liz that was eye opening and heart breaking… I truly am so sorry you went through this, my deepest condolences to you and your family 🙏

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